If you have ever wondered how to make origami, you have come to the right place. We have found our top favorite easy origami ideas for kids of all ages. These simple origami ideas transform paper into the coolest easy origami crafts. From beginner origami dragons to fun origami succulents made of paper, we have everything you need to keep your kiddo entertained and begin your origami obsession!

Easy origami for kids - collage of 7 different easy origami folding projects for beginners: shark origami, jumping frog origami, succulent plant folding, origami fish, origami throwing stars, origami butterlies and origami robots all featured on Kids Activities Blog
Let’s fold easy origami today!

Easy Origami Ideas For Kids

Learning how to make origami is a simple but fun activity that kids of all ages can learn and enjoy, no matter their age or experience level.

What is Origami?

Origami, also known as paper folding, is the Japanese art of creating figures out of paper. The Japanese word is divided into two parts: “oru” which means “to fold” and “kami” which means “paper”.

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love craft activities that enhance children’s fine motor skills – especially when they are as awesome as these origami crafts. Below you will find 46 origami simple origami tutorials, some will be easy enough for toddlers and kindergarteners with some adult assistance, while older elementary kids might be capable of making origami crafts on their own.

Easy Origami for Beginners

1. Easy Origami Dog Craft Perfect for Preschool

This origami craft is ideal for younger kids as it’s very easy to recreate.

Let’s make a dog out of paper! Simply follow these step by step instructions and watch your little one enjoy creating a cute puppy.

2. Fold a Cute Origami Shark Bookmark

Kids will love making a shark origami craft!

This origami shark craft is great for kids of all ages – and the best thing is that it also doubles as a cute DIY bookmark.

3. Make an Origami Heart 2 Ways

These origami hearts are the perfect DIY Valentine’s cards.

We have two origami heart ideas you can easily learn to fold. Follow the printable instructions to make as many origami hearts as you want. <–This origami tutorial is one of the most popular origami projects here at Kids Activities Blog!

4. Simple Origami Paper Boats Great for 1st Origami Project

Making these origami boats is a perfect activity for the summer.

Let’s make more Japanese art, this time to create simple origami paper boats. With less than 6 simple folds, you’ll have your own paper boat that also doubles as a snack mix container.

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5. Shark Cootie Catcher – Origami for Kids

Another cute shark origami for kids!

Origami is easier to make with video tutorials – Easy Peasy and Fun made a video showing how to make this cute shark cootie catcher, step-by-step! Make sure you have a way to print the template.

6. Origami for Kids: Origami Rabbit

Aren’t origami animals simply so cute?

Let’s learn how to make an origami rabbit with Tinkerlab! Even 4 year olds can get their hands on this paper craft. We recommend getting actual origami paper for ultimate cuteness.

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7. How to Make an Easy Origami Dress Craft

Make many of these origami dresses for your paper dolls!

To make this easy origami dress from Hodge Podge Craft you only need a square paper, but get a pretty one! Find different patterns and your little one can make a whole wardrobe {giggles}.

8. Origami Mushrooms Folding Project

Make a bunch of these mushrooms and decorate your house with them!

Make these cute origami mushrooms from Krokotak and then use them to decorate your house! These mushrooms are a great activity for kids of all ages.

9. Make Easy Cat Origami

Why not make a family of origami black cats?

Red Ted Art made this super easy black cat origami, perfect for Halloween or any other day your little one feels like crafting.

10. How to Make Origami Lotus Flower (Easy Instructions + Video)

These are the cutest and easiest flower crafts ever.

Learn how to make these origami lotus flowers from The Craftaholic Witch with simple step by step instructions. Then you can use them to make flower wreaths, wall decor, cards, and more.

11. Easy Origami Shark Craft for Kids

Adorable origami sharks!

Kids that love the ocean will have a fun time making this easy origami shark craft. It’s perfect for kids of all ages, although younger kids will need adult assistance. From Hawaii Travel With Kids.

12. Bunny Themed Origami Corner Bookmark Craft

Make as many of these origami bunny crafts as you want!

Love bunnies? Then download the free template and make a bunny-themed origami corner bookmark from Craft Play Learn.

13. Origami Butterfly Folding Instructions

We love how pretty these butterflies are.

Want to learn how to make an easy origami butterfly? Here’s how! This papercraft from Printables Fairy is better for elementary school kids.

14. How to Make Origami Bat (Easy Folding Instruction + Video)

Let’s make origami bats!

Making an origami bat has never been easier! Hang them from the ceiling for a fun Halloween decoration. From The Craftaholic Witch.

15. Origami Diamonds Folding Project

Add some glitter for more fun.

Real diamonds might be hard to come by, but these paper diamonds are more fun! This craft works better with older kids and adults. From Designoform.

16. How To Make Easy Origami Pumpkins

easy origami pumpkin craft from Paper Finger Cuts - lines of finished folded pumpkins on blue background
Let’s make a big paper pumpkin patch.

Even if you’re a beginner at origami crafts, you can give these easy origami pumpkins a try. From Paper Finger Cuts.

17. Mini Origami Succulent Plants Tutorial

origami succulent plants from Paper Kawaii shown on white background with different color paper plant vases and green folded succulent plants
These origami succulent plants can be as big as you want.

Paper Kawaii shared how to create an origami succulent – we can’t believe it doesn’t require any cutting or glue!

18. Fold An Origami Star In 5 Simple Steps

These origami stars work great as Christmas tree decorations.

One of the simplest origami projects that kids can master quickly – they only take 5 steps to make and are so much fun. They are lucky stars from It’s Always Autumn.

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19. Simple Origami Dragon Project

What a cute paper dragon craft!

Although the step by step guide makes this origami dragon easier to create, it’s more suitable for older kids or adults as it’s more on the difficult side of origami projects. From Instructables.

20. How to Fold Paper Tulip Origami

We have even more pretty paper tulips! This origami tulip is fairly simple, and you can make as many as you want to create a paper garden or a paper bouquet. From Fave Mom.

21. Origami Stackbox Tutorial – Stackable Boxes

Super cute stack boxes made out of paper!

These easy stackable origami boxes with handles make great DIY organizer boxes for anything that can fit. Watch the video tutorial for better instructions. From Paper Kawaii.

22. Easy Origami Christmas Trees

Easiest and funnest Christmas decor ever.

To make these origami Christmas trees, you only need a few simple folds and a pair of scissors – and of course, pretty paper! From Gathering Beauty.

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23. Origami Ninja Throwing Star

Ninja kids will love this craft!

The perfect origami craft for kids of all ages that love ninjas, from kindergarteners to older kids! Let’s make an origami ninja throwing star from Smashed Peas & Carrots.

24. How To Fold Love With Wings Origami

Let’s learn how to fold a heart with wings.

We love paper crafts like this origami heart with wings! You can give it as a cute Valentine’s Day gift. From East Ping Crafts.

25. Eight Petal Flower Origami Tutorial

Use different colors for better results!

This three-dimensional eight petal flower is a fun craft for the older children. You can make a bunch and create a flower paper bouquet! From East Ping Crafts.

26. How To Make An Origami Fox Puppet

Let’s make an origami fox puppet!

Learn how to make a fun origami fox puppet. You can open and close its mouth! How cute. This tutorial is so easy, perfect for children of all ages. From Origami Guide.

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27. Easy Origami Emoji Face Changers

These origami emoji can change their faces around.

We all know how much kids love emojis, right? Then they’ll be thrilled to make these origami emoji face changers! This origami project is very easy and so much fun. From Pink Stripey Socks.

28. Upside Down Origami

Hang them any way you want to!

This origami project from Heart Heart Season looks like flowers, stars, or anything you can think of. They are easy and quick to make, and you don’t need any special paper – old magazines work just as well!

29. Fluffy Rose

This fluffy rose origami would look great in different shades.

Make this fluffy rose from Kusudama and use it to decorate your living room, kitchen, or anywhere you want!

30. Origami Witch Craft

Aren’t these origami witches just the cutest?

This origami witch craft from Artsy Crafty Mom is a fun way to get drawn into the Halloween season. Make them in different colors and share them with your friends and family.

31. Make An Origami Frog That Really Jumps!

Kids will love making these origami frogs.

We are making today an origami frog that is so easy to fold and fun to play with. The best part is how high these origami frogs can jump! From It’s Always Autumn.

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32. Easy Origami Paper Umbrella DIY Tutorial

easy-origami-fabartdiy-Kids Craft-Easy-Origami-Paper-Umbrella-DIY-Tutorial
Let’s make some adorable umbrella origami!

For this origami umbrella, you will need to sew a bit – but the effort will be worth it as these paper umbrellas are the cutest! From Fab Art DIY.

33. Origami Diamond Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree with these cute paper diamond ornaments.

Follow these easy instructions to make an origami diamond from just two squares of paper and hang them on your Christmas tree. From How About Orange.

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34. Easy Paper Flower Bouquet

Who doesn’t love handmade flowers?

DIY paper flower bouquet made from origami paper is so much fun to make and there are so many endless options for color combinations and patterns. From Ronyes Tech.

35. Easy Origami Wreath

Easy origami wreath for kids of all ages.

This mini origami wreath can be done by kids of all ages – from toddlers, kindergarteners to older kids – and are a fun way to welcome the holiday season. From Gathering Beauty.

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36. Simple Origami Penguin Craft

easy origami penguin craft from Kids Activities Blog - 3 folded penguins from paper shown on white ice blocks in colors of blue and white and black and white
Let’s fold an origami penguin!

Making an origami penguin will take you less than 15 minutes with our easy folding tutorial. These folded paper birds make great decorations, gifts or make a penguin puppet show!

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37. Easy Origami Folded Shirt Craft

Any father would love to receive these handmade origami shirts.

Looking for a creative Father’s Day gift? Make this cute origami shirt and add a special message and photo inside. This craft activity is great for kids of all ages! From Hello Wonderful.

38. DIY Origami Egg Cups

These origami egg cups are so much fun to make.

These origami egg cups are a cute way to decorate your table this Easter and it’s a cute paper craft to make with the family. From Gathering Beauty.

39. DIY Origami Bat Cupcake Topper

Funnest Halloween decoration ever.

These origami bats From Gathering Beauty are not only fun to make – but they also double as cupcake toppers for your Halloween party cakes! In just 3 easy origami folds, even beginners will be able to make their own origami.

40. Origami Pokeball Box Tutorial

Have a Pokémon fan at home? Then you need to make this origami Pokeball box – and make an origami Pikachu to match. From Paper Kawaii.

41. Origami For Kids: Make an Easy Origami Giraffe

Zoos are cool, but origami animals can be pretty cool too. Make this origami giraffe and put it next to all your other paper craft animals to create your own zoo! From Craft Whack.

42. Easy Origami Fish – Origami for Kids

These fish papercrafts are great for kindergarteners.

If your kids are beginners in the Japanese art of origami, then this super simple origami fish from Easy Peasy and Fun is the perfect art project for them.

43. DIY: Easy and cute origami cats

Kids who love cats will have a fun time making this origami craft.

Meow-meow! Children of all ages will love making this adorable origami cat – make a bunch in different colors too! From Fat Mum Slim.

44. How to Make Origami Robots

Decorate these robots in fun different ways.

These origami robots are so cute and perfect for kids who like Transformers or robots in general. From Pink Stripey Socks.

45. Uber Cute Origami Mermaid

Aw, I love how pretty this mermaid turned out.

Mermaids are one of the most popular creatures among kids, so we know this cute origami mermaid will be one of the favorite paper crafts on this list! From Pink Stripey Socks.

More Fun Origami Projects for Kids

More Crafts for Kids From Kids Activities Blog

Which of the easy origami crafts for kids are you going to try first?

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  1. I was looking for easy origami for my girls and this list is amazing. They are having so much fun going through and picking out new ones to try!

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    1. Aren’t they fun?! I love how origami teaches kids patience, discipline, and how rewarding and fulfilling it is to work toward accomplishing something!

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