Our fall leaf coloring pages are leaf-sized coloring fun for kids of all ages. The printable set of autumn leaves coloring pages work great as fall kids activities or can be used as a leaf template for fall crafts. Download and print the free fall leaf pdf files for use at home or in the classroom.

Fall Leaf Coloring Pages printed pdf files shown here on a white background with coloring supplies.- kids activities blog
Download and print the crunchiest fall leaf coloring pages!

Enjoy this printable set of leaf coloring pages! Our coloring pages here at Kids Activities Blog have been downloaded over 100k times the last year.

Leaf Coloring Pages for Kids

Autumn is full of colorful fun. Grab your fall inspired Crayons with red, yellow, orange, green, brown and more and print these free fall leaf coloring pages. Click the teal button to download and print our fall leaf coloring pages now!

This fun activity uses free printable leaf coloring pages to celebrate the changing seasons! Make several copies of our fall leaf coloring pages and use some as cut outs that look like fall leaves or make a fall leaf craft from these coloring pages of leaves.

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1. Crunchy fall leaf coloring page

Fall Leaf Coloring Pages free pdf printed shown here in black and white coloring sheet with 4 leaves- kids activities blog
Free fall leaf coloring pictures!

Our first fall leaf coloring page features four fall leaves of different sizes and shapes. Use different colors and supplies to color each leaf, for example, one can be painted with watercolor, another one with markers, another one with colored pencils, and so on. This is a great time to let your little one experiment with art!

2. Cute fall leaf coloring page

Fall Leaf Coloring Pages printed pdf of single leaf with a face and mini leaves around coloring sheet black and white-kids activities blog
Isn’t this the cutest fall leaf coloring page?

Our second fall leaf coloring page features an adorable fall leaf with smaller leaves around it! Use a yellow or orange crayon for the external part of the leaf and a darker shade for the veins. This coloring page doubles as a counting activity too – simply count the smaller leaves and write down the total on a corner. Yay!

Fall Leaf Coloring Pages printed pdf black and white coloring sheet with smiling leaf and tiny leaves floating around it- kids activities blog
Download the best fall leaf coloring pages for instant fun!

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Download Free Fall Leaf Coloring Pages PDF Files Here

This autumn coloring page set is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.


Free fall leaves coloring pages for kids

These free printable fall leaf coloring pages include two free printable pages featuring autumn leaves. These coloring pages are a great way to enjoy the fall season by coloring different types of leaves. This leaf coloring sheet set is a creative way and a fun way to practice fine motor skills. Each of the free printable coloring pages show intricate designs of the unique leaves!

Benefits of coloring pages

These fall leaf coloring sheets have amazing benefits for your kiddo:

  • They improve motor skills
  • stimulate creativity
  • contribute to better handwriting
  • teach color awareness
  • improve focus and hand-to-eye coordination
  • and most importantly, improve confidence and self-esteem!

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Did you enjoy these fall leaf coloring pages?

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