To celebrate the 4th of July, we learned how to make a rocket.  It was fun and my kids learned a little bit about rocket science at the same time.  Kids Activities Blog hopes you have a little fun with your own homemade rocket this 4th of July.

*** NOTE: This activity involves fire so adult supervision is required ***

Easy Rocket Science for Kids: Make a Rocket with a Tea Bag

Make a Rocket

You will need some simple supplies to make a simple rocket.

  • a tea bag
  • scissors
  • bowl {optional}
  • plate
  • match or lighter

rocket 1

Rocket Science

First, cut the top of the tea bag off.  Open up the tea bag.  Empty the loose tea into the bowl or simply empty it into the trash can because you don’t need the tea leaves at all.

Once the tea bag is a clean cylinder, stand it up on the plate.  Note: we found it impossible to do this experiment outside because even the slightest breeze blew the cylinder over on its side and the experiment doesn’t work if the cylinder isn’t upright.

Make a rocket {homemade rocket with a tea bag}

Tea Bag

Next is the exciting part.  Light the top of the tea bag on fire.  It will burn rather quickly in a controlled manner.

As the tea bag gets consumed by the fire, it will gently rise up into the air and then simple extinguish itself.

Easy rocket science for kids {make a rocket!}

Homemade Rocket

How does this work?

The fire creates hot air within the tea bag cylinder.  Hot air rises and thrusts the bag into the air.

Easy homemade rocket that is gentle and quiet!

I struggled with trying to capture our rocket in pictures so here is a quick video that I hope demonstrates its coolness a little better.

Have a great 4th of July!

More Kids Activities

This is a simple way to make a rocket for kids.  It makes for an easy introduction to rocket science while being exciting and fun at the same time.  For more kids activities with rockets, take a look at these ideas:

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  1. We did this today and it was so cool. Okay, we actually did it about 5 times and videod it to show others :). Thanks!

  2. We just did this with a cheap brand called “Best Choice” and it worked. They were the small tea bags. I did notice that they need to be in a cylinder shape completely and not bent in some parts. We did our on the kitchen counter. Our 3 kids each had one and we lit them and they raced their rockets!

  3. This was disappointing. Don’t bother. It doesn’t work. We tried with all different teabags about 50 times. 🙁 Wonder what the secret is?