My kiddos love to learn how the world works and without being aware, they are doing science projects! Science experiments are among their favorite family activities.

We love to make guesses or predictions about what will happen and test them. Exploring science with kids is always an adventure!

science projects for preschoolers

20 AWESOME Science Projects

Here are 20 kid-tested and loved science experiments that are easy enough to do at home.

Preschool Science Projects

Here are some of our favorites to explore together with preschool-age kids.

The Science of Fire – Kids Activities Blog

Build Structures with Grapes – 101 Kids Activities

Explore Air Pressure with Baggies – Quirky Momma

Learn about the Heart – Quirky Momma

Candy Science – Confidence Meets Parenting

Exploding Volcanoes – Fun a Day

Science Projects for 3-4 Year Olds – Love and Marriage

Colorful Science Experiments for Kids

Colorful Science Projects

All of these science activities for kids are filled with color! We love when art and science collide.

Make Tie Dye Science with pH Tests – Kids Activities Blog

Glitter Slime – 36th Avenue

Play Aqua Sand – Paging Fun Mums

Ocean in the Bottle – Happy Hooligans

science activities for elementary aged kids
Science Projects for Kids that Explore Nature

Science is all around us, which is why these simple science activities dig deeper into what we see and find.

Magnetic Mud – Kids Activities Blog

Leaf Hunt – Lets Lasso Moon

Build Bridges with Cups and Paper – Kids Activities Blog

Magnetic Slime –  Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Soap Fluff – The Imagination Tree

Exploring Seeds – Fantastic Fun and Learning

Make Naked Eggs and the book: 101 Kids Activities

Magnetic Maze – All for the Boys

Catapults – Kids Activities Blog

More Science for Kids

Check out our science for preschoolers favorites and a guide to science for kids from some of our favorite blogs. 

We also have 50 fun science games for kids!

Did you know? We wrote a science book!

Our book, The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments, features tons of awesome activities just like this one that will keep your kids engaged while they learn. How awesome is that?!

The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments


Make your own crystals with borax and pipe cleaners!

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  1. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas for science projects. It is so great to have so many fun resources on hand.