Creation Crafts and Activities

These creation crafts and activities  should help you teach kids about the seven days of creation. Whether you are a mom, dad, babysitter, Sunday school teacher, private school teacher or childcare worker, I wanted to be able to equip you with ideas for teaching kids about Genesis 1 and the seven days of creation. If you are looking for more Bible crafts and activities, I encourage you to check out the 100 Best Bible Craft ideas for teaching stories and concepts throughout the scriptures.

creation crafts and activities

let there be light crafts activities kids creation

Day One – Let There Be Light

“Let There Be Light” Flashlight Activity – Bringing real light into the darkness is something hard for kids to imagine. This activity really allows the light to pierce the dark.

Turning Darkness to Light– Here’s another example of watching light overtake the darkness. Kids will be able to create an experience that will leave a visual picture of the first day of creation.

Let There Be Light Coloring Sheet  – Sometimes you need a simple activity for a large group of kids. A coloring sheet is always a great solution. There are two options available here.

day 2 creation sky waters crafts kids

Day Two –  Separation of the Waters and Sky Creation

Crafting Day Two  – Using simple materials that we all have on hand, kids will be able to make a visual image of God separating the waters.

Cloud Mobiles – These cloud mobiles do represent the clouds, but the blue streamers, to me, have a visual representation of the waters pulling away from each other. I love that!

Jello Cloud Parfaits – This is a yummy treat to serve kids as they are learning about day two, when God separated the waters below from the waters above.

Ivory Soap Clouds – Have you seen the fabulous microwave foam fun that can be found with Ivory soap? Why not use these soap sculptures as clouds to represent Creation – Day 2?

Blue Sky Sensory Bin  – Sensory play is always a great way for kids to take in their world. This fun sky sensory bin would be such a fun teachable moment for kids to learn about the creation of the sky.


1-day 3 creation land crafts kids

Day Three – Land and Plants

The Creator and Sustainer  – This craft shows how God continues to have the whole world in his hands. This earth craft not only shows how God separated waters and land, but it also shows how he continues to sustain His creation.

Watching the Soil and the Seeds Work  – God made the plants so that seeds would regenerate. Walking children through this with a hands on, tangible experience is a great way to teach about what happened on day three.

Cupcake Liner Flowers  – A fun way to focus on the creation of the plants is to make your  own flowers out of cupcake liners.

Earth Paper Plates  – This earth project is a lot of fun, made from simple materials and can be done with a variety of age levels. It includes a printable.

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands  – This is a craft that can really be made by kids of all ages. It is simple and yet yields beautiful results.

1-day 4 creation sun moon stars craft

Day Four – Sun, Moon and Stars

Sun, Moon and Stars Sponge Painting  – These sponge paintings are easy and fun for kids to do. This post comes with a scripture printable.

Sun, Moon and Star Mobile – Just as God hung the sun, moon and the stars in the sky, your kids will be able to create this mobile as a visual reminder of the universe He created.

Paper Plate Sun Craft – I love this sun craft that uses fine motor skills to weave on bits of straws onto pipe cleaners. What a fun representation of the sun.

Textured Moon Craft – God created the sun, moon and stars on day four. You’ll love this fun way to represent the evening sky. The texture found though this activity is fabulous.

Stretchy Night Sky – Here is another great tactical experience to learn about the creation of the night sky. You could create a yellow play dough experience for the sun too.

day 5 creation craft birds fish

Day Five –  Sea Animals and Flying Creatures

Toilet Paper Roll Fish  – Use toilet paper rolls to make these fun fish creations.

Painted Birds – These painted birds represent God’s creation on day 5. You could do the exact same idea with an outline of a fish to bring the the lesson full circle.

Foil Fish Craft – These shiny fish are adorable. Like the painted birds mentioned above, do a bird silhouette to represent both the air and sea creatures.

Bird Feeders – Creating homemade bird feeders is a great project for focusing on God giving life to the birds on the fifth day.

Colorful Bird Craft – Love these colorful birds. This is a great craft for toddlers as well as older kids.

Cupcake Liner Fish  – These little cupcake liner fish are adorable. Whether you a crafting about creation or fish, you’re going to love this idea.

Water Bottle Fish  – Your kids will enjoy making these colorful fish out of water bottles. They can use their own creativity to make all kinds of sea creatures or birds too.

1-day 6 creation animals adam eve craft


Day Six – Humankind and Land Animals

The Creation and Fall of Adam and Eve  – Here you will find a variety of lessons on Adam and Eve. You will be able to talk about day six of creation a fndind resources about the entire story of the first two humans.

Zoo Trip – When learning about day six of creation, why not head to the zoo to experience the unique animals God made to fill this world? There is nothing like getting out and experiencing nature to realize the greatness of God.

Handprint Animals – This collection of A-Z handprint animals is fabulous and a wonderful way to show the creativity that God had when he worked on day six.

Heart Shaped Animals  – Because God made his the animals and people  out of love, I think the idea of making heart shaped animals fantastic. What a creative way to make animals.

Foam Cup Animals – I love the thought of making a huge zoo of foam cup animals to represent the variety in God’s creation.

Day Seven –  God Rested

God rested. Looks like all the bloggers rested on this one too. I will too.

1-creation crafts for kids 7 days

Creation Crafts focusing on All the Days

Torn Paper Creation Book  – Check out how to make a book filled with images of the seven days of creation that are made out of torn paper. How creative!

Book on Creation – This book on creation has a variety of ideas for creating a vibrant image to represent each of the seven days.

Watercoloring Through the Days of Creation – Painting with watercolors is so beautiful, but it is also very accessible to kids. They’ll be able to visually translate what they learn through this medium.

Creation Story Snacks – Want to eat your way through the seven days of creation? Here are some great snack ideas.

Felt Creation CD’s – Felt creation CD’s are just one of many creation ideas found at this site. I believe you’ll love exploring their ideas.

Creation Tubes – This is one of the most creative ideas I’ve seen to teach kids and give them a keepsake reminder of the days of creation.

Days of Creation Sensory Bin – The sense of touch is the first sense to develop completely. Sensory bins are a great way for children to learn more about their world. This is a great way to teach kids the truths found in the Bible.

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