Keeping a kid quiet in church can be a bit of a stressful adventure.  The good news is that the majority of the people in the neighboring pews have either been in the situation themselves.  Finding quiet kid activities can often be a challenge! The first step is to be realistic about age-appropriate expectations and then not put additional stress on yourself.  There are some things you can control and some that require a quick trip down the aisle to the back door.  That is OK! Related: Free Printable Jesus Coloring Pages How Can I Keep My Kids Quiet In Church?

Keeping Kids Quiet in Church Tips

As a child, we went to large traditional churches before the invention of Children’s Church or other kid-centered religious entertainment.  Church was families sitting quietly together. Coloring books, activity sheets, word searches were the first line of defense.  When I was old enough to read, that opened up a whole new world of quiet entertainment.  But the things that I remember the most fondly was things I thought we invented in the pews like relief sketchings with the flat edge of a pencil on paper resting on the Hymnal or origami boats, planes and other quiet creations.  It is amazing how upcycling the bulletin into paper crafts can fill an entire  service. My boys are similar, it seems that things I bring from home are less attractive than things we can make with the supplies on hand.  Let them get creative within what you find appropriate. Another tip that has worked well for my family is to go to an early service.  My kids have a good behavior shelf life that expires quickly so if the time they are expected to behave happens relatively early in the day, it seems to be easier for them.

More Quiet in Church Tips

We asked our FB community for how they stay organized with kids in the house and here are some of our favorite answers: –A welcoming church will understand. As they grow teach them to whisper. I raised my girls in the church, they talked, ate snacks like cheerios and sometimes danced in the aisle.  I would bring M&M’s or Skittles and every time I saw him being sweet and quiet, I’d give him ONE M&M or ONE Skittle.  He learned he’d get a sweet treat every time Mommy saw him being reverent.Kiddos that age aren’t made to sit still that long. Let them play in the nursery – they don’t understand what’s happening in church anyway.Give them a quiet activity that they ONLY get to do at church.  That way it’s something new and interesting! How Can I Keep My Kids Quiet In Church?

These are some of our favorite quiet activities that can help keep your kids quiet in church:

For younger kids a quiet book that ONLY comes out at church can be a treat that they look forward to each week.  Here are some that we liked.  The product links are affiliate and support Kids Activities Blog. My Quiet Book By Pockets of Learning Funny Faces Magnetic Set From Mudpuppy Make-a-Meal Sticker Pad From Melissa & Dough

Here are even more great articles for you about keeping your kids quiet in church:

Here are some free resources for DIY quiet activities. 11 Quiet Felt Activities  – Here are some of our favorite DIY felt activities for kids that are easily transportable each week! Quiet Activities for Kids – all the things you need to keep them entertained. 12 Busy Bag Ideas From See Vanessa Craft Free Printable Quiet Book From Walkers Inc. Popsicle Stick Puzzles From Bits of Everything This felt quiet book is perfect for kids of all ages and on the go! Please stop by our FB page and share your tips!  We love hearing what is working for your family.

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