Whether you’re planning a kids birthday party or a themed celebration, easy birthday party favors  are a must! These party favors and party bag ideas are unique and fun and will be the talk of the party. There is something on this list that will work for nearly any party to give you the best party favor ideas around!

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Let’s have the BEST party favors!

Easy Birthday Party Favors for Kids

You’ve already got your hands full with party food, decorations, and more. You shouldn’t have to worry about one more thing…so let’s talk genius party favors!

Party favors are some of the best parts of birthday parties. Don’t get me wrong, the games, the cake, the ice cream… that is all awesome. But taking home a party bag full of party favors keep the party going after the party.

The perfect party goody bag is something that reminds you of the party and all the fun you had with family and friends. So, we gathered a list of the best party favors for kids we could find! Fill your party favor bags with these awesome party favor ideas and your goodie bags are sure to be a hit!

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Best Party Favor Ideas For Kids Parties

1. Party Noise Maker

8 homemade noise makers created from red straws laying on a wood table - Kids activities blog
Party noise makers make great party giveaways.

Make these awesome homemade party noise makers for all the kids. What celebrate is complete without some noise! via Kids Activities Blog

2. Giant Bubble Wands

bubble wands party favor idea in bucket on outside table with sign - bubbles for you, please take one from Catch my party
Bubbles always make good party favors!

Giant bubble wands are awesome for a summer party! Who doesn’t love bubbles! It just adds to the festivities. via Catch My Party

3. Art Party Favors

watercolor paint set party favor idea from Here Comes the Sun shown with a printable that says Thanks for making my party a masterpiece
Give the gift of art in your party favor bags!

Buy some cheap watercolor palettes and send them home for creative crafts. Art party favors are cute and useful. via Here Comes The Sun

4. Summer Toys as Party Bags

Plastic sand bucket filled with party favors with a printable sign that says Thank you for making my birthday a splash from Kara's party ideas
A sand bucket is perfect for filled party bags!

Or how about a sand pail filled with summer goodies, like a beach ball and sunglasses! Summer toys are perfect because they can enjoy them at the party and afterwards. via Kara’s Party Ideas

5. Cotton Candy Cones Make the Best Party Favors

cotton candy cones wrapped in cellophane from Crafty morning
What cute party favors for kids!

Add cotton candy to the top of ice cream cones for ice cream that won’t melt! These cotton candy cones are super cute, I won’t lie. You could even use different flavored cotton candy. via Crafty Morning

6. Safari Birthday Party Ideas

Guests can dress up and have fun with safari hats and binoculars for a safari party. via Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids

7. S’mores Kits

smores kit party bag favor idea from Project Nursery
Give the party gift of s’mores

S’mores kits are perfect for a summer camping party. You can’t camp without s’mores! via Project Junior

8. Play Doh Kits

Play Doh Kits are such a great idea. Add play dough to baggies with some googly eyes and pipe cleaners for a “Make Your Own Monster” kit! via Becoming Martha

9. Video: Make Your Own Lego Crayon

Crayons are a great party favor, especially a LEGO crayon!

10. Temporary Tattoos

birthday party favor ideas for kids - group of party temporary tattoos that kids can use at party or take home
Temporary tattoos make great party favors

Don’t have time to make something. No worries, there are plenty of cute party favors you can purchase. Temporary tattoos can be personalized for different themes!

11. Slime Kit Party Favors

birthday party favor idea for kids - diy slime kit made with recycled berry container and slime kit printable along with homemade slime recipe
Slime makes a great Birthday party favor!

Put together a “Make Your Own Slime Kit” with all the ingredients for fun at home. via Mom Endeavors

12. Piñata Filled With Toys

birthday party favors - small toys shown all on a white background includes clappers, toy soldiers, stamps, planes, dinosaurs, cars and more
Small toys and fun giveaways can be put inside a pinata!

Fill a piñata with lots of fun toysI actually love this idea. Kids get enough sugar with the drinks, snacks, cake, and ice cream. A piñata filled with toys is a great way to cut out the extra sugar.

13. Animal-Topped Favor Jars

How adorable are these homemade animal favor jars?! Fill them with candy for a sweet treat. via Kara’s Party Ideas

14. Stuffed Animals Adoption Party Favor

Set out a basket of cute stuffed animals and let kids “adopt” a new pet from the party! via Keeping Up With the Kiddos

15. Sunglasses are Party Favorites

Everyone needs a pair of neon sunglasses for a summer party. This is the perfect party favor for a pool party! This is the best way to be safe in the sun, and you could even get these at most dollar stores.

16. Slap Bracelets

Give slap bracelets as party favors
Slap bracelets make great loot bag ideas

DIY slap bracelets are perfect to make during the party and take home. These kids party favors are so much fun. via Kids Activities Blog

More Kids Party Favors

Party favors for kids like slime, tool belts, cracker jack, and masks.

17. Construction Party Favors

Tool belts with play tools are perfect for a boys’ construction party. What a cute idea for a kid’s party. via Rosenhan

18. Silly String

Silly string can be used for so many things! But it is just fun in general! It can double as a fun party activity too! Your party guests are sure to love these.

19. Cracker Jacks

Let guests leave with boxes of Cracker Jacks at a baseball party. Snacks that fit the theme of your party is a great way celebrate! via Simone Made It 

20. Bat Signals

Turn flashlights into bat signals for a Super Hero party. What a fun birthday theme! Your kids can be super with their bat signals! Pretend play is one of the best things and I love that this party favor encourages it. via My Litter

21. Mini Tackle Boxes

Add gummy worms to small containers to make mini tackle boxes for a fishing party. What a cute way to enjoy fun treats. You could add regular gummies, Swedish fish, and sour gummy worms. via House of Rose

22. Avengers Mask

Make your own Avengers masks for a Super Hero party. What better way to enjoy a themed party than to dress up! All you need is the printable template and a few items from the craft store and you’re good to go via Sunshine and Summer Breeze

23. Green Slime

Green slime becomes Ninja Turtle party favors. Which is perfect because well, the turtles are green…and they live in the sewer. You can get most of the supplies you need at most craft supply stores. via Glued to My Crafts

24. Captain America Shields

Turn frisbees into Captain America shields. This is great, not only is it super, but it gives kids something to do outside! Kids of all ages can enjoy this and it can be another way to keep kids buy at a party whether they’re playing frisbee or frisbee golf. via The Nerd’s Wife

party favors like lip gloss, shell pins, stuffed animals, nail kit, and wooden bracelets

25. Wooden Craft Bracelets

Craft stick bracelets can be made ahead of time and decorated at the party. It is best to soak the popsicle sticks before the kid’s party. That way they have time to dry so they can be decorated. This is great for younger and older kids. via Kids Activities Blog

26. DIY Manicure Kit

Nail polish and nail file favors are perfect for a sleepover. This is perfect for making your child’s birthday a super special day! via Evermine

27. Mermaid Tails

Make no-sew mermaid tails for a summer swimming party! Everyone will have a good time with these super cute ideas. Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? via Living Locurto

28. How To Make Your Own Lipgloss

Kool Aid lip gloss is perfect for a beauty party — you could even have guests make it at the party. via Adventures in All Things Food

29. DIY Hair Pins

Shell hair pins are perfect for a mermaid party. These DIY hair pins are so easy to make! via Busy Being Jennifer

30. Friendship Bracelets

Personalized friendship bracelet kits are so fun! These are actually super cute and a great way to keep kids busy. These are not only creative party favors, but a perfect way to keep your guests busy.

31. DIY Crown

DIY Princess Crowns made from lace are simply adorable. Anyone can be royalty with these DIY crowns. I love party favors that don’t take a lot of craft supplies. via DIY Joy

32. Hello Kitty Glasses

Add bows to glasses for cute Hello Kitty party favors. These are such a unique party favor and great for party bags. It’s a great substitute for sweet treats. via Catch My Party

Party favors ideas faqs

Do people still give party favors?

Do people still give party favors at parties? Yup, they sure do! Especially for kids’ parties. Party favors are those little gifts or treats that you give to your guests at the end of the party as a way of saying thanks for coming and having a good time with you. They can be all sorts of things, like toys, candy, stickers, bubbles, or whatever else you think your guests will like. While party favors aren’t a must-have for a great party, they can be a fun and thoughtful way to show your guests that you appreciate them, and help create some awesome memories of the event.

How many items should be in a party favor bag?

So, you’re throwing a party and you want to give out some party favor bags, but you’re not sure how many items to include. Don’t worry, there’s no magic number. It all depends on the type of party you’re throwing, the age and interests of your guests, and your budget. Some party favor bags might only have one or two small items, like a piece of candy or a tiny toy, while others might be jam-packed with all sorts of fun stuff. For example, a party favor bag for a beach party might have a beach ball, some sunglasses, and a beach-themed coloring book, while a party favor bag for a princess party might have a tiara, a wand, and a princess-themed activity book.

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Did your kids enjoy making these birthday party favors? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear!

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  1. These party favor ideas are so fun and unique. I absolutely love the mini tackle box and the construction party favors. We did the sand bucket filled with summer toys this year at my sons party. His friends loved them!

  2. Am I the only one excited about the fact that I can take all the money I save by making my own party favors and spend it on more snacks, instead?! LOL!

  3. I usually default to just ordering a themed birthday party kit..but these party favor ideas are much more fun and original!

  4. Coming up with party favors for my kids’ birthdays stresses me out every year. Don’t ask me why… Maybe because all of their birthdays are close and around Christmas. I think it gets lost in the list of gifts I need to get for everyone else. I appreciate the list of party favor ideas!