No-carve pumpkin decorating ideas are perfect for families! With little kids underfoot, sometimes it’s best to keep the sharp knives put away. While the traditional Halloween jack-o-lantern might be the first thing you think of when you decide you need a pumpkin decoration for your home, they are messy and don’t last very long. These awesome no carve pumpkin ideas will change your life.

No Carve Pumpkin Ideas - 7 decorated pumpkins shown without carving required from colorful painted pumpkins to use of washi tape and googly eyes
Oh so many fun no carve pumpkin ideas!

Easy no-carve Pumpkin Decoration Ideas

We searched the internet for the best non carving pumpkin ideas. These creative no carve pumpkin ideas are great to do with kids of all ages. You can see that many of the non carved pumpkins could be elaborate crafts that take time or simple no carve quick solutions for your Halloween decor this year.

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1. Melted Crayon Pumpkin Decoration

Kids will love decorating a pumpkin with melted crayons. via The Nerd’s Wife

2. Pumpkin Googly Eyes

Add giant googly eyes to your pumpkin for a super-cute peek-a-boo pumpkin. via BHG

3. Crayon Scribble Pumpkin Decor

Or let them color a white pumpkin for a fun twist. via The Nerd’s Wife

4. Galaxy Pumpkin Idea

Paint a pumpkin and add glitter for a gorgeous galaxy pumpkin. via Easy Pumpkin Ideas

5. Washi Tape Pumpkin Decorations

Use colored washi tape to make a fun sprinkle pumpkin. via Made with Happy

6. Make Donut Pumpkins

Turn pumpkins into super cute donuts!

7. Pokemon Pumpkin Decorations

Pokemon fans will love these no-carve pikachu and pokeball pumpkins! via The Resourceful Mama

8. Bat Pumpkins

You just need some paint and paper to create bat pumpkins. via Easy Day

9. Painted Pumpkin Idea

Here’s another fun way to paint — neon dipped pumpkins. via A Night Owl Blog

10. Fruit Pumpkins!

How fun are these fruit pumpkins?! via Style Me Pretty

No-Carve Disney Pumpkins
These cute no-carve Disney pumpkins!

11. Disney Pumpkin Fun

Everyone’s favorite mouse makes the perfect Mickey Mouse Pumpkin. via Smart Schoolhouse

12. Pumpkin for a Princess

A Cinderella pumpkin is perfect for Disney fans. via Craft Smile

13. Frozen Movie Pumpkins

Olaf has lost his head again with this cute Frozen themed pumpkin. via Crafty Morning

14. Beautiful Frozen Pumpkin Design for Elsa

A sparkly blue pumpkin with a crown is a gorgeous Elsa pumpkin. via A Pumpkin and a Princess

15. NBC Pumpkin Decor

No carve pumpkin designs - Jack Skellington pumpkin head in white with black accents
What a cute pumpkin design!

Fans of the Nightmare Before Christmas will love this Jack the Pumpkin King pumpkin. via Simply Today Life

16. Painted Sheriff Callie Jack-o-Lantern

We love this DIY Sheriff Callie pumpkin! Perfect for toddlers via Simply Today Life.

17. Pachwork Pumpkins

Patchwork pumpkins are perfect for little hands! via The Nerd’s Wife

18. No-carve Emoji Pumpkins

DIY emoji pumpkins are so fun! via Brit.Co

Trendy Pumpkin Ideas
Colorful and fun…and safer than carving a jack-o-lantern!

19. Sprinkle Decorated Pumpkin

Fill designs with sprinkles for a unique pumpkin design. via A Joyful Riot

20. Pumpkin Picture Painting

This gorgeous hand-painted floral pumpkin is perfect for indoor decorations. via Craftberry Bush

21. Cactus Pumpkins

Make cacti pumpkins with this super fun tutorial. via Aww, Sam

22. Doily Decoupage

How pretty are these golden doily pumpkins?! via 17 Apart

Personalized no carve pumpkin family image from Amazon - Kids Activities Blog
Oh look at the cute no-carve pumpkin family!

Creative Pumpkin Ideas that don’t require carving

Sometimes it is just easier to buy what you want…even if it is no-carve! And the benefit is that you can save it until next year which in the end might save you even more time and money. Here are a few of my favorite pumpkin decorations that mimic the jack-o-lantern decor you would put on your front porch, but is simply EASY!

More Decorating Pumpkin Ideas from Kids Activities Blog

Which of the no carve pumpkin ideas was your favorite? Are you carving a jack-o-lantern this year?

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