Let’s make a pasta craft! Butterfly pasta watercolor art was born out of the creation of a bunch cute pasta butterflies we made. Using dry pasta like macaroni, butterfly pasta or even spaghetti sticks isn’t new. Pasta art has been a traditional preschool art project for generations! Let’s have some pasta crafting fun at home or in the classroom.

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Let’s Make Pasta Art!

Butterfly Pasta Watercolor Art

We made the butterflies first and then started brainstorming about what we would do with them. Inspired by other creative painting ideas here on Kids Activities Blog, I decided to try some watercolor paints with the three dimensional pasta butterflies. Water color painting is easy for kids, and it’s an easy clean-up for mom too. I hope your kids have a lot of fun making some butterfly creations too.

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Materials Needed for Butterfly Pasta Watercolor Art

How To Make Butterfly Pasta Watercolor Art

Pictured step 1 of how to make butterfly pasta art for preschool - painting butterfly pasta on paper plates and then letting them dry.
Let’s Make our Butterflies colorful!

Step 1

Have your kids paint all the bowtie pasta with bright colors of craft paint. They may need two coats. We made a lot of these and did a few different crafts using them. Let these butterflies dry.

Step 2

Pictured step 2 of how to make butterfly pasta art for preschool - adding pipe cleaners to butterfly pasta and adding googley eyes
Add Butterfly Details like antenna & Eyes
  • Cut different color pipe cleaners to a good length for antennas. Mine were 4 inches.
  • You can see in the pictures that some of the antennas were glued on the back with white glue.
  • My daughter came up with the idea of twisting the pipe cleaners around the butterflies and leaving off the eyes. I thought that was a super cute option too.
  • If your kids want to add eyes, they can glue them on at this time.

Step 3

Pictured step 3 of how to make butterfly pasta art for preschool - making your watercolor art to add the butterflies to
Now let’s make a beautiful watercolor background!

Next the kids will create their watercolor designs. I encouraged them to think of sky scenes, gardens, fields and meadows. They had fun creating their designs, and I may have had fun with it too. After their designs dried, they glued the butterflies onto the scene.

butterfly pasta watercolor art kids

Upgrade your watercolor technique using crayon resist!


How did your butterfly pasta art turn out? Tell us in the comments below!

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