Looking for farm animal crafts? This big list of farm crafts for kids includes cute farm animal crafts for kids of all ages from toddlers to preschool to older kids too! These easy farm crafts will help kids develop creativity while developing fine motor skills at home or in the classroom.

50+ Fun Farm Crafts & Activities - collage of farm crafts for kids example from cow craft, farm animal craft, sheep crafts, and pig craft - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make farm animal crafts today!

Fun Farm Crafts for Preschool & Beyond…

We are having such a fun time with these farm animal crafts! Some of our favorite animals live on the farm and kids adore them. These crafts would be great to go along with a farm lesson at school, especially after a field trip!

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Here is a huge list of farm crafts and the selection keeps growing!

Farm Animal Crafts

1. Styrofoam Cup Farm Animals Craft

Farm animal cup craft for kids - pig, cow and chicken shown
Let’s make farm animals out of cups!

Make these farm animals out of a Styrofoam cup! We have a cow, a pig and a little chick!

2. Farm Animals Puppets Craft

Make these adorable farm finger puppets for fun play.  From See Vanessa Craft.

3. Farm Animal Windsock Craft

Y’all! How cute are these farm animal windsocks!? You can make a pig, a cow, a chicken, and a sheep! Love this farm animal craft, so cute.

4. Footprint Horse Craft

Use your foot to make the head of a horse! Seriously it comes out looking super cute! You can even give it a mane and reins. Such a cute and easy horse craft.

5. Farm Animal Rock Painting

story stone craft for kids featuring farm animals like horses - process image of a horse story stone craft from You Clever Monkey
Let’s make this horse craft today!

Paint or mod podge farm animals on rocks and create the farmer and his family! Then you can use these to play with or to decorate your yard.

Chicken Crafts

6. Little Red Hen Farm Craft

Use your handprint to make a little red hen to go along with the book, The Little Red Hen! From Fun Handprint Art.

7. Life Cycle Of A Chicken

This fun project teaches you all about the life cycle of a chicken using crafts! From I Heart Crafty Things.

8. Handprint Hen Craft

Make a hen from your handprint and some construction paper. From No Time For Flash Cards.

9. Chicken and Chicks Crafts

Make a mama hen and her babies with this fun chicken and chicks craft. It’s so cute, and the chickens even have feathers!

10. Handprint Chick Craft For Kids

chick craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect - finished chicks from handprints and construction paper shown on grey background
Let’s use handprints to make little chicks!

Use your hands and your feet to make these super sweet and super cute baby chicks crafts.

11. Handprint Chicken Crafts

Mama hen and her babies are made with your hand, fingers, and paint! Such a cute chicken craft.

Pig Crafts

12. Messy Pig Play

This idea for kids messy pig play is so fun.  Let your kids decorate a pig with a mix of oats and brown paint. From My Mundane and Miraculous Life.

13. Wine Cork Pigs Craft

Keep those wine corks! Wine corks can be used as stamps! You stamp pink paint on paper and once it dries you can add face and ears and a curly tail to make a pig! Such an adorable little pig craft.

Sheep Crafts

14. Toilet Paper Roll Sheep Craft

toilet paper roll sheep craft for kids from red ted art
Let’s use toilet paper rolls to make wooly sheep!

Make a sheep out of a toilet paper roll! This is seriously cute and a lot of fun.  From Red Ted Art.

15. Bubble Wrap Sheep Craft

Sheep have fluffy fleece, and you can make your own sheep that looks like they have fluffy fleece with this bubble wrap sheet craft. I love how creative this farm animal craft is.

16. Fingerprint Sheep Craft

How adorable is this fingerprint sheep craft? You make the fluffy fleece with white paint and your fingers, make the legs and face out of black paper. Oh! And don’t forget to give it a cute little bow.

17. Little Bo Beep Sheep Craft and Color Activity

Make cute little rainbow sheep and then match them up by colors! What a fun and educational sheep craft.

Cow Crafts

18. Toilet Paper Roll Cow Craft

How cute is this cow toilet paper roll craft? Look at it’s tail and it’s ears! I love it so much, plus you can recycle!

19. Farm Animal Craft: Cute Paper Cow

paper cow craft from Buggy and Buddy
Let’s make a cow out of paper!

White paper, brown paint, yarn, glue, scrap paper, and a marker is all you need for this super cute paper cow farm animal craft.

Farm Animal Activities

20. Farm Animal Bowling Craft and Activity

This farm animal bowling is so much fun. Make the animals from toilet paper rolls and play!

21. Farm Animal Yoga

Does your child love farm animals? Do they need to get more active? Then try out these fun farm animal yoga poses.

22. Cowgirl/Cowboy Toy Round Up

Kids hate cleaning up? No problem, put on a cowboy hat, grab your hobby horse and gallop around cleaning up, I mean rounding up, all the toys to put away! What a fun farm activity.

23. 5 Cute Farm Activities and Books

Try out some farm animal crafts while reading about animals! Now your farm animal crafts can also be educational.

24. Fun Farm Yoga For Kids

We found even more fun farm animal yoga poses for kids. Perfect for kids that need to get some extra energy out.

25. Barnyard Math Games

Learn about math and play with farm animals in this fun barnyard math game.

26. 25 Children’s Books About The Farm

Read some books about the farm while you’re doing fun farm animal crafts.

27. Learn About The Farm

Learn about the farm with these 10 fun farm activities!

Farm Animal Printables

28. Fun and Free Farm Animal Coloring Pages

farm animal coloring pages
Our farm animal coloring pages are ready to be downloaded!

Color these super cute farm coloring pages complete with a: barn, pigs, chicken, rooster, and chicks!

29. Educational Farm Animal Printable Set

Need some printables for your preschooler or kindergarten student? Then these farm animal printables are perfect! Learn about sight words, math, colors, letters, and more!

30. To Draw A Pig

cute pig drawing tutorial
How did your pig drawing turn out?

You can learn how to draw a pig. It’s easy peasy! Just follow this drawing tutorial.

31. Animal Charades Free Printable

Ever play charades? It’s so much fun and such a silly game. Now your kids can enjoy a game of charades using these farm animal charades printables.

32. Farm Animal Printable Pack

Want more educational farm animal printables? These are perfect for smaller kids who are learning about letters, words, math, and numbers.

33. How To Draw A Cow

step by step cow drawing tutorial
Let this cute chicken show you how to draw a cute cow!

The cow goes moo! Did you know cows are easy to draw? Follow this how to draw a cow tutorial to try it out!

34. Farm Animal Peek-A-Boo Printable

This is the cutest farm printable! You set it up to play peek-a-boo with the different farm animals by moving the tab. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

35. Free Rooster Coloring Pages

Free Printable Rooster Coloring Page from Kids Activities Blog

Cockadoodle doo! That’s the sound the rooster makes and now you can color a rooster with this free rooster coloring page!

36. Free Printable Farm Activities

Learn the different animals, how to spell their names, and even match them with these free printable farm activities.

37. Free Printable Piggy Coloring Pages

free pig coloring pages
Our two coloring pages of pigs are free!

Look how happy and cute this little piggy is! These free printable piggy coloring pages are adorable.

38. Printable Duck Coloring Pages

Did you know a lot of people have ducks on the farm? They do! Which is why these duck coloring pages are perfect!

39. How To Draw A Chicken

how to draw a chicken tutorial
Download & print our chicken drawing tutorial by clicking on the button below!

Chickens are so cute and awesome! No you can learn How To Draw A Chicken with this step by step tutorial.

Farm Party Ideas

40. Farm Party Food Ideas

Throwing a farm themed party? Then we have some farm animal crafts to make it awesome, including some edible crafts like these devilled eggs that look like chicks.

Farm Sensory Ideas

41. On The Farm Small World Sensory Play

This farm sensory play is perfect for kids 2-4 years old. There are tractors, trucks, loadall, even cattle and trailers!

42. Farm Animal Sensory Bin

Break out the popcorn and rice! It’s time for make a farm animal sensory bin. It is a simple farm animal craft with educational activities. You will need some farm animals to add into it though.

43. Fall On The Farm Sensory Bin

Grab some straw, leaves, pumpkins and farm animals for this super fun fall and farm themed sensory bin.

44. Homemade Farm Play Mat

Grab some felt, cloth, buttons, and other fun textured things to make this creative and fun homemade farm play mat.

45. Playdough Farm Play

Grab some playdough and build up a farm using toy fruits and vegetables, toy animals, you can even make fences for your animals.

50+ Farm Crafts

More Farm and Animal Fun From Kids Activities Blog:

Which farm crafts did you try? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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