Our free printable gratitude journal for kids is an instant download! This happy printable kids journaling pages set is full of age-appropriate gratitude journal prompts. Kids of all ages can use this gratitude journal — it can be a conversation starter with younger kids about gratitude and the best daily gratitude journal for older kids.

Printable Gratitude Journal for kids pdf files shown printed on white background with journal pens - journal cover page, and several pages of journal writing prompts - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s practice gratitude with these gratitude journal prompts!

Best Gratitude Journal For Kids

Gratitude is a powerful feeling that can benefit children and adults in so many different ways. It can help us decompress after a long day, find inner positivity, and make us appreciate all of the blessings that we get every day. Download and print your free printable gratitude journal pdf file here:

Free Printable Gratitude Journal

This printable gratitude journal is great for kids of all ages both younger and older, and even adults, as it makes you slow down and stop and think of all the blessings in your life.

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1. My Gratitude Journal Cover

Gratitude Journal front and back cover pdf file printed and shown in the printed state before folding.
Grab your markers or colored pencils to personalize the cover of your gratitude journal.

Our first printable page is the front and back covers of our little printable journal. Let your kid write their own name in big, bold letters, and then decorate it.

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Glitter, crayons, markers, doodles, colored pencils…nothing is off limits! Once the cover is decorated, laminating it can make it more durable for daily journal use.

2. Printable Gratitude Prompts Journal Pages for Kids

Printable Gratitude Journal for kids - journal page for kids - gratitude prompts for kids - writing prompts list - pdf of printed pages shown
These gratitude prompts will make your day even happier!

The second page includes 50 gratitude prompts divided into two pages.

Kids (and adults) can benefit from taking a few minutes each day to fill these fun gratitude prompts and feel thankful for the small things. This long list of gratitude prompts only needs to be printed out once and can be placed at the beginning of the gratitude journal as a reminder for daily journaling.

3. Printable Daily Gratitude Journaling Pages for Kids

Gratitude Journal page 3- Journaling pages with lines and questions black and white printed pdf- kids activities blog
Print these pages many times to create your own daily gratitude journal.

Our third printable page includes four different writing prompts to encourage a sense of gratitude in kids every day:

  • List 3 things I’m grateful for today
  • Write 3 things I accomplished today
  • What was the best part of the day
  • Identify a valuable lesson from the day
  • How I showed gratitude today
  • And something tomorrow I am looking forward to
Gratitude Journal printed pdf on a wooden background with coloring supplies and colorful accessories
Download and print these gratitude journal printable pages!

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Download & Print Free Gratitude Journal pdf File Here

What is a Gratitude Journal?

A gratitude journal for kids is a special place where kids can write what they are thankful for and be prompted to count their blessings. Some kids will use it as a type of daily diary while others will use it to gain perspective.

A gratitude journal is, quite simply, a tool to keep track of the good things in life.

Positive Psychology, Gratitude Journal

Writing positive affirmations and gratitude quotes in a journal is a great activity that can get kids in the practice of gratitude. Did you know that having a small journal to write a list of things you are thankful for is also awesome for your physical health?

Consistent gratitude practice and learning to experience the most joy and taking time to write precious journal entries actually has a number of good health benefits, particularly for your mental health and blood pressure.

What are the Benefits of a Kids Gratitude Journal?

  • Grateful kids and adults are known for living a healthier life overall from the inside out. And it doesn’t have to be a big task – simply picking up a new habit of writing for a one-minute gratitude journal is enough to get the benefits of gratitude.
  • Writing on a gratitude journal is a fun stress relief activity, it also helps form better relationships, and promotes positive thinking.
  • It reminds us, kids and adults alike, that life is amazing and there is joy and beauty in even the smallest things.
  • We all could use more positive things in our lives and the benefits of a gratitude journal helps us do just that. It helps us really enjoy the little things at the end of the day so we have more positive emotions.
  • Having a gratitude journal is a wonderful journey that will help you start a daily routine with positive results with positive daily affirmations and helps create good mental health.
  • It creates kind thoughts so negative things won’t have such a big impact due to the strong sense of self-love and love of life and feelings of gratitude even during hard times.

Printable Gratitude Journal Set for Boys & Girls

These printable gratitude activity pages transform into a multi-page fold over gratitude journal with gratitude journal prompts for kids that can be printed at home on regular sized printer paper.

You can print them as many times as you like, fold them in half, staple them or use a ring binder, and enjoy writing in your own gratitude journal. You can even take them to an office center and have them bound into a spiral gratitude journal book.

Let’s look closer at the gratitude journal pages for kids…

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Did you enjoy these printable gratitude journal pages for kids?

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