Today we have 5 facts about gratitude for kids included in our printable gratitude activity pages. These gratitude facts are perfect for kids of all ages and work well at home or in the classroom. Keeping kids thinking about gratitude is so much more than just a kids activity!

Gratitude Facts Worksheet printed pdf files stacked on a table - Kids Activities Blog - shown here with chalk and toy letters
Download and print our gratitude coloring pages today!

Gratitude Worksheets & Activity Pages

We all know that an attitude of gratitude is good for us. Showing appreciation for life and everything good that comes with it is a very important part of living a healthy life. Download the printable gratitude set for kids by pushing the green button:

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Today we are learning all about gratitude with our gratitude facts printable sheets and gratitude coloring page. Younger kids and older kids alike can benefit from learning to be more grateful for the things in their lives. It’s easy to thing about presents and things you want around the holiday time, but it’s also important to sit down and focus on the blessing your already have too!

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Gratitude Facts Activity Page for Kids

Gratitude Facts Worksheet - printed pdf black and white printed that has 5 different gratitude facts
Did you know these cool facts about gratitude?

Our first printable gratitude activity page 5 facts about gratitude. Read them with your child as you color them together and celebrate all the good things in life:

  1. Gratitude is one of the most positive feelings that people practice.
  2. Showing appreciation and gratitude guide people towards better health.
  3. Psychology research has found neurological and biological benefits for our lives when gratitude is expressed.
  4. Gratitude is not an action. It is a positive emotion that everyone can feel.
  5. A great way to promote gratitude is journaling.

I am Grateful For Coloring Pages

What are you grateful for worksheet & coloring page - printed pdf shown with two dotted line areas to write what you are grateful for on a blank plus bees and clouds to color
This printable page is a great way to remind us to be grateful.

The second printable pages is an I am grateful for… coloring sheet to help kids practice mindfulness and gratitude every day. Our gratitude coloring page includes two adorable cards that kids can color and then write something they feel grateful for.

It can be something as small as a cookie they had today, or a family member, or a special trip. We recommend printing these many times so kids can do one every day!

Gratitude Facts Coloring Pages printed pdf shown on wooden table with pencil and colors
These printable gratitude facts will remind our young children the importance of being thankful.

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Download & Print Gratitude Facts for Kids pdf File Here

These gratitude coloring sheets are sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

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