Sensory Activities for 1 Year Olds

Do you want to create a fantastic sensory experience for your toddler? Today we are sharing our favorite sensory activities for 1 year olds! Your little one will have a great time while stimulating their fine motor skills and gross motor skills. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and some simple supplies.

Image shows a compilation of kids playing with sensory activities. Ideas from different sources.
Here are some fun ideas to promote sensory play!

32 Sensory Play Ideas That Are So Much Fun For Little Hands

Sensory bottles are a great way to enhance young children’s cognitive development and hand-eye coordination… but it isn’t the only way! You can use so many different ways and different materials you can use to help your little one experience the world.

Materials like shaving cream, plastic eggs, pipe cleaners, and rubber bands are so easy to get and together can make a great activity to promote the sensory play.

Sensory development is essential for kids of all ages as it helps improve their social skills, brain development, problem solving, creativity, and language skills. That’s why we put together an article with different sensory play activities so your kid can really enjoy the benefits of sensory play.

Let’s get started!

Image shows a sensory bag with a turtle toy inside. Idea from KAB.
Get your kids’ favorite toys for this activity.

1. Make a Sensory Mini Water Blob for Baby Play

Give baby a wonderful sensory experience with this mini water blob. It’s a mess-free sensory experience that all babies will love.

Image shows a sensory bag ocean-themed. Idea from Kids Activities Blog
Sensory bags are a great way for toddlers to have fun.

2. Easy DIY Ocean Sensory Bag You Can Make

Babies and toddlers will delight in the squishy ocean sensory bag that is filled with sea creatures.

Image shows a seaside sensory tub. Idea from Kab
Let’s make a sensory tub!

3. Make a Seaside Inspired Ocean Themed Sensory Bin

This homemade sensory bin uses items that you likely already have at home and can help kids keep memories of a recent beach vacation.

Image shows a mystery bag for sensory play for kids. Idea from KAB
Do you know all you can do with a shoe box?

4. Early Learning: Mystery Box

One fun way to get a little child to focus on their sense of touch for learning is through the use of a mystery box. The idea is to put an object in the box and your child has to try to guess what the object is using only their hands.

Image shows a dinosaur toy buried in sand. Idea from KAB
Sensory baskets are one of our favorite ways to promote play in younger toddlers.

5. Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin

Kids can pretend to be a scientist as they uncover the pieces of this dinosaur sensory bin, gently brushing away the dirt to uncover dinosaur and mammal bones.

Image shows a baby looking at a hair tie. Idea from KAB.
You dont need fancy items to keep babies entertained.

6. {Oh So Sweet} Sensory Bin for the Babies

This sensory bin for babies is so simple – you literally only need a bunch of scrunchies with different textures and different colors for them to touch and play with.

Image shows a night/day sensory bin. Idea from Learn play imagine
A sensory bin ideal for kids of all ages.

7. Sensory Bins to Teach Night and Day

Create sensory bins to teach about day and night with cloud dough, flowers, coffee grounds, and glow in the dark stars. From Learn Play Imagine.

Image shows a sensory bin with toy bugs. From The Best Ideas for Kids
Bugs are cute!

8. Bug Sensory Bin

This bug sensory bin is a great way for toddlers that love bugs to have fun and experience sense of touch. From The Best Ideas For Kids.

Image shows an ocean sensory bin for kids. Idea from Mommys Bundle
Here’s another fun ocean sensory bin.

9. Ocean Beach Sensory Activity

This ocean beach sensory bin promotes sensory stimulation, learn through play and engages kids’ imagination. From Mommy’s Bundle.

Image shows a dinosaur sensory bin with dinosaur toys and sand. Idea from Mommy Evolution.
A great idea for dinosaur-loving toddlers.

10. Digging for Dinosaur Sensory Bin For Toddlers

This sensory box is very easy to put together and will have kids excited to dig out some dinosaur (toys)! From Mommy Evolution.

Image shows an ocean small world sensory bin from Rainy Day Mum.
Try this edible sensory play idea.

11. Taste Safe Ocean Sensory Bin

Set up a cute ocean world sensory play with lime jelly, food coloring, water, oats, chocolate play dough and shell pasta. From Rainy Day Mum.

Image shows a spring sensry bin with colorful iced cubes. From Mommy Evolution
We love a colorful activity like this one.

12. Let The Ice Melt: A Spring Sensory Bin & Pouring Station

This sensory bin has it all: color recognition, sense of touch, and lots of fun! Get colored foam and food coloring – and let the fun begin. From Mommy Evolution.

Image shows a toddler playing with a flour binw ith different bowls. Idea from Busy Toddler
Let’s make a flour bin.

13. Flour Bin: an easy toddler activity

Need a fun, easy toddler activity? Make a flour bin! It’s a little messy but so much fun and an easy way to occupy your toddler. From Busy Toddler.

Image shows different Paw patrol character toys in a cheerios sensory bin. Idea from Craftons on sea
Who doesn’t love Paw Patrol?!

14. Paw Patrol Sensory Tub

This Paw Patrol sensory tub will cost you pennies as yo uonly need a big box, Paw Patrol toys, cheerios, broccoli, and wooden slices. And of course, a toddlers willing to play! From Crafts On Sea.

Image shows a farm harvest sensory bin. From Mommy Evolution
A great way to learn about our fruits and vegetables.

15. Farm Harvest Sensory Bin

Try this inventive Harvest Sensory Bin to get kids exploring farming and connecting with the food they eat. From Mommy Evolution.

Image showsa toddler holding a snowflake sensory bin. Idea from Crafts on sea
This is a great mess-free activity.

16. Mess Free Snowflake Sensory Bag

You can put this simple activity together in around two minutes and adapt it for different ages and different seasons. From Crafts on Sea.

Image shows a color mixing sensory bag. Idea from Views from a stepstool
Shaving cream makes learning better.

17. Color Mixing Sensory Bags For Toddlers and Preschoolers

Learning color mixing theory is fun with sensory bags. From Views From a Stepstool.

Image shows the hand of a toddler playing with a water bead sensory bag. Idea from Life with Moore babies
Here’s a safe sensory bag for 1-year-olds.

18. My First Sensory Bags: Clean and Safe Sensory Play for Baby

These sensory bags are completely safe for little kids but still make for a fun and sensory learning activity for your baby. From Life with Moore Babies.

Image shows a toddler's hand playing with a nature sensory bag. Idea from Kiddy's charts.
Nature is the best teacher.

19. Easy Nature Sensory Bags

These nature sensory bags from Kiddy Charts are a great sensory expeience, provide an opportunity to name the different objects, are mess-free and there’s no choking hazard risk.

Image shows a toddler holding a "galaxy" sensory jar. Idea from Views from a stepstool
How fun it is to hold a “nebula”!

20. Nebula Calm Down: Jar Sensory & Science

This nebula calm down jar is a perfect mix of calming sensory play and science, all wrapped up into a fun project! From Views from a Stepstool.

Image shows a farm discovery bottle from Little Worlds Big Adventures
Are you looking for an exciting farm-related project?

21. How to Create an Amazing Farm Discovery Bottle

Putting together this farm discovery bottle is so easy- fill an empty bottle with chickpeas, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, corn kernels, and farm animal toys. From Little Worlds Big Adventures.

Image shows colorful sensory beads on bowls. Idea from Living with Montessori
Perfect activity for color recognition skills.

22. Water-bead Sensory Bottles for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Follow this simple tutorial for making water-bead sensory bottles in a rainbow of colors. From Living Montessori Now.

Image shows a musical shasker made with a plastic bottle
Sometimes all you need is an empty water bottle to have a nice activity.

23. Sensory Play – Rainbow Bottles Music Shakers

These rainbow sensory bottles are bright and cheerful and just perfect for babies and toddlers to explore and create music with. From Kids Craft Room.

Image shows a kid playing with a sensory bottle from Messy Little Monster
This craft is so easy and fun for toddlers and preschoolers.

24. Firework Sensory Bottle

Get some water bottles and fill them with sparkly objects for a fun sensory bottle. From Messy Little Monster.

Image shows an edible play dough recipe with letters from Danya Banya
Let’s make some edible play dough!

25. Edible Playdough Recipe

This recipe to make edible playdough is fun, low sugar, and only needs three ingredients: instant milk powder, peanut butter, and honey. From Danya Banya.

Image shows a baby playing with sensory bottles on a toddler chair
Let’s make Valentine’s sensory bottle!

26. Baby School: Valentine’s Sensory Bottles

Make cute Valentine’s sensory bottles for your little one with really simple supplies, like pom-poms, glitter, shiny paper, tissue paper, bells, etc. They are perfect for babies 6 months old and older. From Something 2 Offer.

Image shows a sparkly sensory bottle for kids. Idea from Mamas Smiles
What a cute and simple idea!

27. Simple Entertainment: Sensory Bottles

To make this sensory bottle, simply take a clear plastic container, and add water and glitter. That’s it. From Mamas Smiles.

Image shows a compilation of spring sensory bottles. From Kids craft room.
Celebrate spring with these sensory bottles.

28. Spring Flower Sensory Bottle

Let’s make a magical sensory bottle filled with a mixture of real flowers, glitter and little butterfly and flower jewels. From Kids Craft Room.

Image shows a toddler playing in a sensory fort made for babies. Idea from Messy Little Monster
What’s better than a sensory fort?

29. Sensory Fort for Babies

This simple teepee fort has a lot of sensory activities and fairy lights that are so exciting and fun. From Messy Little Monster.

Image shows an ice sensory bin with toys. From Views from a stepstool
This is a perfect activity for the winter.

30. Arctic Small World Play

Make a small world that is intended to evoke imaginative play. Use the outside freezing temperatures to freeze a large block of ice. From Views from a Step Stool.

Image shows a toddler playing with buckets. Idea from Adventures and Play
Here are a lot of activities for your toddlers.

31. Smash Tuff Spot

Here are three activities for toddlers that can be quickly set up and require very simple supplies like wooden spoons, cornflakes, mixing bowls, and water. From Adventures and Play.

Image shows a toddler playing with recyclable containers. Idea from Natural Beach Living.
Take a look at this homemade toddler activity!

32. DIY Spring Toddler Activities That Your Child Will Love

Here are some ideas to make some fun spring toddler activities with things found in your home, like egg carton, pom poms, etc. From Natural Beach Living.

Still want more activities for toddlers? Check out these ideas from Kids Activities Blog:

What was your favorite sensory activity for 1 year olds?

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