Today, we have 22 creative indoor activities for toddler birthday party from all over the internet and beyond. From a classic game like printable birthday bingo to crawling paper caterpillars, we have indoor activities for kids of all ages.

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Let’s play a fun toddler birthday party game…indoors!

FAVORITE indoor activities FOR toddler birthday party

Getting stuck indoors on a rainy day or for a kid’s birthday party is tough on 1 and 2 year olds, so let us help you turn your living room and household items into indoor activities using a little imagination.

Toddlers first experience birthday party activities with party-goers watching them smash the 1st birthday cake. Smashing the cake is lots of fun for the birthday child but you need fun indoor birthday party games for the younger children attending with short attention spans.

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Indoor games and little kids just go together!

That is one of the reasons why these indoor party games are so perfect. Party guests can enjoy a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt for the perfect competitive game. Others can draw from a classic party game like Simon Says or tic tac toe. These indoor activities for toddler birthday parties are just plain awesome!

If these easy party game ideas look like fun but you don’t think you have a large room in your house to host your party most cities or towns have party places for rent.

1. Balloon Pop Scavenger Hunt

A pile of assorted colored balloons in a pile laying beside paper pieces with letters written on them in the top section. The bottom section is a pic of the directions written on paper in different writing styles and great wolf lodge spelled out with the paper pieces. From Burlap and Blue.
Popping balloons is so much fun!

This scavenger hunt from Burlap and Blue has a twist!

2. Pin the Cherry on the Ice Cream Cone

Picture shows an ice cream cone drawn on paper with layers from the bottom of blue, pink, and white ice cream with multicolored sprinkles and lots of paper cherries with names ready to be placed on top.
Can you pin the cherry on top?

Thirty Handmade Days has a great way to enjoy ice cream at your next toddler birthday party!

3. DIY Ax Toss Game

DIY ax toss game has a white background and a red and white bulls eye with a grey center at the top of the board and green trees with brown trunks drawn below. There's a red sign with black lettering that says AX Toss sitting above from Craft Meets World.
Let’s be the first to hit the bull’s eye!

Kids of all ages will enjoy Craft Meets World‘s spin on this bean bags toss game.

4. Saran Wrap Candy Ball Game

Picture shows a Kit-Kat candy bar visible through Saran Wrap that has many other pieces of candy contained within it's sticky layers from Mom Luck.
How much candy will you win?

This game from Mom Luck will make your toddler parties a huge hit!

5. Printable Birthday Bingo Game

Picture shows a printable birthday bingo game with spaces containing pastel colored items like a cupcake, balloons, a party hat, happy birthday, numbers, and others with spaces marked with candy pieces from Crazy Little Projects.
B-I-N-G-O! Toddlers win!

Crazy Little Projects‘ Bingo is easy to use for small groups or a larger group.

6. Lego Spoon Race

Picture shows legos in various shapes and sizes of white, blue, black, red, and yellow with a white plastic spoon on top from Little Family Fun.
Legos are always so much fun!

Little Family Fun shows us a new way to play with Legos!

7. Indoor Treasure Hunt for Children

A treasure map is pictured with a blue border and pics of household items on the map of a fridge, stairs , couch among others from The Spruce.
Let’s find some treasure!

Search for treasure with The Spruce’s indoor treasure hunt activity (link unavailable) or try our treasure hunt games here at Kids Activities Blog:

8. Button Button Game

Picture shows many buttons of green, blue, orange, white, and yellow from Moms Who Think.
Button, button, who’s got the button?

Little hands will have a great time playing this game from Moms Who Think.

9. Obstacle Course Birthday Party

Picture is of a young girl wearing a white t-shirt and a handmade circular medal in blue with a yellow star in the center around her neck from Martha Stewart.
Let the adventures begin!

Martha Stewart‘s obstacle course party theme can be created with many difficulty levels.

10. Boomer-Whitz

Picture shows a young boy in a blue hat, blue jacket, jeans, and boots looking like a detective with a red framed magnifying glass from Moms Who Think.
Can you find the hidden object?

This is a great party game for younger kids and older kids alike from Moms Who Think.

11. Musical Chairs

Image shows children running in circles playing musical chairs from Kidspot.
Musical chairs are so much fun!

Once the music plays, kids are on the move with this game from Kidspot.

12. Giants, Wizards, And Elves

Picture shows a blue framed white hexagon containing black hand gesture images from Bead Games.
Giants, Wizards, Elves, oh my!

The object of this game, from Bead Game, is to win all players to your team.

13. The Alphabet: Teaching Toddlers Letters

Image shows a young boy at a wooden table holding a crayon with a sheet of paper with circles around every letter of the alphabet from Mom Life Made Easy.
Let’s make learning letters fun!

Mom Life Made Easy makes learning fun with this matching game for small children.

14. How To Make A Punch Piñata

Picture shows a rectangular box with circles cut out and covered from the back with pink, yellow, blue, green, red, and orange tissue paper with streamers of the same color hanging behind from Grey House Harbor.
Toddler piñata!

Winning small prizes out of a piñata has never been so easy thanks to Grey House Harbor (link no longer available).

15. Rainbow Puch Pinata

Image shows a toddler getting her prize from this piñata alternative made from poster board and tissue paper of blue, purple, red, yellow and green from Made With Happy.
Toddlers will love this colorful piñata!

Made With Happy shares how to make a rainbow punch piñata and other birthday party ideas.

16. DIY Hallway Laser Maze

Image shows a DIY laser maze made from red crepe paper tasted tow the walls of a hallway in a laser beam pattern from It's Always Autumn.
Mazes are a great idea for birthday adventures!

Let It’s Always Autumn show you a great way to have an easy, inexpensive laser game for a group of kids!

17. Tic-Tac-Toe Tutorial

Picture shows a large floor size DIY tic-tac-toe board made from fabric with DIY pink and white polk dotted and green and white zebra striped bean bags for X's and O's from Sew Totally Smitten.
Tic-tac-toe, three in a row!

Tic-Tac-Toe has never been this fun! Thanks, Sew Totally Smitten.

18. Walk The Line Activity & Blowing Pom Moms

Image shows a wooden floor with strips of blue, green, and red tape stuck to the floor from Hands On As We Grow.
Can you stay on the lines?

Hands On As We Grow gets bonus points for two for one toddler activities!

19. Balloon Tennis

Picture shows a wooden floor background with a red balloon on a white paper plate with a spoon handle from Toddler Approved.
Balloon Tennis is a fun no rule game!

Toddler Approved‘s ballon tennis could also be part of a relay race for added excitement!

20. Crawling Paper Caterpillars

MomBrite has a fun paper caterpillars are great fun for kids of any age.

21. Spy Obstacle Course

Picture shows a collage of obstacle course games with a boy climbing over laser beams, gray footprints on the floor, a blue light flashlight, and a girl crawling under dangling balloons from Frugal Fun For Boys.
Everyone loves an obstacle course!

Frugal Fun For Boys knows how to make a party fun for the birthday boy!

22. Construction Site Sensory Bin

Picture shows a child's hands reaching into a blue child's swimming pool half filled with shredded paper and toy construction equipment from Busy Toddler.
Little friends will have loads of fun at this construction site!

Busy Toddler can help you create a playing area that will provide hours of fun with shredded paper!


Which of the indoor activities for a toddler birthday party are you going to try first? Which activity is your favorite?

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