Teaching number concepts is made easy with this fun bowling game! It’s an easy DIY   game that anybody can make with simple household items. Kids Activities Blog hopes you have fun teaching number concepts with this bowling game! Kids Activities Blog is excited to welcome Becky from This Reading Mama as Quirky Momma for the day!  She is here to share how to create this great DIY bowling game on teaching number concepts.

Teaching Number Concepts, Bowling Game

Number Concepts

My second son is a wiggle worm. No doubt. But he loves to learn, especially when it’s hands-on and requires movement. Recently, we had fun with this bowling activity. I introduced the concept of subtraction with it, but it can be modified for younger or older learners. And it’s super simple to do. All you need is a few recycled containers and you’re good to go! Related: Farm Animal Bowling Game


  • 10 recycled containers {such as chip cans, dried baby food containers, or paper towel tubes-anything cylindrical in shape}
  • ball
  • dry erase board/marker OR pencil and paper

Math Game

  1. Set up your 10 pins for bowling.
  2. Child rolls a ball and knocks down some pins.
  3. Help your child create a number sentence with the pins. For example, 10-6=4.
  4. Play as many times as your child would like.

Bowling Game, Number Concepts

Bowling Game

  • Use fewer pins for children who aren’t ready for 10.
  • Instead of creating number sentences, simply count the number of pins that have fallen or the number still standing.
  • Older children can record the number sentence themselves or extend it further: if 10-6=4, then 4+6=10.
What hands-on activities have you done with your child to teach number concepts? Becky Spence is a homeschooling mama to four little blessings who is passionate about teaching, specifically literacy. You can find her at This Reading Mama and on Twitter @thisreadingmom.

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