Today we are sharing a couple of edible science experiments you can do with kids from the book, Snackable Science Experiments by Emma Vanstone.

Snackable Science Experiments by Emma Vanstone

We are so excited to partner with Page Street Publishing to share this awesome activity book for kids with you! When we first got this book, my son was so excited to try some of the experiments. We love food and crafting with anything edible, so it was the perfect fit for us. We decided to get some friends involved for a super-fun science-centered playdate. The kids LOVED it! First, we tried to inflate a balloon with baking powder. To do this, you use common ingredients from your kitchen to make homemade baking powder. We mixed 1 Tbsp of baking soda with 2 Tbsp of Cream of Tartar. Place 2 teaspoons of your homemade baking powder into a bottle. Activate the baking soda by adding a little bit of warm water to the bottle. Quickly cover the mouth of the bottle with a balloon, and watch it inflate! The Cream of Tartar acts as an acid to activate the baking soda, creating carbon dioxide and filling your balloon with gas. The cool thing about Snackable Science Experiments is that the book explains the science behind the experiments. As a mom, anything I can use to squeeze a little learning into our fun is a bonus. Next, we made a Candy DNA Model. For this activity, you need two pieces of licorice candy, four colors of gum drops candy, and 10 wooden toothpicks. The book explains how DNA is composed, and kids will use the colors to correspond to the different bases. Two colors always pair together, and the remaining two will pair together as well. The kids loved using the book as a guide, but mixing and matching their own gum drops in different ways. Attach a pair of gum drops onto a toothpick, with one gumdrop at each end. When you have 10 assembled pairs, use the toothpicks to hold them into place between the two licorice pieces. Twist the model so it has the same shape as DNA, and you are done! The kids loved that they could snack on this one after the experiment was through. These simple experiments are just two examples of the awesome tutorials found in Snackable Science Experiments by Emma Vanstone. You can purchase Snackable Science Experiments on Amazon or in bookstores today!

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