Our house and yard are starting feeling really small. Fortunately, multiple space organizations, including NASA, are expanding the way our kids see the world — and universe — by offering some fun science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities. With these free resources, it’s possible for kids to discover outer space from their couch.

But what I bet you really want to know is: how can they be an astronaut? 

Source: NASA

Train to be a Home Astronaut Through STEM Activities

The National Lab and Space Station Explorers organization put together some awesome STEM activities that teach kids what it’s like to be an astronaut. The six activities include how astronauts measure distances, designing a crew patch, learning to build rockets, how to simulate a spacewalk, a story time reading, and last but not least designing a space station. Both elementary and middle-school students will get creative and have some fun while learning.

Kids, and adults, can also see the universe the way astronauts do. Sites like Windows on Earth and this NASA resource library offer some stunning images and views. They’ll surely help your kid see the universe in a whole different way. 

Outer space
Source: NASA/JPL/California Institute of Technology

STEM Activities and Experiments From NASA

Whether your kids want to learn about astronomy and planetary exploration, or earth science and human space flight, there’s a free STEM resource for them through NASA AT HOME. NASA offers guides based on grade level, as well as a listing of activities. For younger kids, download free coloring books. For elementary kids, travel through the universe, discover a planet where it rains glass, or learn about the life of a star, among other STEM activities. 

The amazing set of resources gets even better though, because your kids can talk to a real scientist! NASA offers Live Events every Tuesday and Thursday.

Space Station Explorers Activities 

Space Station Explorers also features some interesting at-home activities, which can be sorted by grade level or interest. Kids can learn about an ISS experiment about caterpillars and butterflies. They can see how planet Earth looks from the International Space Station. And they can discover how crystals grow in microgravity, among some other really unique projects. 


From videos, crafts, experiments, and more, there are so many ways to explore outer space without even leaving our home. These phenomenal activities are the perfect way to encourage a love of science and exploration in our kids. The only question is: what outer space adventure will your family go on first? 

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