Today we have 35 fun Thanksgiving art activities for toddlers from all over the internet and beyond. From traditional turkey art projects to paper plate crafts, we have fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids of all ages.

Image shows a peachy tan background with circular photo snippets of thanksgiving crafts from Kids Activities Blog.
Thanksgiving arts and crafts are so much fun!

There is so much fun to be had with Thanksgiving art activities because the holiday season brings with it great Thanksgiving crafts for our kids–like these 35 Thanksgiving-themed activities!

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FAVORITE Thanksgiving art activities FOR Toddlers

Every 2 and 3-year-old loves fun Thanksgiving activities, especially when it’s a fun turkey craft. A nature walk is a great way to gather real turkey feathers and other supplies, like pine cones, for these easy fall crafts using our fun ideas.

Thanksgiving art activities and toddlers just go together!

That is one of the reasons why these cute Thanksgiving crafts are so perfect. Many will have toddlers using their imagination to create the perfect work of art, and others will just be an easy craft for older kids. These creative Thanksgiving art activities for toddlers are just plain awesome.

If these Thanksgiving crafts look like fun, but you don’t live in an area where autumn is in full swing, you can find craft supplies at your local craft store!

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Image shows a coloring page of pumpkins dressed as a pilgrim and Indian from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s color some pumpkins!

1. Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving Printables are a great way to remind young children to be grateful.

Picture shows an image of a turkey, a cornucopia, and a pumpkin coloring page from Kids Activities Blog.
Color by numbers is great for toddlers!

2. Color By Number Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

This Color By Number Page is a great activity for elementary school children.

Image shows a pumpkin, a leaf, a turkey, and a boat coloring pages from Kids Activities Blog.
Coloring pages are so fun for toddlers!

3. Super Simple Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets

These Simple Thanksgiving Coloring Sheets are great for developing toddlers’ fine motor skills.

Image shows a coloring page of a large assortment of Thanksgiving themed items from Kids Activities Blog.
Coloring doodles are so much fun!

4. The Best Thanksgiving Doodles Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Doodles Coloring Pages are another great way for preschoolers to work on fine motor skills.

Image shows a cornucopia and fruit coloring page from Kids Activities Blog.
Coloring pages are great for Sunday school!

5. Sunday School Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

These Sunday School Coloring Pages are so much fun for 2 and 3-year olds!

Image shows a coloring page of two pumpkins dressed as pilgrims with a basket of food from Kids Activities Blog.
The first Thanksgiving sheets are special!

6. First Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

These First Thanksgiving Coloring Pages are a fun learning tool for teaching toddlers about Thanksgiving.

Image shows a coloring page of a turkey dressed as a pilgrim with a pumpkin from Kids Activities Blog.
Turkey’s feathers are just waiting for color!

7. Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pages are great for the entire family to color!

Image shows a cutesy turkey coloring page from Kids Activities Blog.
Are you ready to color a turkey?

8. Preschool Turkey Coloring Pages

These Preschool Turkey Coloring Pages are easy for little hands to color!

Image shows a coloring page of Snoopy handing Charlie Brown a turkey from Kids Activities Blog.
We love Charlie Brown!

9. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

These Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Coloring Pages are a fun way to teach the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Image shows the front cover of a gratitude journal painted orange, yellow, green, and blue from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s write about gratefulness!

10. Handmade Gratitude Journal

The best Thanksgiving activities involve thankfulness, like this Handmade Gratitude Journal.

Image shows two girls writing with a black pen wearing cozy sweaters in an assortment of colors from Kids Activities Blog.
Word searches are fun for any age!

This Fun & Free Printable Thanksgiving Word Search is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Image shows two sides to a printable placemat, the first is black and white and the second has a burnt orange border and pictures of corn stalks and turkeys from Kids Activities Blog.
Thanksgiving Day placemat- free template!

12. Thanksgiving Placemat Activity Sheets

These Thanksgiving Placemat Activity Sheets are a fun addition to your Thanksgiving table.

Image shows coloring sheets in black and white with brown borders and squares and foxes and fork and plate images from Kids Activities Blog.
Placemats are great fun on turkey day!

13. Thanksgiving Coloring Placemats

Cute Thanksgiving art activities for preschoolers like these Thanksgiving Coloring Placemats are great for Thanksgiving guests.

Picture shows coloring pages images containing a cornucopia with fall fruits and a pumpkin Happy Thanksgiving from Kids Activities Blog.
Young kids love coloring pages!

14. Festive Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Festive Thanksgiving Coloring Pages make great Thanksgiving decorations for your dinner celebration.

Image shows printables of Happy Thanksgiving and an assortment of leaf outlines in yellow, red, purple, green, and orange from Kids Activities Blog.
Placemat painting is so fun!

15. Free Printable Thanksgiving Placemats

Download your Free Printables Thanksgiving Placemats today.

Image shows handprints and footprints in brown, red, yellow, and orange made to look like a turkey from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s make some turkeys!

16. Footprint and Handprint Turkey Art

Help your cute little turkeys make some Footprint and Handprint Turkey Art.

Image shows shapes of a cornucopia in brown, pumpkins in orange, and squash in green all with writing from Kids Activities Blog.
Little kids love showing their thankfulness!

17. Thanksgiving Traditions

If you need some new Thanksgiving Traditions, try a thankful turkey!

Image shows a little girl painting feathers on a brown turkey body on a large piece of white paper with plastic forks from Happy Toddler Playtime.
Make a fork feather turkey!


This turkey comes to life with a little paint and some forks from Happy Toddler Playtime!

Image shows a brown turkey with white writing with a yellow border for a plate at the bottom from Play Teach Repeat.
Kids will love this turkey crayon resist activity!

19. Thanksgiving Crayon Resist Activity

The best thing about this piece of art is the texture from PlayTeach Repeat.

Image shows brown handprints as a turkey and an acorns, red handprints as an apple, and orange handprints as a leaf and a pumpkin from The Best Ideas For Kids.
A better way to use hands is as a paintbrush!

20. Fall Handprint Art

Your little kids will have a great time making hand turkeys and other art from The Best Ideas For Kids.

Image shows a brown turkey made from a paper plate and orange, red, and brown construction paper from Growing Book By Book.
We love paper plate turkey crafts!


Paper plates and construction paper make great kids’ crafts like this one from Growing Book By Book.

Image shows a blue, green, and purple painted background with a round turkey with googly eyes and orange triangle nose and purple, red, and orange feathers all around it from Stay At Home Educator.
Make this fun turkey craft with googly eyes!

22. Colorful Turkey Art Activity

This cute turkey craft is a fun way to use extra supplies from Stay At Home Educator.

Image shows two red pipe cleaners in the shape of turkey feet painting orange turkey prints from Fun A Day.
Let’s make turkey prints!


This simple turkey craft will be your younger kids’ favorite Thanksgiving activity from Fun A Day.

Image show a purple and orange pumpkin covered in multicolored pompoms from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds.
Let’s make easy Thanksgiving crafts!


This simple craft is so much fun for kids from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds.

Image shows rice dyed orange, yellow, and brown with a brown turkey and orange pumpkin cookie cutters from Teaching Mama.
Have fun with cookie cutters and dyed rice!

25. Thanksgiving Sensory Bin

Thanksgiving art activities for toddlers are more fun with rice from Teaching Mama.

Image shows a turkey made from brown paper circles with a watercolored coffee filter in rainbow colors as the plume from Typically Simple.
Watercolor turkeys are so pretty!

26. Watercolor Coffee Filter Turkeys

Enjoy this watercolor turkey thanksgiving art from Typically Simple.

Image shows a bin full of uncooked popcorn kernels with toy Thanksgiving food items in their respective colors from Happy Toddler Playtime.
Sensory bins are so much fun!

27. Thanksgiving Dinner Sensory Bin

This sensory bin for kids from Happy Toddler Playtime is so cool!

Image shows a drawing of a turkey on a plastic zipper bag with yellow, red, and orange paint inside taped to the floor with a toddler's hand on the bag from Happy Toddler Playtime.
The best Thanksgiving crafts are mess-free!

28. Mess Free Thanksgiving Art Activity

Let’s paint in plastic bags from Happy Toddler Playtime.

Image shows supplies like cookie cutter turkeys in brown, orange, and black and peach colored play dough on a cookie sheet from Teaching 2 And 3 Year olds.
What a fun way to get ready for Thanksgiving!

29. Setting Up The Thanksgiving Theme

Thanksgiving books are the start of a great theme from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds.

Image shows a turkey made from a large circle of brown paper, small circular dots in red, yellow, green, and orange with matching colored clothes pins clipped to the colored dots from I Heart Arts N Crafts.
Clothes pins make great feathers!

30. Color Matching Fine Motor Turkey Toddler Activity

This easy turkey craft from I Heart Arts N Crafts helps toddlers improve fine motor skills!

Image shows a little girl dressed in purple throwing rings on bottles covered and glued brown yarn as a ring toss game from Hands On As We Grow.
A fun activity with a game at the end!

31. Super Simple Turkey Ring Toss Thanksgiving Activity for Kids

This turkey ring toss game is sure to be a hit with toddlers from Hands On As We Grow.

Image shows a large brown paper bag turkey with a plume for green, pink, blue, orange, yellow, and red paper feathers for thankfulness from Busy Toddler.
Grab a paper bag, and let’s make a turkey!

32. Teaching Toddlers To Be Thankful

This simple paper bag turkey craft from Busy Toddler is sure to be a hit!

Image shows a brown paper plate used to make the body of a turkey with red and yellow feathers attached to the sides from The Best Ideas For Kids.
This turkey is so cute!

33. Paper Plate Turkey

Toddlers will love this easy paper plate turkey craft from The Best Ideas For Kids.

Image shows a tree with a crayon colored brown tree trunk and torn paper pieces in yellow, orange, red, and blue as the leaves from Raising Dragons.
Toddlers love to tear paper!

34. Torn Paper Fall Tree * ages 3-5

Raising Dragons will have your toddler using the last pieces of paper scraps.

Image shows leaf art prints in yellow, orange, and red with color bleeding from The Imagination Tree.
Leaf art is so much fun!


Children will love this craft from The Imagination Tree.


Which of these creative Thanksgiving art activities for toddlers are you going to try first? Which Thanksgiving art activity is your favorite?

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