Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart. Wow. This Nerf Battle Racer sporty go kart is designed specifically for kids ages four to 10. We know it is extra cool because it has been one of our top recommended toys based on sales for the last 12 months indicating that Kids Activities Blog readers love this Nerf Battle Racer.

Let’s see why this Nerf gun bike is so popular…

Nerf Battle Racer with child riding feet on pedals using a nerf shooter
Oh the possibilities with a Nerf Battle Racer! Source: Amazon

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Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart

If you’re looking for a way to get the kids outside and off screens, we have the best idea: a Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart from Hauck. Yeah, it’s just as tricked out as you’re picturing…and it is a Nerf car!

The battle racer is primarily a go kart, complete with a pedal, but it’s also customized so that kids can use Nerf blasters to have a crazy good time.

NERF or Nothin' Battle Racer image with text: Designed in Germany, safety tested by Hauck - child shown riding nerf go kart
This Nerf Battle Racer go kart will make an epic Nerf showdown. Source: Amazon

Take Nerf games to the next level with the Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart

The ergonomic design Nerf car is built so that kids can safely (and comfortably) ride on the Nerf go kart thanks to a high-backed chair. The chair is even adjustable so it can be just the right height for the rider.

But one of the things the kids are going to love? That they can control the car with the pedals!

Nerf Battle Racer Ride-On Pedal Go-Kart

That said, have no fear.

While they can drive the Nerf go kart around the backyard, they can’t go too fast.

The speed can easily be controlled with a handbrake that is easy to use.

Nerf Battle Racer go kart has storage places for other Nerf toys
Look at all the Nerf Battle Racer Storage! Source: Amazon

Nerf Gun Car Storage

The other aspect of the Nerf battle racer go kart that kids will love is that it was built with plenty of placeholders to add things like Nerf darts, blasters, and brackets.

It is the ultimate Nerf gun car.

In other words, get your backyard ready for the ultimate Nerf war! Your kids are going to have a blast… just make sure to get Nerf blasters to go with it, as they’re not included.

Nerf Battle Racer go kart for kids has plenty of storage for all their nerf toys - shown is two nerf blasters and some darts
Even more Nerf Storage on Battle Racer Go Kart! Source: Amazon

Where to buy the Nerf Car

Just in case you need a little bit more convincing, not only will kids have oh so much fun with this tricked-out go kart, but it’s good for them too. Seriously! The go kart helps kids build strength as well as coordination and endurance.

The Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart is available on Amazon for $249. And if you truly want your kids to have an epic showdown, be sure to get at least two.

Nerf Battle Racer go kart for kids shown from back with additional storage for Nerf toys and clear vision of the hand brake system
Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart for Kids Source: Amazon

More Nerf Car Details

  • Made by Hauck
  • Weight: approximately 40 lbs
  • Battle Racer Pedal Go Kart dimensions: 50 x 23 x 27 inches
  • This item does require assembly
  • Recommended ages 4-10 with a maximum weight of 120 lbs.
  • There is an older version that is smaller with less storage called the Nerf Striker you may want to check out!

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Will you be dreaming of your own Nerf Battle Racer Go Kart tonight? {Giggle} I think I need one for myself! If only I met the weight restrictions…

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