Are you looking for fun, imaginative play ideas for your kids? We’ve got you! Story stones are the perfect way to introduce creative play with simple supplies. Today we have 23 story stone ideas for kids of all ages – so, grab your craft supplies and flat stones, and create your own story prompts!

Image shows a compilation of story stone ideas and games from different sources.
Are you ready for some exciting story stone games?!

Favorite Story Stones Ideas

Story stones are a great way to promote story telling in kids. Young children and older children alike can use smooth stones to create fun stories from their own imagination. Use the back of the stones, or the flattest surface, and illustrate them with animals or even a new character. Then, kids can create stories based on the stone they have chosen. Doesn’t that sound like lots of fun?!

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Story Stones as Story Telling Prompts

By coming up with their own ideas and creating exciting story-telling prompts, kids will be able to work on their cognitive skills while their drawing skills improve. It’s the perfect activity as there’s no wrong way to play it.

The best part is that you don’t need much to set up these crafts as you probably already have everything at home, if not, you can find the supplies in your local craft store.

Yay! Let’s get started.

DIY Story Stones

Image shows animals painted on stones to create story stones. Idea from Happy Hooligans.
These story stones are a fun addition to any playroom!

1. Homemade Story Stones

Learn how to make homemade story stones and how to use them as a learning tool with your kids at home or in the classroom. This is a great addition to any reading curriculum to help your child better understand and retell a story they just learned. From Happy Hooligans.

Image shows a kid holding a story stone with a drawing of a mouse. Idea from Emily Neuburger
A muse picnic sounds like so much fun, doesn’t it?

2. Story telling stones: mouse picnic

Follow this simple tutorial to create your own characters for this animal picnic, using just stones of all shapes and sizes, and a bit of fabric and paper. From Emily Neuburger.

Image shos a set of rocks with drawings on them. Idea from Inner Child Fun.
You don’t need a lot of supplies to create a fun story.

3. Story Stones and Sidewalk Scenes

For some cheap creative fun, draw on some rocks with fine point permanent markers or a black paint pen to make your own story stones – and then start making up some fun story prompts! From Inner Child Fun.

Image shows

4. Mix & Match Painted Rock Faces

Kids of all ages will have so much fun painting rock faces and then mixing them to create different faces! There are endless possibilities to the silly faces you make! From Teach Beside Me.

Image shows a set of story rocks with stickers. Idea from Mommy Labs
Group story telling is so much fun!

5. How To Make Story Stones and Facilitate Group Storytelling

Group story telling doesn’t have to be difficult! Using story stones is a great idea to tell stories during birthday parties or preschool activities. It’s a great way to work on critical thinking and a way for your child to express their creativity. From Mommy Labs.

Image shows a set of story telling stones and some markers
There are so many different stories you can tell with stones.

6. Inspire Creative Storytelling With “Story Stones”

Learn how to make DIY story stones to enjoy imaginative storytelling with your child, no matter their age! I love the idea of story stones being a busy bag, so you can store them in a small canvas bag to bring places. From Scholastic.

Image shows a stone with a tree painted on it. From The Stable Company
Let’s use stones to tell fun stories!

7. Storytelling stones for teaching

Here’s everything about storytelling rocks: their benefits, how to use them, and some extra tips to keep learners engaged. Tell a whole story using rocks! From The Stable Company.

Image shows a set of rocks with drawings for storytelling. From Rock Painting Guide
Let’s learn what story stones are!

8. Story stones guide: How to make and ways to use them

If you need more info, here’s another guide to storytelling stones, how to use them, and some rock painting ideas too. From Rock Painting Guide.

Image shows a set of story rocks with drawings on them. Idea from
Learn how to make story stones!

9. How to make story stones

Story stones can be used in SO many different ways and they’re so incredibly easy to make – here’s how to make them! I love fun craft projects that end up being educational! From Little Lifelong Learners.

Image shows a kid playing with a mat and story stones. Idea from stayclassyclassrooms
This activity doubles as a sensory activity!

10. How to Make Story Stones!

These story stones are the perfect way to add a tactile element to all sorts of activities, matching, sorting, story retells or creating! From Stay Classy Classrooms.

Image shows a set of story telling stones from playdoughtoplato
Camping is about to become much more fun!

11. Camping Themed Story Stones

Whether you’re brand new to story stones or you’re an absolute pro, this camping themed variety is a must-try. The colorful art project is a great way to get kids writing! There is enough fun animals and random things for story creation! From Playdough to Plato.

Image shows a set of story rocks from Colormadehappy
Let’s foster storytelling and creative play!

12. Story Stones and Painted Rocks

Story stones and painted rocks are a great way to foster storytelling, creative play and conversations with your child. Try these ideas from Color Made Happy.

Image shows a lot of rocks with painted drawings on them. Idea from Little Pine Learners
Try this new take on story stones!

13. A New Way to Use Story Stones

Here’s a fun way to use story stones – it’s extremely simple to recreate and there are endless options with this activity! From Little Pine Learners.

Image shows a set of cute rocks with drawings on them. Ideas from Homeschool Preschool.
Aren’t these rocks super cute?

14. Alphabet Story Stones

Here are 3 ways to make a set of story stones for your kids, and how you can use them to practice their ABCs. From Homeschool Preschool.

Image shows a compilation of story stones with weather symbols. Idea from
A fun way to learn about the weather!

15. Weather Story Stones

These weather story stones are a DIY toy designed for story-telling prompts and for narrative play – and so easy to make. From Frugal Momeh.

Image shows a caterpillar made with colored rocks. Idea from The Purple Pumpkin Blog
You can recreate old characters or make new ones!

16. How To Make Story Stones with Uni-ball Posca Pens

This is a fun way to tell and make up stories with children. Kids can use old characters for inspiration. From The Purple Pumpkin Blog.

Image shows story stones painted with Frozen characters. From Red Ted Art
Fans of Frozen will love this activity!

17. Frozen Story Stones

Children who love Frozen will have a great time playing with these Frozen story stones and recreating new storylines. From Red Ted Art.

Image shows a set of story stones with the 3 little pigs characters. Idea from View from a Step stool
These story stones are so simple to make.

18. 3 Little Pigs Story Stones

These 3 Little Pigs story stones are perfect for re-telling and reading comprehension, using flat rocks and paint pens. From Views From A Stepstool.

Image shows aset of Christmas story stones. Idea from Homeschool Preschool.
What a fun way to celebrate Christmas!

19. Christmas Story Stones

These DIY Christmas Story Stones are easy to make and a fabulous resources to have on hand when story telling with young kids. From Homeschool Preschool.

Image shows a story stone family
Make your own stone family!

20. Rock Painting Family

Stones come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This craft to make your own rock family is perfect for those flat stones – the ones you would normal skim over the edge of a lake. From Red Ted Art.

Image shows a set of Easter painted rocks. Idea from Rainy Day Mum.
Make your own holiday Easter rock painting set

21. Easter Story Stones

Help your little ones Easter understand and the story behind it by creating and using these story stones to teach them. From Rainy Day Mum.

Image shows a set of rocks with Halloween painting designs. Idea from The Inspiration Edit
Looking for a Halloween rock painting idea for kids?

22. Halloween Rock Painting Idea For Kids

Kids will love making these Halloween Story stones and creating their own stories. Follow the tutorial from The Inspiration Edit.

Image shows a kid playing with story stones on a bench. Idea from Meganzeni.
Use these story stones for imaginative play.

23. Garden Literacy With Story Stones

Story telling with stones can be enhanced with other loose parts from the outdoors, such as leaves, shells, and pinecones – here’s a tutorial from Meganzeni!

DIY Story Stone Kits & Story Dice You Can Buy

If you don’t have the time or energy to create story stones from scratch, these story stone kits will be just the thing for you:

Check out these activities to SPARK creativity:

What story did you create with your story stones?

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