What better way to learn about numbers and value of money that with printable play money?

Teaching kids about money should start early if you ask me – showing them how and when to spend and when to save and naturally that it does not grow on trees (although  we could have a debate on that topic).

Printable Play Money

Free Printable Play Money

Whether your kids are running out of their Monopoly money or want to open up their own shop using empty boxes from the pantry these printables are just what they need! They will be having fun playing and will be practicing math while they do so! I really think this is a great way for them to work on addition, subtraction and even some multiplication.

The Printable Play Money Set includes:

  • 2 pages with cute bills valued at 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50.

More Printable Play Money and Money Activities

If you loved these you’re going to love these printable play money packs too! Your kids can also work on some simple math with these money math worksheets. Or just do something magical and give them some sparkly fairy money.

Free Printable Play Money


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