Today we have easy zentangle patterns to color that are perfect for kids or adults who are looking for a beginner, simpler zentangle pattern to tackle. Zentangles are a relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Easy zentangle art starts with seeing how patterns are created by lines and then making zentangles yourself. Use these easy zentangle patterns at home or in the classroom.

Easy Zentangle - Simple Zentangle art patterns to color shown with crayons, colored pencils and markers

Easy Zentangle art are a fun way for kids of all ages to develop creativity, focus, motor skills and color recognition.

Easy Zentangles

This printable set of easy zentangle designs is perfect for introducing the popular art of zentangles to your children… or even yourself through these easy zentangle designs. Click the button to download and print these easy zentangles now:

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Easy Zentangle Coloring Pages

Zentangle coloring pages are a great way to create your own art by coloring unique doodle patterns:

  • One of the coolest things about zentangles is that they can take as long or as little time as you’d like.
  • By coloring our easy zentangle patterns, you’ll be able to start creating your own patterns in your mind and sooner than you think, you’ll be making your own too!

There is no age limit.

Easy Zentangle Art Patterns to Color - 3 from Kids Activities Blog - shown are 3 zentangle art pdf to color
Which zentangle art pattern will you color first?

Zentangle Easy Art to Color

In our set of three pages of Zentangle art patterns in different variations ready for you to grab your favorite art supplies – pencils, colored pencils, markers, paint or glitter glue.

Zentangle Simple Pattern 1

The first of our new patterns is a large traditional zentangle repetitive art pattern has been cut into 3 shapes:

  • triangle
  • circle
  • square.

See if you can follow the original string that started the pattern and color accordingly or color the easy pattern within each shape.

Zentangle Simple Pattern 2

These four easy zentangle patterns could also be classified as mandala art as well.  The meditative simple design of multiple structured patterns repeat within the circular shape:

  1. Mandala zentangle #1 – Half circle shape doodles are drawn together mirroring scales of a fish that concentrically become smaller toward the middle of the oval looped flower-like center.
  2. Mandala zentangle #2 – Round concentric lines are the base for the layering of petal-like shaped doodles in ovals and partial ovals with a complete circle at the middle.
  3. Mandala zentangle #4 – Circles are arranged stacked on top of each other with curly lined doodles inside surrounding a single small circle in the center of the design.

Zentangle Simple Pattern 3

The last of our new patterns is full of more vertical lines, horizontal lines and individual row of small square images making up square tiles. The zentangle line patterns are created for a full picture effect demonstrating a house, fence, street and sun.  The alternating fence slat designs repeat petal lines opposite feathered lines.  The roof of the house has half circle doodles stacked on top of each other with a simple plant petal in the center of the home’s window.  The street is lined with concentric circles and straight lines that mimi brick patterns.  The sun is created from a simple zentangle mandala art pattern with a floral flair and pencil drawn dots.

simple zentangle coloring pages - zentangle art patterns - three shown on this printed pdf
Print off the zentangle art patterns to get started!

These easy zentangles sheets are completely free and can be printed at home in minutes…

Download all 3 Easy Basic Zentangle art patterns PDF files here

We recommend printing these simple zentangle patterns on high quality paper and they are sized for a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.

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simple easy zentangle art patterns to color pdfs shown with pencil colored pencils and crayons
Try Drawing Your Own Zentangle Patterns!

Why Zentangle Patterns?

I’m always looking for new ways to express my feelings or my mood (cheesy, I know!), and that’s how I found out about zentangles! As an adult, I find them a creative and relaxing hobby that I can pick up for just a few spare moments or an entire evening.

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For kids, coloring sheets as well as the repetitive patterns of zen coloring pages improve motor skills, stimulate creativity, contribute to better handwriting, teach color awareness, improve focus and hand to eye coordination, help learn about spacial awareness, and most importantly, improve confidence and self-esteem! There are so many benefits to this intricate patterns art form and coloring pictures for all ages including relaxation, improving focus and sparking creativity.

Whether you are a beginner who needs step-by-step instructions, or a pro who is looking for complicated and cool drawings to color, you’re in the right place.

Getting Started Drawing Zentangles

Use our easy zentangle pdfs as inspiration to creating your own unique zentangle patterns:

  1. Download the printable zentangle patterns and color them.
  2. Trace the dark black lines and find the patterns that emerge.
  3. Using tracing paper or a light box, trace your favorite zentangle pattern and see how it is formed.
  4. Try a free-hand zentangle pattern of your own with rhythm and pattern.

How to color a Zentangle (Easy!)

Coloring zentangles is easy, relaxing and fun. Making beautiful art through colorful doodle designs can be extended by using those finished patterns for cards, wall art, photo backgrounds or part of your daily journal.

While some people may choose to color zentangles in black and white, we here at Kids Activities Blog are all about color!

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Easy Zentangle supplies needed

Put together your favorite color scheme and sigh the cares of the world away while coloring. Print and color Zentangle coloring pages for a calming creative experience.

History of Zentangle Patterns

Two people are responsible for the zentangle craze, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.

Once upon a time, Rick and Maria sold prints of Maria’s botanical illustrations at art fairs. Maria would inscribe each botanical she sold as the customer watched. As customers watched her beautiful lettering appear on the page they became emotional and exclaimed how they wished they could do what she did. 

Zentangle, How did Zentangle Begin?

Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas not only created beautiful zentangle designs, but they now teach the Zentangle Method. You can find their trademarked zentangle method along with how to find or become a certified zentangle teacher.

Check out these official Zentangle items you don’t want to miss:

  • Zentangle Primer Vol 1 – Old world instructional written and illustrated by the founders of the Zentangle Method, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.
  • The Book of Zentangle – each side of this book represents a side of the brain following Rick and Maria’s teachings.
  • A Zentangle Collection of Reticula and Fragments – explore the process of creating infinite different tangles and tangleations created by the Zentangle founders, Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas.

More Easy Zentangle Ideas from Kids Activities Blog:

Which easy zentangle pattern are you going to print and color first?

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  1. Thanks for these great zentangle patterns. They are so relaxing to color and they look pretty framed as artwork in the toy room!