38 Beautiful Sunflower Crafts

Flowers are sure to bring light to anyone’s day, and today we have the brightest sunflower craft ideas.

This list is full of ideas of using simple household items to create your own sunflower field at home.

Image shows four different ways to make a sunflower craft with paper, paint and popsicle sticks from Kids Activities Blog
So many different ways to make sunflower crafts!

Best Sunflower Crafts for Kids

Paper plates, coffee filters and clothespins are just a few of the supplies needed for these beautiful sunflowers. Kids of all ages will enjoy showing off their creativity when they see the fun craft supplies you bring out for them to use. 

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Image of sunflower craft made of yellow and green tissue paper from Kids Activities Blog
Look at the details on this flower!

1. Tissue Paper Sunflower Craft

Old and young children will enjoy creating this sunflower craft to hang in their favorite part of the house.

Image shows a sunflower with petals made of noodles from Crafty Morning
Isn’t this a fun way to use noodles?!

2. Noodle Sunflowers

Crafty Morning shares a fun way to take noodles and use them for sunflower petals.

Image shows a sunflower made with yellow and green popsicles in a clay pot from Boy Mama Teacher Mama
Here is fun way to display your popsicle sunflower craft!

3. Popsicle Stick Sunflower

Kids will enjoy painting cardboard and popsicle sticks in this sunflower craft from Boy Mama Teacher Mama.

Image shows a painted sunflower made with the back of a fork on white paper from Crafty Morning
Who would’ve thought a fork could make such a cute sunflower!

4. Sunflower Fork Print

Children of all ages will have so much fun using a fork on a flat surface in this sunflower craft from Crafty Morning.

Image shows a sunflower made with tissue paper on a paper plate from Glued to My Crafts
Sunflower crafts can make anyone smile.

5. Tissue Paper and Paper Plate Sunflower

The different textures of yellow tissue paper and paper plates come together in this sunflower craft by Glued To My Crafts.

Image shows a sunflower made with clothespins and seeds in the center of the flower from About Family Crafts
What a fun way to use clothespins.

6. Beautiful Sunflower Craft

This fun craft from About Family Crafts has children use yellow paint for this clothespin sunflower craft and glue sunflower seeds for the middle of the flower. 

Image shows a paper plate sunflower with bubblewrap in the center from I Heart Crafty Things

7. Paper Plate Sunflower Craft

Bubble wrap and paint are used for the black circle of this paper plate sunflower craft by I Heart Crafty Things.

Image shows two sunflowers made with coffee filters from Crafts by Amanda
Kids will enjoy using coffee filters in this craft.

8. Coffee Filter Sunflower Craft

There are different ways to use coffee filters and Crafts by Amanda shows us how beads and food coloring make these coffee filters turn into a gorgeous sunflower.

Image shows two candle holders in the shape of a sunflower by Learning and Exploring Through Play
Put a flower scent candle in these sunflowers.

9. Salt Dough Sunflower Craft

Next time you want to create a salt dough craft, check out these sunflower candle holders from Learning and Exploring through Play which can also double as a gift idea.

Image shows a sunflower made from paint with a toothbrush on a piece of paper from Crafty Morning.
Brush, brush, brush

10.Sunflower Craft Project

Crafty Morning shares a fun idea of using a toothbrush to create a giant sunflower!

Image shows a sunflower made with 3 handprints using salt dough from Learning and Exploring Through Play
So adorable

11. Handprint Sunflower Craft

Loved ones will enjoy getting this handprint keepsake sunflower art from  Learning and Exploring through Play.

Image shows a sunflower made with cupcake liners on orange paper from OT Toolbox
Put those cupcake liners to good use.

12. Easy Sunflower Craft

Young ones can practice their fine motor skills in this craft that uses a glue stick from The OT Toolbox.

Image shows a sunflower made with painted newspaper from I Heart Crafty Things
So creative!

13. Paper Sunflower Craft

Next time you have extra newspaper, use it to create this cute sunflower craft from I Heart Crafty Things.

Image shows rubber bands made into a sunflower from la.pandahall
Stretchy sunflowers!

14. Fun Sunflower Craft

Older kids can put rubber bands to good use and they bend them in different ways to create sunflowers following steps by lc.pandahall.

Image shows various sunflowers made with paint and an empty toilet paper roll from Learning and Exploring through Play
Put a empty toilet paper roll to good use.

15. Pretty Sunflower Craft

An empty toilet paper roll and a small paper plate are needed for this great fall craft from Learning and Exploring through Play.

Image shows three sunflowers made with paper plates in a glass cup from Mad House
So pretty!

16. Paper Plate Sunflower Craft

The Mad House shares the perfect way to combine art and math skills in this craft where kids can make small and large sized flower patterns.

Image shows three sunflowers made with green paper and egg cartons from Buggy and Buddy
Growing sunflowers

17. Egg Carton Sunflowers

This fall season have your kids take green construction paper, egg cartons, and paint for this sunflower craft by Buggy and Buddy.

Image shows a yellow paper plate sunflower from Happy Hooligans
How many seeds are in the center?

18. Create Your Own Sunflowers

Daycare providers can keep preschoolers and toddlers entertained with this craft from Happy Hooligans.

Image shows a sunflower made with paper hanging on a red door
This wreath is the perfect way to greet your guests.

19. Sunflowers Wreaths

Coffee beans and felt make up this sunflower wreath from The Creative Imperative. It is perfect to hang on your door this fall season.

Image shows a sunflower made out of seashells from Rhythms of Play
Sea Shell Sunflower

20. Shell Sunflower Craft

A great way to use those beach shells is following this sunflower craft from Rhythms of Play.

Image shows sunflowers made of paper from B-Inspired Mama
Reading and crafts-so perfect!

21. Bright Yellow Sunflowers

B-Inspired Mama shares a book that features Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings to read before little ones enjoy this easy kids’ crafts that uses yellow and green construction paper to make a simple yet beautiful sunflower.

Image shows a sunflower made with egg cartons on a blue painted canvas from Easy Peasy and Fun
A pretty blue sky.

22. Sunflower Egg Carton Canvas 

Gather your yellow, blue, black, and green paint for this fun sunflower craft from Easy Peasy and Fun.

Image shows a sunflower made with construction paper from Artsy Momma
How many petals do you see?

23. Simple Sunflower Craft

Young children will have so much fun creating this sunflower made of yellow and green paper from Artsy Momma.

Image shows two sunflowers made with paper cups on a black background from DIY Art Pins
These sunflower paper cups turned out so pretty!

24. Paper Cup Sunflowers

DIY Art Pins shares one of many DIY sunflower crafts for a great fall craft.

Image shows sunflowers made from paper with smiling faces from My Nourished Home
Smile for the camera!

25. Paper Sunflower Craft

Sunflower petal templates are included in this paper craft from My Nourished Home.

Image shows various sunflowers on a blue background made with paper and bubblewrap from Super Simple.
Tall sunflowers!

26. Super Simple Sunflower Craft

Children of all ages will enjoy using bubble wrap for the sunflower center in this craft by Super Simple. It’s the perfect way to use the bubble wrap leftover from those packages!

Image shows a paper sunflower being held with a sky blue background from The Craft Train
Such a bright sunflower

27. Paper Plate and Tissue Paper Sunflowers

Spring and fall are the time of year to bring this sunflower craft to life by The Craft Train

Image shows a paper sunflower being held up with a white background by Sunflower Joy
Origami sunflowers are so intricate!

28. Origami Sunflower Craft

Older kids are sure to love this craft by Sunflower Joy. Three different folding steps are included, no matter your folding level you are able to turn paper into art!

Image shows three sunflowers being held with a purple background from The Purple Yarn
How beautiful?

29. Simple Sunflower Craft

Three simple materials of paper, scissors and glue are needed for this fun and easy craft by The Purple Yarn.

Image shows a paper plate sunflower with smiling faces from Simple Everyday Mom
Aren’t they cute?!

30. Cute Paper Plate Sunflower

Put that green card stock to use with this sunflower craft. At the bottom of the page, a sunflower template is included in this craft from Simple Everyday Mom.

Image shows folded paper into a sunflower with green straws from One Little Project
These sunflowers are the perfect craft

31. Folded Paper Sunflowers

Young ones will need your help using the hot glue gun when creating this sunflower from One Little Project.

Image shows a sunflower magnet made from paper from Sum of their Stories
What will you hang up with your sunflower magnet?

32. Sunflower Magnets

Sum of their Stories shares a fun fall craft that can be proudly displayed on your refrigerator door.

Image shows a sunflower wreath made of clothespins hanging on a red door from Grace for Single Parents
A bright sunflower door wreath

33. Clothespin Sunflower Wreath

A simple and easy clothespin wreath is a great idea to give as a gift to someone with a new home. Check out how from Grace for Single Parents.

Image shows sunflowers made from pistachio from Decor Craft Design
A unique way to use pistachio shells

34. A Fun Twist on a Sunflower Craft

You will want to start saving those pistachio shells for this sunflower craft by Decor Craft Design. A green pipe cleaner will also work for this craft if you don’t have flower wire.

Image shows a paper sunflower craft on blue paper from I Heart Crafty Things
Pretty folded paper for a sunflower

35. Breathtaking Sunflower Craft

These beautiful flowers by I Heart Crafty Things are sure to catch anyone’s eye!

Image shows a 3D sunflower made of tissue paper from Hey, Let's Make Stuff
Fluffy petals!

36. Tissue Paper Sunflowers

These 3D tissue paper sunflower craft from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff would be the perfect addition to your classroom’s bulletin board.

Image shows a burlap sunflower from Grillo Designs
A gorgeous burlap sunflower

37. DIY Sunflower Wreath

To make this gorgeous burlap wreath follow these steps from Grillo-Designs.

Image shows a sunflower made from paper with poppy seeds in the center from That Artist Woman
A creative way to use poppy seeds!

38. Poppy Seed Sunflower Craft

Poppy seeds are used for the center of this sunflower craft by The Artist Women.

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