180+ {Gorgeous} Fall Crafts

We are gathering lots of fall crafts to keep us busy while we start to spend more time indoors.

Fall colors are so beautiful that it makes it really easy to come up with lots of crafts and art projects.

180 Gorgeous Fall Crafts180+ {Gorgeous} Fall Crafts

The other cool thing about fall crafts is that we get to bring nature inside and use it to create fun things.

Below you will find crafts that use apples, pine-cones, leaves and even rice. What a fun way to celebrate Autumn!

Some Art Supplies Needed For These Awesome Fall Crafts

Are you ready to start crafting? Grab your art supplies whether they be in a bin or outside and pick out some of your favorite crafts and activities from our big list of fall crafts. Running low on crafting supplies? Don’t worry we can help! This post contains affiliate links.

Some art supplies you’ll need:

Fall Crafts


Fall Tree Sun Catcher

Capture some sun with this beautiful fall tree sun catcher! It embodies all the beautiful colors of fall.

Leaf Prints

Grab some of the fallen leaves from outside, fall colored paint, paper, and create these beautiful leaf prints with your kids.

Pressed Leaf Suncatcher

Nature gives us plenty of stuff to craft with, like colorful fallen leaves. This pressed leaf suncatcher craft, while lovely, will require some grown-up help though.

Easy Fall Hedgehog Art Project

Did you know hedgehogs prepare to hibernate in the fall? This craft could be a great lesson to not only make your own hedgehog picture, but to learn about them as well.

Autumn Crafts

Create little pinecone mice, color fall leaves, make your own fall tree, the list goes on and one with these amazing autumn crafts.

Leaf Prints For Preschoolers

Get the paints, paper, aprons, and leaves! This autumn art leaf prints for preschoolers is sure to be a hit!

Twig Painting using red, orange, yellow paints and twigs on white paper.

Twig Paintings

What a unique project! I love it. Using twigs on white paper you will then paint fall colored leaves around the twigs making them look like trees. These twig paintings are so cool.

Kids Handprint Fall Tree Craft

This handprint fall tree craft is super cute, messy, and can double as a sweet little keepsake.

Fall Leaf Crayon Craft

Crayons, a pencil sharpener, wax paper, and iron are all you need to make your very own fall leaves!

Back To School Demin Notebook

Fall isn’t just about leaves, pumpkins, and holidays, it is time for back to school too, so try making this super cute back to school denim notebook.

Mason Jar Fall Luminaries Craft

Light up the cool fall night with these lovely mason jar fall luminaries craft! Glue, tissue paper, construction paper, mason jars, and LED lights are all you need.

Cheerio Apple Tree Craft

Apples are a pick part of fall, which is why this cheerio apple tree craft is perfect! It is a great and simple craft for toddlers and preschoolers!

Woollybear Craft made from glue and brown and black yarn on white paper.

Woollybear Caterpillar Yarn Craft

Along with cooler temperatures come certain bugs like the Woollybear Caterpillar which you can make using yarn! What a fun fall craft for those who love insects.

Easy Fall Crafts

Use beans to make a tree, make fall leaves with fingertips, diy birdfeeders and more with these easy fall crafts ideas.

Fall Leaf Suncatchers

String, tissue paper, construction paper, and clear contact paper is all you need for this to make these 3 fall leaf suncatchers.

Autumn Tissue Paper Lantern

Illuminate the night with these super cute autumn tissue paper lanterns. Paste, tissue paper, and recycled jars are all you need. That and LED tea candles.

Leaf Puzzle Piece Craft

Do you have a puzzle with missing pieces? Paint them the colors and fall and use them to make leaves on your paper tree. This leaf puzzle piece craft is a great way to reuse items that would be otherwise thrown away.

Awesome Autumn Art Activities

Painting leaves, make polka dotted finger painted leaves, tissue paper leaves, and more with these awesome autumn art activities!

stained glass leaves on a window made from crayon and wax paper that are green, brown, and red.

Stained Glass Leaves

Who doesn’t find stained glass beautiful? Now you can make your own fall leaf stained glass using old crayons, wax paper, and an iron. This fall craft requires a little adult help.

Handprint Acorn Craft

Use your child’s hand and some tan paint to create the base of the acorn. Then use dark brown to paint the top. This handprint acorn craft is super cute.

Fruit Loop Fall Trees

Stale fruit loops? I know sometimes we don’t always finish a box of cereal, this would be a great way to use them up, by making a Fruit Loop fall tree!

Simple Fall Leaf Craft For Toddlers

Draw a tree and then let your toddler gather all the colorful leaves that have fallen from trees. They’ll be able to use a glue stick to add those leaves to their own tree with this simple fall leaf craft!

Autumn Tree Collage

Felt, paper, lots of glue, and cotton balls are what you will need for this autumn tree collage.

DIY Apple Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Red paint, red construction paper, brown construction paper, and green construction, as well as tape, and a toilet paper roll is all you need for this DIY apple toilet paper roll craft.

Bubble wrap fall tree with red, prink and orange leaves and a toilet paper tube base.

Bubble Wrap Fall Tree

Bubble wrap makes such a great painting tool! Dip the bubble wrap in fall colors and stamp it on white paper to create a bubble wrap fall tree.

Rustic Pine Cone Apples

I love this a lot honestly, and a bowl of these on the table would look cute. Paint these pine cones to look like real apples, don’t forget their felt leaves.

Autumn Splatter Art

Have you ever done splatter art? It’s the most fun! Like seriously! Draw a tree, and then splatter fall colored paints on the picture to create a beautifully abstract autumn tree.

Scarecrow Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Scarecrows are a part of fall and this scarecrow toilet paper roll craft is perfect! You can even give them a sparkly hat.

Cotton Ball Autumn Trees

Turns out cotton balls can be used to make an autumn tree. Paint them fall colors and don’t forget to add glitter. Glitter is my favorite part.

Button Apple Tree Craft

Green paper, colored pencils, white paper, and red buttons are all you need to create this super cute button apple tree craft.

coffee-filter-leaf-craft-for-kids that is white, orange, and yellow

Fall Leaf Crafts For Kids

Make a fall leaf mobile, paintings, shaving cream art, ornaments, and more.

Fall Salt Dough Ornaments

These fall salt dough ornaments are a cute fall craft. Decorate your trees outside or hang them around the house. They are stamped with leaves, pumpkins, and acorns.

Blotto Painting For Kids In Fall Colors

Ever do blotto painting? There are so simple to do and create the most beautiful pieces of colorful art, and these ones use all the fall colors!

Mystery Letter Fall Tree

Paint a fall tree, but spell out fun words using white crayon and paints on the leaves.

Forest Wreath

Gather sticks and twigs outside to make this very rustic forest wreath.

Apple Stamping Tree Craft

Cut apples in half and dip them in paint to make leaves for your fall tree craft.

pouf-apple-tree-craft-for-kids with a green sponge leaves, red apples, and brown trunk on white paper

Apple Tree Craft Using A Pouf Sponge

There are many ways to make an apple trees, but this is one of my favorite as it is akin to sponge painting and I love the textures.

Apple Craft For Toddlers

Make an apple using a paper plate, ripped red construction paper, and glue! It’s super easy.

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

These are my favorite types of crafts because they’re so rustic and cute. This popsicle stick scarecrow just needs glue, popsicle sticks, foam, and some markers.

Fall Tree Pipe Cleaner Sculpture

Try your hand at sculpting with this fall tree pipe cleaner craft. it’s actually really easy and all you need is clay, pipe cleaners, and tissue paper.

Candy Corn Flowers

Just because it is fall doesn’t mean you can’t still have flowers. Make your own! These candy corn flowers are so stinkin’ cute and easy to make. This is a perfect craft for toddlers and preschoolers.

Handprint Corn Cob

Corn is a big part of fall too. Make your own ear of corn using your hand, paper, and paint.

Salt Dough Leaf Bowls that is curved and orange

Salt Dough Leaf Bowls

Salt dough leaf bowls will make the most perfect gift for loved ones. Each one looks just like a real leaf and are colored like fall leaves as well.

Nature and Campfire Craft

A lot of us go camping in the fall, and while your little one may not be ready for that you can make this pretend campfire to play outside.

Apple Crafts

Apples are a huge part of fall, so make your own with these easy apple craft using playdough, paper plates, stamps, and more.

Stamped Apples

Speaking of apples, making a painting all about apples using a loofah.

Fall Leaf Punch Collage

Using a leaf hole punch, punch out many colored leaves and then use those little leaves to decorate a big leaf to create the best fall leaf collage!

Leaf Garland

Decorate this fall with this cute leaf garland. It is made of watercolors, leaf templates, and twine.

Indian Corn Craft that has brown, orange, and yellow kernels

Corn Craft

Try this corn craft and make corn with orange, brown, and yellow kernels.

DIY Fall Wreath

Wreaths are expensive, so make your own! This DIY fall wreath is easy to make! Grab your wire cutters, a grapevine wreath, orange/red berries, and some brown ribbon and you are set.

Cardboard Tube Apple Trees

Save your paper towel cardboard tube to make these cute apple trees. The apple is made with crumbled up red tissue paper.

Handprint Apple Tree

This is super clever. Paint your child’s hand and arm brown to make the tree trunk and branches! I love it. This handprint apple tree is really awesome.

Scarecrow Collage

Scarecrow collages are easy to make. Just need some straw, paper, googly eyes, and buttons! Oh, don’t forget glue and paper plates.

Leaf People Fall Craft

Acorns, leaves, glue, and twigs are all you need for this leaf people fall craft. Use the leaves as heads, twigs to make bodies, and the acorns to make their faces.

Torn Paper Fall Tree: great fine motor and craft together- with orange red and yellow leaves and brown base made from torn construction paper

Torn Paper Fall Tree

Looking for a fall craft for your toddler or preschooler. Look no further, this is perfect. You can tear up construction paper to create the leaves of your fall tree.

Washi Tape Fall Leaves

Cut out some large leaves using stock card and use colorful washi tape to decorate them and make each one unique.

Fizzing Paint Fall Craft

Paint with fizzing paint to create the coolest and prettiest fall art pieces.

More Autumn Crafts

Make leaf prints on clay, paint leaves, make suncatchers, thankful trees, leaf people and more with these fun and easy autumn crafts.

Fall Leaf Crown

Make your very one, natural fall leaf crown. It’s made of leaves and feathers, and other plants. It’s really cool.

Thankful Garland

Make thankful garland that looks like leaves, but each leaf says something you are thankful for. This is a great way to decorate for fall.

DIY Luminary made from mod podge, yellow and orange tissue paper with leaves

Fall Luminaries

Use Mod Podge, torn or cut tissue paper, and whatever glass jars or bowls you have on hand. Create colorful bowls and then set LED tea candles inside them to make fall luminaries.

Finger Print Autumn Trees

Paint a tree, the grass, then use your fingers to make leaves. These finger print Autumn trees are colorful and great for toddlers and preschoolers.

Autumn Handprint Tree

Paint your child’s hand and arm to make the trunk and branches, then use fingers to make the leaves on this autumn handprint Tree.

Tree Fairy

A pinecone, wooden ball, cinnamon stick, thread, star anise, and pipe cleaners are what you need to make these cute little tree fairies.

Scarecrow Wooden Spoon Puppet

Wooden spoons are so great for crafts. Use one to make this cute scarecrow wooden spoon puppet along with felt, burlap, and straw.

Fall Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Have left over toilet paper rolls? Save them for these 10 fun fall toilet paper roll crafts. Make stamps, jack o lanterns, paper pumpkins, scarecrows, and turkeys.

Easy Fall Craft for Kids: Leaves Bouquet Holder

Create A Leaf Vase

Take a vase and wrap it in brown paper and add leaves to it to make a beautiful fall vase.

Fall Leaf Letters

Add leaves to contact paper and cut them out to spell the name of your child to make awesome fall leaf letters to decorate with.

Scrunched Tissue Paper Autumn Leaf

Cut out a leaf from black construction paper and then glue scrunched tissue paper to make it a colorful autumn leaf.

Fall Leaf Project

Cut out leave patterns and make them vibrant using watercolors to create a fall tree that just lights up with color.

Leaf Sun Catcher For Toddlers

Contact paper, tissue paper, and give your leaf suncatcher a snazzy border.

Tissue Paper Fall Tree

This is so unique. Stick tissue paper to white paper and then spray it with water! The color bleeds creating a colorful mixture of fall colors making this a very lovely fall tree.

Fall Suncatcher Leaf Craft for Kids made from paper plates, contact paper, and have a dark leaf in the middle. They are painted yellow, orange, and green.

Paper Plate Autumn Suncatcher

This autumn suncatcher has a decorated paper plate border with tissue paper in the middle with an opaque leaf in the middle. I really like this one, it’s unique and a bit different.

Painted Fall Leaf Tree

This fall leaf tree also uses your kids arms and hands, but the leaves are unique as they look like they are falling off the tree. I like it.

Tear Art Fall Wreath

Tear construction paper and then glue it on the rim of a paper plate to create a simple fall wreath. Also, add pom poms for a little extra decoration.

Simple Fall Tree With Sponges

Painting with water color and sponges give this simple fall tree craft a very unique look. The colors bleed together very nicely making the leaves look more cohesive.

Easy Fall Apple Tree

This easy fall apple tree is made with…well apples, very tiny apples. Use apples as stamps to make leaves and apples for you tree. This is a great craft for toddlers.

Apple Suncatchers

These are super cute and are made with faceted plastic beads. Mom and dad will have to help to make these apple suncatchers because these need to spend some time in the oven.

Comparing Spring and Fall with a Printmaking Season Craft- one side has red, yellow, and orange leaves the other purple pink, yellow, red, and orange flowers

Comparing Fall and Spring Craft

Teach your child the difference between spring and fall with this fun craft. Make fall leaves with one picture and bright flowers on the second.

Fall Tree Craft Using A Dish Brush

I would have never thought of using a dish brush, what a unique idea. Make colorful leaves for your fall tree using orange, yellow, and red paint.

Glitter Pine Cones

These are magnificent! Paint pine cones and then add glue and glitter for some glamorous décor.

Stuffed Apples

Using brown paper, sponge paint them your favorite fall colors. Once dried punch holes around the edges, then thread yarn through the holes, before you close it up all the way add crinkled paper. There you have stuffed apples which is a craft and fine motor skill activity.

Leaf Rubbing

All you need for this simple leaf rubbing craft is paper, crayons, and of course leaves.

Apple Stamps

Use a toilet paper roll and tape to make an apple stamp. Once the stamp dries, be sure to color the apple in.

Autumn Leaf Hats; A Simple Craft for Kids with red, yellow, and brown leaves

Autumn Leaf Hat

Want a simple craft? Want a nifty hat? Then grab a paper sack, leaves, and glue to make this easy autumn leaf hat.

Autumn Peg Dolls

Wooden pegs, felt, and fall leaves are perfect to make little peg dolls. This is not only a fun craft but also inspires pretend play.

Fall Activities

Invitation to Create: Fall Art for Toddlers with red, yellow, and orange paint, scraps of green, orange, yellow, red paper, glue, crayons, and white paper

Art Using Fall Colors

Set up an art station for your toddler using all the beautiful colors of fall like: orange, brown, gold, yellow, and red. Grab paint, paper, construction paper, glue, and more!

Carrot Harvesting

Carrots are generally harvested in the fall, and your kids can take part in this (less messy) version of carrot harvesting. You just need a cardboard egg carton and yarn!

Fall Busy Bags

Put together these 3 fall busy bags. From counting, to fine motor skills, your kids will enjoy quiet time and learning with these fun activities.

Leaf Water Color Activity

Take plain ole brown leaves and with some tissue paper and water turn them into something colorful with this super awesome Leaf Water Color Activity.

Non-Fiction Autumn Books

Kids need to read, it is so good for them! While they may prefer fictional books, these non-fiction autumn books are sure to be a hit! They talk about leaves, fall, and even Halloween!

Sewing A Fall Leaf Crown

This is a craft, but also doubles as a sewing (fine motor skill) activity. Plus sewing a fall leaf crown is a great way to celebrate fall and promote pretend play.

Child writing a poem on paper with crayons and adding leaves to the paper.

Writing Autumn Leaf Poems

Poetry is something not enough people appreciate. So why not teach your children poetry by writing autumn leaf poems together!

A Fall Tree

This is the most precious way to set up your school room whether you’re in a classroom or homeschooling. Your kids can help add the leaves to the giant fall tree on the wall.

Scarecrow Games

Scarecrows and corn field are a big part of fall. So make your own scarecrow, don’t forget to make some crows either, oh and don’t forget about the free scarecrow printable words.

Fun Fall Activities For The Whole Family

Spend time together this fall with these fun fall activities or the whole family. Play bingo, make some leaf rubbings, take a book on a leaf hunt, and more!

Gratitude Activities For Kids

Thanksgiving is getting closer and closer and this is the perfect time for these gratitude activities. Teaching children about gratitude teaches them to be happy with what they have, find joy with what they don’t have, and teaches kindness.

Fall-Inspired Necklace

Here is another fun craft that doubles as a fine motor skill activity. Grab some string and acorns to make this simple fall-inspired necklace.

Preserved Leaf Wreath - a fun fall craft for kids to make! With an orange base with brown leaves on it.

Preserved Leaves

Preserving leaves can double as a science experiment. Once they’re nice and dried you can use them to make a preserved leaf wreath.

Outdoor Autumn Play Activities

Looking for some outdoor autumn play activities? You can collect leaves, pick apples, explore, and more!

Gathering Art Supplies

Gather art supplies outside on a fun walk. Grab stuff like pine cones, leaves, pine needles, rocks, twigs, and anything else you need to do your fall crafts.

Vegetable Harvesting

Promote pretend play with these clay vegetables. Your little one can pretend they are harvesting all the fall vegetables.

Autumn Bucket List

This family put together an awesome autumn bucket list, and it makes me want to make one with my family.

Fine Motor Fall Yarn Wrapping

Practice fine motor skills with this fall yarn wrapping activity. Wrap leaves, pumpkins, even acorns!

How to Preserve Fall Leaves: Fall Nature Craft for Kids

Preserving Leaves

Dried leaves are used for a number of crafts, but how do you preserve crafts? Here are 3 different ways to preserve leaves.

Fall Scissor Skills Practice

Scissor practice is very important for preschoolers and kindergarten kids, and here are 10 awesome fall activities to help with just that.

Apple-Themed Tot Activities

These apple-themed activities are a great way to teach your little one. Through sensory, fine motor skills, and even art.

Thankful Activities

Teach your children about thankfulness and gratitude with these 28 thankfulness activities.

STEM Activity: Fall Creations

Looking for some fall STEM activities. This one uses tooth picks and chestnuts to build.

Tree Of Thanks

Remind your family of all the nice things and people you’re thankful for. You can do it daily to remind your family of how blessed they are.

preschooler leaf activity- leaf rubbings with brown and red crayons

Leaf Activities

Make leaf rubbings, learn the different leaves, and crumble them up for sensory art with these fun leaf activities. 

Gorgeous Autumn Picture Books

Get your preschoolers and toddlers into books with these 5 gorgeous autumn picture books.

Balance & Measurement

Learn about balance and measurement using a scale, and assorted plastic bugs and leaves.

Salt Crystal Feathers

Feathers are everywhere as birds migrate, so why not use them for this salt crystal feather science experiment?

Fall Playdough Recipes

Playdough jungle with leaves, acorns, and twigs

Playdough Jungle

Autumn is full of acorns, twigs, leaves, and more. Use playdough to make your own jungle! Don’t forget to add plastic animals, a playdough jungle isn’t complete without animals.

Super Simple DIY Silly Putty

This orange silly putty is super simple to make, but also perfect for fall. Stretch, squish, and tear, this is perfect for an afternoon inside.

Pumpkin Spice Playdough

Love pumpkin spice? Love playdough? Why not have both with this awesome pumpkin spice playdough recipe.

Autumn Colored Playdough

Get festive this fall with playdough! Yup, playdough, this recipe shows you how to make it every color of shade like: brown, tan, yellow, orange, red.

Fall Playdough Mats

These fall playdough mats can make playdough way more fun. Make autumn trees, turkeys, and spiders.

Homemade Playdough Mashed Potatoes

Don’t worry, it isn’t real mashed potatoes, rather salt dough that just looks like it. What a fun way to promote pretend play.

Scavenger Hunt Playdough with acorns in orange playdough

Autumnal Scavenger Hunt Playdough

Make some autumn colored playdough and hide things like acorn in them! They’ll have to dig through the dough to find all the great fall things.

Salt Dough Autumn Leaves

Make your own autumn leaves by pressing real leaves into dough!

Green Apple Playdough

I love this! Make salt dough, but add green food coloring AND green apple Jell-O mix for some green apple playdough that smells amazing.

Fall Sensory Activities

Taste safe autumn fall sensory bin with spaghetti grapes, leaves, and pine cones

Autumn Discovery Bin

Rainbow spaghetti, grapes, leaves, and pinecones make a great autumn sensory bin.

Thanksgiving Turkey Sensory Art

This may not be a sensory bin, but your kids will love this Thanksgiving Turkey sensory art. Use shaving cream to make all the turkey’s feathers!

Fall Sensory Art

Fall is full or great things that can tickle all the senses! Particularly touch, with all the crunchy leaves, dirt, acorns, etc. These fall sensory art projects are great for younger kids.

Camouflaged Dinosaurs In Autumn Leaves

Dig through wet leaves and dried leaves find the hidden dinosaurs in this sensory activity.

Pumpkin Scented Puffy Paint

Let your child play with this scented pumpkin puffy paint to engage their touch and smell sense.

Fall Shaving Cream Art For Kids

Shaving cream is puffy and smooth, perfect for making fall art for kids while engaging the touch sense.

Fall Recipes To Enjoy

Pumpkin Pie Dip with cinnamon on it

Pumpkin Pie Dip

Um, yum! Don’t mind if I do! This pumpkin pie dip tastes like pumpkin cheesecake and I’m all about it.

Pumpkin Bread

I’m so excited to try this. I feel like this spiced pumpkin bread would go very well with some tea. Perfect breakfast!

Spiced Apple Cider

I know everyone loves eggnog, but I’ve always been an apple cider lover and this spiced apple cider is perfect. Cloves, orange, cinnamon, yes please!

Thanksgiving Stuffing Loaf

This sounds interesting, and honestly, I’m 100% down to try it. It’s a sweet, savory, earthy bread full of dried herbs and onions. With some butter or cream cheese this Thanksgiving stuffing loaf would be amazing.

“Bird Seed” Treat

This is cute! Don’t worry this bird seed treat doesn’t have real bird seed. Rather an edible bird seed made of mini chocolate chips, dried cranberries, chopped nuts, and sunflower seeds.

French Toast

French toast is the perfect fall breakfast food. It’s hearty, sweet, eggy, and full of cinnamon. Yum! Don’t forget the powdered sugar on top.

Apple Hand Pies in a triangle shape on a plate on a red and white checkered napkin

Hand Apple Pies

Whew! All the crafting makes me hungry and the perfect thing that will hit the spot are these delicious apple hand pies.

Whole Wheat Apple Oatmeal Cookies

These apple oatmeal cookies sound delicious! Apples, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, it doesn’t get much better than that! Yum!

Fall Dog Treats

Fall recipes aren’t just for people! These fall dog treats will be a hit with any dog!

Fall Printables

search for autumn printable with booklets and drawings like acorns, apples, corn stalks

Autumn Printables For Kids

Booklets can help keep your child engage and entertained when the weather is a little icky this fall. These autumn printables will require your child to draw each work in the book like: acorn, apple, corn stalks, and bales of hay.

Apple Tree Life Cycle Worksheet

Another fall printable that is perfect! Apples are a big part of fall, so learn about the apple tree life cycle in a fun way.

Apple Counting

Print off this Apple counting sheet and finger paint the right amount of apples in each box.

Fall Leaf Matching Game

Grab this free printable to play a fun and educational fall leaf matching game.

Printable Thanksgiving Craft

This free printable will let your child create their own paper dice saying everything they’re thankful for. This is a super sweet printable Thanksgiving craft that teaches gratitude.

Printable Bird Puppet

The birds are migrating south which means you may not see as many of them. But fret not, because you can make your own with this printable bird puppet.

Free Printable Apple Theme Visual Discrimination Activity for Preschool and Kindergarten

Apple Discrimination Activity

Use these apple printables to teach visual discrimination. This will teach the children the difference between letters, numbers, and even shapes.

Pumpkin Patch Puzzle Cards

Print off these pumpkin patch puzzle cards to help your child learn their alphabet! The cards have pumpkins and both uppercase and lowercase letters.

P Is For Pumpkin Printables

Learn about the letter P with these P is for pumpkin worksheets. They’ll help you learn to write your name, learn upper case and lower case p’s, and even have some fun games.

Pumpkin Activities

Pumpkin Decorating for Toddlers with black marker

Pumpkin Decorating For Toddlers

Looking for a safe way for your toddler to decorate a pumpkin? Markers are the answer!

Pumpkin Lights

This is a fun craft for older kids. Your child will need to be old enough to use a drill, with adult supervision, as they drill holes throughout a pumpkin so the light can peer through.

Colour Mixing Paper Plate Pumpkins

Orange is made from mixing red and yellow paint! So, grab the finger paints and mix away on paper plates to make orange pumpkins.

Pumpkin Seed Mosaics

If your family doesn’t care too much for roasted pumpkin seeds then turn them into art with this beautiful pumpkin seed mosaic activity.

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin Stamp

Keep those toilet paper rolls! You can use them to make a pumpkin stamp! Once you stamp the pumpkin, be sure to color it in. This is a great fall craft for preschoolers, toddlers, and even kindergarten kids.

Lego Pumpkin Stamp

Orange paint and a LEGO are all you need to make a LEGO pumpkin stamp! You can make tons and tons of mini pumpkins.

Pumpkin window clings with orange and green and gold glitter around the edges

Pumpkin Window Clings

Decorate your windows with these glittery pumpkin window clings.

Paper Mache Pumpkins

Paper mache is underrated, but such a great way to reuse paper. Now you can have fun with this ooey, gooey, fall craft by making paper mache pumpkins.

Textured Pumpkin

Color textured pumpkins by crayon rubbings. Crayon rubbings are done by putting something textured behind your paper and use the side of crayons to color on the paper. The texture comes through.

Pumpkin Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

Another great toilet paper roll craft for kids! Use this toilet paper roll, orange construction paper, brown and green construction paper, and tape to make a pumpkin!

Decorating Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins are not the only way to decorate pumpkins. Paint them, tape them, make them edible, use sharpies, and more.

Paper Pumpkin Craft

Oh my goodness, these hanging paper pumpkins are just darling. They are seriously cute, and I love them.

Boo written on a small pumpkin in chalk next to blue, yellow, red, and green, and orange chalk pieces

Chalkboard Pumpkins

Decorate pumpkins with chalk! Yeah, who would have thought. The best part is, chalk shows up great on pumpkins and if you mess up you can just wipe it away and start over. Chalkboard pumpkins are the best.

Pumpkin Seed Fall Trees

Paint pumpkin seeds all sorts of colors to make this pumpkin seed fall tree.

Scrap Ribbon Pumpkin Suncatchers

I think these scrap ribbon pumpkin suncatchers are my favorite suncatcher on the list. They are colorful, easy to make, and have some serious country chic vibes to them. Love it!

Sock Pumpkin Craft

Fill socks with rice or beans and use a rubber back to keep them closed. Then add faces to make the soft jack-o-lanterns. This sock pumpkin craft is simple and fun.

Pumpkin Decorations

Make your very own pumpkin decorations using salt dough and a cookie cutter. These will make the cutest pumpkin ornaments.

Decorate Pumpkins With Nature

More safe ways to decorate pumpkins without any sharp utensils. Grab some craft glue and leaves, flowers, grass, and more to decorate pumpkins with nature.

Glitter pumpkins with purple and gold glitter dripping down on the right and the left is a white pumpkin coated in rainbow glitter.

Glitter Pumpkins

Y’all know how much I love glitter, so these are my favorite by default. These glitter pumpkins are sparkly and glamorous.

Pumpkin Turkeys

Celebrate Thanksgiving with these pumpkin turkeys. They even have leaf feathers!

Pumpkin Painting Kids Craft

Use orange scrubbing sponges and paint to stamp paper to make textured pumpkins. What a cute pumpkin painting craft, plus it is great for smaller kids too.

Mini Pumpkin Seed Mosaics

Color pumpkin seeds and then press them into dough to create colorful mini pumpkin seed mosaics that double as keepsakes.

Water Bottle Cap Pumpkin Stamping Craft

Use an empty water bottle as a stamp! You can use the lid to make mini pumpkins. It looks great against black construction paper.

Halloween Activities

Hand Wing Bats Craft a brown bat made with hand wings and a smiley face

Hand Wing Bats

Make some not-so-spooky bats for Halloween. These hand wing bats are a great Halloween craft for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids.

Halloween Window Clings

Not all Halloween decorations have to be super scary! These Halloween window clings are really cute and great for smaller kids. Make colorful pumpkins, cats, bats, and maybe a ghost or two.

Painted Leaf Monster Craft

Monster crafts are perfect for Halloween! Grab some fall leaves and paint them all sours of colors and add lots and lots of googly eyes!

Potato Print Monsters

Potatoes cut in half are all you need to make this easy paint stamp to make these monsters! Oh and googly eyes.

Halloween Dropper Art

A dropper, cups, food colored water, and paper is all you need to make pumpkins, jack o lanterns, and even spooky ghosts. This Halloween dropper art project is great for little kids who may need a little more fine motor skill practice as well.

Halloween Alternatives

Not everyone celebrates Halloween, I don’t, and that’s okay, because here are 10 alternative Halloween activities!

Halloween Crafts For Kids

These monster and pumpkin jars are so cute! Paint the jars in glue and roll them in green and orange Epsom salt. Don’t forget to add their faces and an LED tea candle!

Not So Spooky Pine Cone Crafts

Have a little one who isn’t a fan of scary? No problem! They’ll love these not so spooky pine cone crafts then!

Turkey Crafts


Paper Plate Turkey Craft

How cute is this turkey?! And just think, this is made with just a paper plate, tissue paper, and googly eyes! It is a very simple paper plate turkey craft.

Plump and Perky Turkey Craft

A Plump and Perky Turkey is a cute book that you can read while making your own turkey using toilet paper rolls.

Footprint Turkey

Be thankful for this little footprint turkey as this precious keepsake will help you remember how little and precious your child was!

Rock Turkeys

Turkeys made of rocks!? It sounds weird, but is a super cute way to paint flat rocks.

K-Cup Turkeys

Don’t throw out those old K-cups! Rather, wash them out and recycle them to turn them into the cutest k-cup turkeys with bright colorful feathers.

Handprint Turkey

How vibrant is this handprint turkey with purple, blue, yellow feathers.

mini-posicle-stick-turkey-craft-for-kids with red, yellow, and red feathers on the turkey

Mini Popsicle Turkey Craft

I really love this. Not only do you get to play with brown paint, but feathers as well. Turkey crafts that use feathers are just so cute!

Burlap Turkey Craft For Thanksgiving

Use burlap, paint, construction paper, and googly eyes, to make this precious burlap turkey craft.

Bubble Wrap Turkey Craft

Use bubble wrap, paint, construction paper, and a leftover lint roller to make this super cute bubble wrap turkey craft.

Handprint and Footprint Turkey Craft

Move over paintbrushes! Hands, feet, paint, sparkles, and googly eyes are all you need to make this super cute turkey craft.

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

Use and paint a toilet paper roll and colorful construction paper to make the cutest little toilet paper roll turkey.

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey With Feathers

This toilet paper roll turkey uses pipe cleaners and feathers and a lot less paper.


T Is For Turkey

Turkey does start with T, so learn about the letters while celebrating Thanksgiving with this fun T for Turkey craft.

Pine Cone Turkey Table Setting

Make your own pine cone turkey table setting by painting a pine cone, and using paper to create the rest of the turkey. This is absolutely adorable.

Water Bottle Turkey Puppet

Cut an empty water bottle, add a face, long legs, lots of feathers, and a popsicle stick to make your very own turkey puppet.

Stuffed Turkey Bags

Have some brown bags? Stuff them with newspaper, twist the opening, and then add the face and you have plump little turkeys. These stuffed turkey bags are so easy to make and great for smaller children.

Pilgrim Turkeys

Make turkeys with your hands that look like pilgrims. Use paint to make a handprint and add feathers, eyes, and even a hat for the pilgrim turkeys.

Leaf Turkey Craft For Kids

Gather some colorful leaves, you’ll need them for this leaf turkey craft. They’ll act as the turkey’s feathers!

bottle-cap-turkey-craft-for-kids- paint bottle caps red, orange, yellow and brown and place them around a brown construction paper turkey body

Bottle Cap Turkey

This is so cute! My family drinks a lot of topo chico, so this is a great way to reuse the bottle caps. By painting them red, orange, yellow, and brown, and using them as turkey feathers!

Cupcake Liner Turkey

Use colorful cupcake liners, googly eyes, and a toilet paper roll to make a cute little cupcake liner turkey.

Colorful Handprint Turkey

Paint your hand black and your fingers blue, red, yellow, and green to make this simply colorful handprint turkey.

Turkey Handprint Hat

This turkey handprint hat is so easy to make and is super cute! I love it’s long accordion legs.

Paper Plate Turkey Craft

Tissue paper, paper plate, and construction paper is all your need for this paper plate turkey craft.

Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Remember those paper fans we used to make as kids? Use one of those, crayons, and a toilet paper roll to make a cute turkey craft.

Footprint turkey with stained glass (green yellow orange and red) wings

Footprint Turkey

Use your child’s footprint and brown paint to make this cute footprint turkey with stained glass wings.

Green Pepper Stamping Turkey Craft

Use a green pepper to paint the feathers onto a turkey! It’s unique and turns the feathers into unique shapes.

Turkey Fine Motor Activity and Craft

Make a turkey using felt, rubber bands, and toilet paper tubes. Punch out holes in the back and stick feathers through the small holes.

Thanksgiving Turkey Shirt

Get dressed up this Thanksgiving with this DIY turkey shirt!

Thanksgiving Craft

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Craft for Kids Worksheets (4-6 Year Olds)

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Craft

Thanksgiving is here and what represents Thanksgiving more (than turkey) than a cornucopia?

Thanksgiving Carrot Painting

Teach your child the importance of vegetables, while keeping them busy while you cook with this Thanksgiving carrot painting.

Thanksgiving Wreath

Make your own decor for this Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving wreath is color and festive!

Thankfulness Tree

The closer it gets to Thanksgiving the more we think about what we are thankful for. This Thankfulness tree is a great way to take time to remember all the blessings we have in our lives.

Easy Thanksgiving Paper Crafts

How cute are these easy thanksgiving paper crafts? Make art showing what you are thankful for, apple pin up tree, and more!

Thanksgiving Wreath With Paper Leaves

This Thanksgiving wreath is adorable and is perfect to make your home look warm and inviting this Thanksgiving. It is a very full leaf full of browns, golds, oranges, and reds!

Craft Stick Turkey - Kids Thanksgiving Craft- a silly looking turkey with red, orange, yellow, blue, and green feathers

Fun Thanksgiving Crafts

Make colorful turkeys, color Thanksgiving worksheets, and make your own cornucopia with these fun Thanksgiving crafts.

Thanksgiving Tissue Box

Your tissue box can even be festive too, decorate them like turkeys using brown paper, colored paper, and construction paper.

Happy Thanksgiving Wreath

How festive is this wreath! It says Happy Thanksgiving and has colorful feathers, and handprints.

Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas

From recipes, to decor, to art, and more, these are the best last minute Thanksgiving ideas all rounded up in one place.

Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Want to decorate your table for Thanksgiving? These Thanksgiving table decorations are not only super cute, but easy to put together. Plus it’ll keep the little ones busy while you’re trying to cook.

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