These Thanksgiving placemat crafts are perfect for your holiday table this Thanksgiving. We have chosen our favorite DIY placemats for kids which often includes a free printable Thanksgiving placemat that printable doubles as a coloring craft! Not only are these Thanksgiving placemats easy to make, but using custom Thanksgiving placemats at the family table are fun for all ages (no matter if your child is a toddler, preschooler or an older kid) and adults too!

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Let’s make Thanksgiving placemats with free printables!

Thanksgiving Placemats You Can Make & Print

Kids can make their own Thanksgiving placemat for the dinner table by using one of these placemat craft tutorials or free Thanksgiving placemat template printables.

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Look through our selection of easy Thanksgiving placemats you can make and choose one or two that fit your Thanksgiving table the best! Many of these Thanksgiving placemat crafts also provide a fun Thanksgiving activity page for kids to keep busy during dinner so you can enjoy turkey day too!

Best DIY Thanksgiving Placemats for Kids

These Free Printable Thanksgiving Placemats and Thanksgiving Placemat Crafts are the perfect way to show off just how grateful you are for Thanksgiving day.

Best Thanksgiving Placemats

These are our favorite Thanksgiving placemats that kids of all ages can decorate and use. The whole family can use these to have their own special Thanksgiving placemat. We hope you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving this year!

How Can I Make My Printable Thanksgiving Placemat Last Longer?

Want to make sure your Thanksgiving placemats last through the day? Between snacks, meals, drink, paper can get soggy and icky. If you want to make it last longer laminate the printable Thanksgiving placemats!

How Can I Make My Printable Thanksgiving Placemats Stay On The Table?

People are reaching, moving, kids are running around and the Thanksgiving placemats are being blow off the table. They can get destroyed on the floor by stepping on them or animals. So how can I make them stay? Use double sided tape to keep them stuck to your table!

How Do I Keep My Printable Thanksgiving Name Cards Standing?

Paper is versatile, but with something that you need to stand and not blow around with people moving, you may need something stronger. In that case, print your Thanksgiving name cards on cardstock!

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How did your Thanksgiving placemats turn out? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. These are the cutest Thanksgiving placemats! We love these as preschool placemat crafts or placemat crafts for any age. Make them before the holiday so everyone at the table has a special Thanksgiving placemat craft.