You will love these free printable Thanksgiving turkey coloring pages! These turkey coloring pages are perfect for the month of November, kids of all ages will love them. Toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary aged kids will have fun coloring these super cute Thanksgiving turkey coloring pages. Download and print the free Thanksgiving turkey coloring sheets for use at home or in the classroom.

Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pages pdf files shown on a wood background with crayons and a pencil- kids activities blog
Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving with these super mega fun Thanksgiving turkey coloring sheets!

Thanksgiving turkey coloring pages

Our coloring pages here at Kids Activities Blog have been downloaded over 200k times the last year. We hope you love these Thanksgiving turkey coloring pages too!

This printable set includes two Thanksgiving turkey coloring pages. One shows a turkey in a pilgrim hat with a pumpkin. The second shows a turkey with lots of feathers and a pilgrim hat. Click the button to download and print right now:

These unique turkey coloring pages are what you need to make your Thanksgiving celebrations more exciting. The feathers would look good in different shades of gray or brown, the snoods a bright red color, the head a combination of blue and red, and the eyes deep black.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page Set Includes

Print and enjoy coloring these Thanksgiving coloring pages to celebrate Thanksgiving this year!

1. Preschool Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pages pdf file showing a turkey in a hat with a pumpkin
Let’s color this Thanksgiving turkey coloring page! The turkey has a hat! How cute!

Our first Thanksgiving turkey coloring page features a cute Thanksgiving turkey wearing the most adorable pilgrim hat and enjoying the smell of a pumpkin. Young kindergarteners or toddlers will appreciate the simple shapes and wide spaces that can be colored with big fat crayons, but of course that this coloring page can be enjoyed by older kids too!

2. Cute Thanksgiving Turkey Simple Coloring Page

cute thanksgiving turkey coloring page pdf file of a turkey with big feathers and a hat
Wow! The feathers in this turkey’s fan-shaped tail are so impressive.

Our second Thanksgiving turkey coloring page features the cutest turkey ever, showing off his mesmerizing tail. Kids can color this printable with the typical turkey colors – brown, red, and a bit of white… or they can just use any colors they like. The goal is to have fun!

Download & Print these Thanksgiving turkey coloring pages PDF FILES here:

This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page Fun and Facts

Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pages
Get ready for the best Thanksgiving turkey coloring sheets! Just click the download button below.

Gobble gobble! That means “it’s coloring time” for us: get your favorite crayons because we have the funnest Thanksgiving turkey coloring pages ready for you! Download the coloring sheets, grab your brown, red and yellow crayons and enjoy creating the perfect turkey picture.

  • Did you know that even though they don’t have external ears like we do, turkeys have an amazing hearing?
  • They also have excellent vision!
  • Wild turkeys can fly up to 55 MPH for short periods of time – however, domestic turkeys are unable to fly.


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Did you enjoy these Thanksgiving turkey coloring pages?

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  1. Love these Thanksgiving turkey coloring pages. They are great for younger kids like preschoolers and have been the easiest turkey pages to color around!