31 Exciting 2 Year Old Baby Activities

Today, we have 31 exciting 2 year old baby activities from all over the internet. From pretend play to help hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills to just plain fun activities for young toddlers and older children alike.

Image shows a cream colored background with 3 circular images of toddler activities with toys for babies all around from Kids Activities Blog.
Little kids have the most fun!

Providing 2 year olds a fun learning environment with the best ways to expand on new skills while building gross motor skills and cognitive development can be a struggle if you’re trying to maintain a child’s development.

FAVORITE 2 year old baby activities

All two-year-olds move at their own pace and have different ways of showing their mastery of fine motor skills, language skills, and other toddler activities. The important thing, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, is they enjoy imaginative play. It’s a good idea to encourage child development with sensory play ideas, reading nursery rhymes, and other creative activities. With your 2-year-old flying through important milestones of their second year of life, everyday activities are crucial to your baby’s development.

2-year-olds and baby activities work together!

That is one of the reasons why these 2-year-old baby activities are so perfect. The best part about educational activities is they can have little hands using finger paint or playing with other young children to improve social skills. Speech development through toddler activities is a great way to spur vocabulary by a child’s second birthday.

If these fun-filled baby activities look interesting for your 2-year-old, but you’re not creative enough to make the best activities fun, don’t worry; we’ll provide all the help you’ll need!

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Image shows a plastic baggie with water and a plastic yellow fish and turtle sealed inside with rainbow wash tape from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s have fun with water!

1. Mini Water Blob

Make a mini water blob with household items like a ziplock bag.

Image shows a red colander with yellow, orange, and pink straws sticking out of the holes from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s practice fine motor skills!

2. Easy Fine Motor Skills Practice

Help your child’s physical development with this fine motor skills practice!

Image shows squirt condiment bottles filled with assorted colors of the rainbow paint from Learn Play Imagine.
Let’s paint with chalk!

3. Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk

Need outdoor activities for your two-year-old? Try this one from Learn Play Imagine!

Picture shows two boys in red shirts playing with sand in a clear bucket from Days With Grey.
Sand is so much fun for little hands!

4. Kinetic Sand Pup Play

This activity is sure to hold your little child’s interest from Days With Grey.

Image shows a little boy playing with yellow and green toy trucks in a clear bin of cloud dough in brown from Days With Grey.
Cloud dough for the win!

5. Cloud Dough Sensory Construction Bin

Make a sensory bin for your little kids from Days With Grey.

Picture shows a little boy cutting cooked spaghetti in at large blue bin from Days With Grey.
Let’s practice cutting with scissors!

6. Spaghetti Sensory Play

Improve your child’s scissor skills with this fun sensory activity from Days With Grey.

This image shows a sensory bin with two sides; day and night. Day has light sand with pink and green butterflies and night has black sand with glowing yellow stars from Learn Play Imagine.
As different as night and day!

7. Night and Day Sensory Bins

This is a great activity for your little learner from Learn Play Imagine.

Picture show a baby's feet painted in red, yellow, and blue stripes to look like socks from Lessons Learnt Journal.
Painted socks are so much fun!

8. Painted Socks

Young toddlers will love painting a different body part with this activity from Lessons Learnt Journal.

Image shows a toy car roadway made of red and green tape on a black tiled floor from Learning To Play And Playing To Learn.
Let’s race!

9. Tape Track And Cars

This racetrack of tape from Learning To Play And Playing To Learn is toddler approved.

Image shows rice in a grey bin with a clear bowl, super hero toys, and a child's hands from Lessons Learnt Journal.
Superhero food!

10. Messy Play With Rice

Free play is a great way to turn even healthy foods into 2-year-old baby activities from Lessons Learnt Journal.

Image shows a living room with three kids, colored construction paper in every color to match the orange, purple, blue, green, and yellow toy cups from Confidence Meets Parenting.
Let’s play the matching game with construction paper!

11. Toddler Color Matching

Confidence Meets Parenting‘s version of the classic game of matching; is so much fun!

Image shows a brown board with assorted colors of zippers attached and a little child learning from Laughing Kids Learn.
Zippers are so much fun!

12. DIY Zipper Board

Create this great activity of zipping fun from Laughing Kids Learn.

Image shows a collage of pictures of an obstacle course with a dinosaur theme from Craftulate.
Obstacle courses are a blast!

13. Dinosaur Obstacle Course

For obvious reasons, this obstacle course will provide hours of fun from Craftulate!

Image shows a child's picture of the seaside, a blue background with brown for the sand and lighter tan specks to represent seashells from Red Ted Art.
We love the seaside!

14. Seaside Picture for Toddlers

Memories can be simple things like Red Ted Art helps us create.

Image shows a toddler playing outside on a piece of plastic covered in white cloud dough from Everyday Above Dirt.
Cloud dough is loads of fun during the toddler years!

15. Toddler Flour Sensory Play – Cloud Dough Edition

This cloud dough from Everyday Above Dirt will entertain your little one for hours!

Image shows plastic containers for water beads in blue and white and scoops for playing from Everyday Above Dirt.
Let’s play with water beads!

16. No Mess Sensory Play

Water beads are the perfect small objects for sensory play from Everyday Above Dirt.

Image shows a large ice cube with frozen sea toys to represent the ocean from Little Bins For Little Hands.
Ocean life is so neat!

17. Icy Ocean Sensory Bin

Create an icy ocean with toys and plastic containers from Little Bins For Little Hands.

Image shows mega blocks in red, yellow, green, blue ad purple, pom poms in all the same colors and a purple pair of plastic tongs from Happy Toddler Playtime.
Play is more fun with blocks and pom poms!

18. Mega Blok Pompom Sorting

Sorting is a great way for babies to learn about different color blocks and their different shapes from Happy Toddler Playtime.

Image shows three pieces of toast painted with orange, green, and purple edible paint from the corresponding colored bowls pictured from Happy Toddler Playtime.
Edible toast is delicious!

19. Halloween Toast with Edible Paint!

Halloween is more fun when you decorate your food with Happy Toddler Playtime.

Picture shows two sets of three rolls of paper towels stacked and dressed like a snowman with brown hats, orange triangle noses, and black buttons as the eyes and mouths and more buttons in pink down the front of their bodies from Happy Toddler Playtime.
Do you want to build a snowman!

20. Snowman Towers: Build a Snowman

If your two-year-old loves winter crafts, you’re in the right place with Happy Toddler Playtime.

Image shows a child's hands playing with blue play dough on a mirror with green and white straws sticking out of it and blue legos lying around from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds.
Play dough is always a great idea!

21. Stem Play Dough And Lego Activity

Play dough and Legos are perfect fine motor activities like this one from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds.

Image shows a child's hands, a sheet of paper with orange, round stickers, and a marker from What We Do All Day.
Let’s play dot-to-dot!

22. Toddler Dot-To-Dot

A good rule of thumb is to keep play simple, like this activity from What We Do All Day.

Picture shows a little boy playing with toy animals taped to a cookie sheet with blue tape from Busy Toddler.
A little guy can have loads of fun with animal rescue!

23. Animal Tape Rescue Activity

Build strength and dexterity with this rescue activity from Busy Toddler.

Image shows white paper with designs drawn on with the assortment of colored pencils lying around from The Best Ideas For Kids.
Flying airplanes is a soaring good time!

24. Paper Airplanes

Grab this template from The Best Idea For Kids and start flying!

Image shows five clear bowls on a brown wooden tray with all but one containing American coinage from Rhythms of Play.
Counting coins is so much fun for little kids.

25. Coin Sorting

Stimulate learning and encourage focus with this activity from Rhythms Of Play.

Picture shows a wooden paper towel holder and ring pieces of a toiler paper roll and a little boy wearing blue playing from Powerful Mothering.
Let’s drop the rings on!

26. Towel Holder And Rolls

Powerful Mothering‘s simple ways of building skills are so easy to duplicate.

Image shows a child cutting a banana with a silver simple knife on a wooden cutting board from Rhythms Of Play.
Bananas are slippery!

27. Cutting a Banana

Simple things provide lots of learning experiences according to Rhythms Of Play.

Image shows a baby pushing brown corks into plastic yogurt containers from Happy Toddler Playtime.
Corks are squishy!

28. Cork Push: Fine Motor Toddler Activity

Happy Toddler Playtime‘s cork activity is a great fine motor activity.

Image shows a set of blond twins smearing white yogurt on metal cookie sheets from Twin Mom Refreshed.
Yogurt is fun to smear!

The best activities for two-year-olds are hands-on, like this one, from Twin Mom Refreshed.

Image shows a large round white tub of water with a child's hand holding a black spoon over it with a small orange ring in the spoon from Active Littles.
Water play is our favorite!

30. Water Play

If your toddler loves water they’ll love this activity from Active Littles.

Image shows several red and green bins, lots and lots of legos, and a child in the floor from Lorena and Lennox.
Let’s help sort!

31. Color Learning Activity

Your child can be a good help with this color sorting activity from Lorena and Lennox.


Which of the 2 year old baby activities are you going to try first? Which activity is your favorite?

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