If you love quirky holidays, you will love celebrating Pi Day on March 14, 2024! Kids of all ages and adults can join the celebration with these fun ideas – you won’t want to miss a slice of this Pi day. Our Pi Day activities includes printable Pi facts for kids and a printable Pi coloring page along with a bunch of other ways you can celebrate Pi!

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Let’s celebrate Pi Day!

National Pi Day 2024

Pi Day is the best time of the year to celebrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). It’s the definite day where people get together to celebrate the most recognizable icon of nerd culture worldwide, with some creative activities like writing Pi-themed poetry, eat pie and other circular foods, and pi-related play games. Come to the dark side, we have pi(e) {giggles}. We love celebrating National Pi Day every year with this printable pi facts for kids & pi coloring page that you can download now by clicking the green button:

Why is Pi Day on March 14?

National Pi Day is on March 14, 2024 because March is the third month of the year, making it 3/14, like the first digits of pi!

In order to make this year’s holiday the best Pi Day ever, we put together a list with many pi-themed activities for you to do today. Ohh, but that’s not all. We have also included a free National Pi Day printout to add to the fun. You can download the printable pdf file below.

National Pi Day History

Scientists and math enthusiasts everywhere across the world make this day one of the funnest and quirkiest celebrations ever. Pi Day is not only a national but also an international holiday and was founded in 1988 at the Exploratorium by Larry Shaw.

The Pi number plays an important role in mathematics so it makes total sense we want to celebrate it every year. To better understand why Pi is so important, simply divide any circle’s circumference by its diameter and the answer will always be approximately 3.14 – and that number is Pi.

National Pi Day Activities for Kids

  1. Have a pi feast with your friends – simply eat anything that is circular, like pizza or pie!
  2. Eat foods that start with the letters “pi”, like pineapple, pizza, pine nuts, or a combination of all.
  3. Create your own pi shirt using fabric paint.
  4. Play pi-themed games, like breaking a piñata or have a pie-eating contest.
  5. Have a math contest with friends, just don’t make the questions too hard!
  6. Write pi-themed poetry similar to a haiku, but instead of using 17 syllables, follow a 3-1-4 syllabic pattern.
  7. Challenge your friends to see who can name the most digits of pi.
  8. Watch a math-inspired movie like “The Theory of Everything”, “Good Will Hunting”, “Moneyball” or “A Beautiful Mind”
  9. Walk, jog, or run 3.14 miles
  10. Send a pi day card
  11. Create pi-themed art

Printable National Pi Day Fun Facts Sheet

This printable Pi set for kids includes two printable pages:

  • one Pi fun facts for kids features fun Pi Day fun facts ready to be colored
  • one coloring page features the first many digits of the Pi number

Download & Print pdf Files Here

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Happy National Pi Day! How did you celebrate pi day? Which fun fact about pi was your favorite?

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