We love fun science experiments, science activities and science projects that are easy enough to do at home.  Today we have a list of fun ways to learn and explore science experiments with your little scientist. Don’t be intimidated, these science projects for kids use things that you already have around the house.

15 Fun Science Activities for Kids - 6 different science activities shown from building a bridge of pennies to colorful foaming backyard science activity fun.
Let’s play with a science experiments today!


You can set up a learning laboratory anywhere…on the back porch, on the driveway, on the sidewalk, on the kitchen counter, in the laundry room, or even in the bathtub!

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Here is a list of our favorite easy kids science experiments (or science activities) that don’t require fancy equipment or supplies. We created the list for home, but these science projects for kids also work great in the classroom.

Easy Science Experiments for kids at home (or in the classroom!)

Paper bridge science activity with 2 red paper cups, a green piece of paper that is holding 23 pennies on it.
Test the stability of the paper bridge and hypothesis how many pennies it can hold!

1. Paper Bridge Science Activity

Build a bridge  with two plastic cups and construction paper and test your hypothesis of how many pennies it can hold before the bridge collapses.

2. Homemade Kazoo Activity

Explore sound with a homemade kazoo made with simple items you’ve got in your kitchen!

3. Cattail Science Craft For Preschool Kids

Perfect for the spring, learn about plant growth spurts and how seeds spread from plants to grow new ones.

4. STEM Marble Run

Create a marble run to learn about physics.  Make predictions about what will happen each time you make a change to the track.

Learn about plant growth spurts and how seeds spread from plants to grow new ones.

5. Seesaw Science Experiment

Explore the relationship between a lever and fulcrum by launching ping pong ball with a homemade lever.  This is perfect for all ages.

6. Doppler Effect Science Project

Use a wire hanger and a string to make this simple activity to teach sounds waves.

7. Milk and Food Coloring Experiment

Try this experiment with milk and food coloring to see what happens when you add in grease-cutting dish detergent.  Make predictions and discover what happens!

8. Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment

This fun and colorful experiment teaches chemical reactions with just a few ingredients you’ve got in your kitchen!

9. Science Experiments With Water

Talk about water absorption with your kids then test their theories by taking items around your house and placing them in water.

10. Sink or Float Experiment

Here is one of the most simple fun science activities you can do with your kids.  Grab a few things from around the house and a bucket of water and guess which will sink and which will float.

Fun Science Experiments for kids like milk and food coloring experiments, chromatography experiment, chemical reaction experiments, marble run to learn about physics, and baking soda and vinegar reactions.
Learn about physics with a fun marble run or chemical reactions with pennies!

11. Chemical Reaction Experiments

Learn about more chemical reactions by turning a  penny green. There is also a free printable to track your observations!

12. Plant Project Ideas

Observe a plant bulb growing by watching it slowly grow in your house for a month.

13. Dancing Raisins Experiment

Mesmerize your kids by making raisins dance! See what happens when you add carbonated water to raisins.

14. Paper Chromatography Experiment

Explore chromatography using coffee filters and markers.  Your kids will love this!

15. Science Experiments With Tea Bags

Using recycled materials and a tea bag, you can make your own rocket!

Science Experiments in the kitchen

16. Squeeze an Egg Experiment

Have you ever considered how strong an egg shell actually is to protect the baby chick? We always think of egg shells as fragile, but kids can learn more about how strong an egg is too through this science experiment that answers the question, “Can you break an egg with your hand?”

17. Use Cabbage as a pH Test

Kids can learn all about pH science in this fun kitchen experiment using red cabbage. Yes, it needs to be RED!

18. Let’s Learn About Germs

In this germ science experiment kids can see and grow their own food bacteria for an eye opening lesson in keeping things clean!

19. Make Candy DNA

Kids of all ages can learn about the structure of DNA on the kitchen counter through this candy DNA model building project that is as fun to build as to eat.

Fun Outdoor Science Experiments for Kids

20. Build a volcano

We think outside is the best place to make a homemade volcano with simple things you have in your kitchen plus a little dirt from your backyard!

21. Sunscreen Painting Activity

In this sunscreen experiment kids can use the sun for their next art project. So much fun and learning!

22. Fizzing sidewalk paint

Make your own fizzing sidewalk paint through the scientific magic of baking soda and vinegar reactions…oh, and it is delightfully fun!

23. Explore soda

There are so many fun soda experiments science experiment for kids that will have your driveway popping with color.


24. Host an egg drop

Grab some of our favorite egg drop ideas for your next science competition…even if you are hosting it in the backyard.

25. Host a paper airplane flying competition

First make a paper airplane and then challenge yourself or others into a STEM flying competition…watch out for gravity!


Kids are super curious and science is the perfect way to entertain them while learning and having a really good time. These science activities are great for kids of all ages:

->Science Activities For Toddlers

A lot of supervision and direction is needed from the adult and the toddler science activity is more about what will happen and less about why it did.

->Science Activities For Preschoolers

Again, a lot of supervision and direction is needed from the adult and the preschool science activity is about what will happen and then playing with what did happen. Kids at this age may start to question how.

->Science Activities For Kindergartners

Supervision is necessary, but the direction of what is happening is shifted more to the child. Let the child explore (safely) within the perimeters of the science activity and talk about what is happening and why.

->Science Activities For Elementary School and Beyond

These activities make great inclusions into science lesson plans and the basis for science projects. Everything in science can be just the start of the exploration of knowledge!

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Our book, The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments, features tons of awesome activities just like this one that will keep your kids engaged while they learn. How awesome is that?!

The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments


These science kits make it simple and easy to start experimenting right away! Here are a few of our favorites!

SK collage2

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What can I teach my 4 year old in science?

The good news is that 4 year olds are the perfect combination of curiosity and play making them the perfect age for simple science experiments. Every single simple science experiment on this list can work for a 4 year old with proper supervision. Don’t worry about overwhelming a 4 year old with science facts or theory. Simply do one or more of these simple science experiments and see what happens. Talk about why the child THINKS it happened and have a conversation from there!

What are some simple science projects?

Start with #1 – building a paper bridge, #7 – colorful milk experiment or #10 – sink or float. These are easy science activities to set up and use things you likely already have around the house. Have some fun with simple science experiments!

What is an easy science fair project?

Check out our big list of the best science fair (50 Cool Science Fair Project Ideas for Elementary to High School Kids) ideas for kids! But the most amazing thing about the best science fair projects is they start with a simple idea and build. You could start with any one of the things on this list of easy science experiments and use it as the foundation for curiosity for your next science project.

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Which science experiments for kids are you going to start with first??

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