Looking for some rainbow party ideas for kids? We have so many great ideas for a rainbow party theme. All of these ideas are so much fun and yes, filled with rainbow colors. From the dessert table with a rainbow cake, to a party table full of crafts, all the party guests are sure to love all of these great ideas.

toddler rainbow activities - food craft and party ideas
Let’s choose a rainbow activity for toddlers!

Rainbow Party Ideas For Kids

Colorful party ideas are well…colorful!

They make parties even better. Today we are exploring a whole bunch of rainbow party ideas for toddlers! The cool thing about toddlers is that you don’t have to wait for a special occasion or even an actual party, they are willing to get involved in the colorful fun without an occasion.

Colorful Party Ideas – Rainbow Ideas for Toddlers

We love color, coloring and exploring a variety of hues with our toddlers. I was browsing through some of my favorite online sources and came across this collection of rainbow ideas that are perfect for toddler fun.

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Rainbow Birthday Party Food Ideas

1. Make rainbow cupcakes together

These rainbow cupcakes were made ages ago and my kids are begging me to mix up some cake batter and bring out the bowls and food coloring. They had fun swirling the colors in their treat.

2. Bake rainbow cookies

Bake some yummy rainbow cookies with your kids. Just add food coloring to your favorite sugar cookie recipe and Red Ted Art will tell you how to layer the dough so you can make your own colorful squares.

3. Rainbow Jell-O treat

A perfect treat for a party would be an edible cup of color. Learn with Play had a fun rainbow party and they enjoyed eating jello cups.

4. Make Rainbow pasta for dinner

This is one of my kids favorite meals – cook up a batch of rainbow pasta!  It is easier than you might think and can be the cornerstone of almost any pasta meal.

5. Rainbow Paper Plates

Serve all the delicious Rainbow food on pretty rainbow paper plates!

Fun Rainbow Theme Party Ideas- Rainbow Crafts

6. Paint the rainbow

Let your children see and feel the colors of the rainbow while painting. The perks of this kids craft is that there is all the fun with none of the mess. Those kiddos painted inside ziplock bags.

7. Color the rainbow

Download & print our free rainbow coloring page which is perfect for toddlers because it has big spaces that big fat crayons fit perfectly into! Here is another free rainbow coloring page that you might like as well.

8. Make toddler rainbow art

This fun art activity for toddlers is perfect…make rainbow cereal art which is the perfect toddler rainbow art project.  What a fun idea while increasing kids dexterity and creativity!

9. Create rainbow yarn art

This is also a really fun colorful art project the whole family will enjoy – it is rainbow yarn art!

colors of the rainbow
Rainbow crafts, rainbow sensory bottles, and other beautiful rainbows fun for kids of all ages.

Learn The Color of the Rainbow With These Rainbow Party Activities

10. LEGO brick rainbows

If you have even a fraction of the colorful LEGO bricks at your house that resides at mine, you will have no trouble coming up with the supplies for this fun LEGO rainbow project.

11. Create a rainbow puzzle for toddlers

I love love love this idea!  Create a colorful rainbow puzzle that you can make as complicated or simple as needed based on the kids involved…

12. Help make rainbow slime

This is a do-together activity!  Make rainbow slime – it is so pretty and fun to play with…just do not eat!

13. Make a rainbow sensory bin

Have fun with a sensory activity for kids by creating a tub full of colorful rice. All you need to dye your rice is rubbing alcohol and food dye. Check out the link for a terrific tutorial.

14. Rainbow Party Games

No rainbow party is complete without fun rainbow party games. Whether you’re rainbow party is rainbow birthday theme or just because, games and bright colors are a must!

Rainbow Decorations For Kids Parties

15. Rainbow Decorations

Looking for rainbow decorations? Look no further! All birthday parties or any rainbow parties like a baby shower need decorations!

16. Rainbow Balloons

Every party also needs balloons and balloons are the perfect way to get all the colors of the rainbow in one room. Oh! Maybe make some rainbow balloon arches.

17. Rainbow Party Favors

If you’re having a rainbow birthday theme, then you need some fun and colorful rainbow party favors.

More Rainbow Activities From Kids Activities Blog

Mosaic Rainbow Craft from a Paper Plate

Want more rainbow theme fun? Make paper plate rainbows, enjoy rainbow science, rainbow collage, and more!

And don’t miss some awesome ideas for indoor activities for a 2 year old’s birthday party!

What are your favorite rainbow toddler activities? Let us know in the comment section.

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