If you are in need of Harry Potter party ideas to throw the perfect birthday for your kids, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve gathered some of the best Harry Potter recipes, crafts, decorations, and gift ideas that will take your guests right to the Wizarding World.

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Let’s throw a Harry Potter birthday party!

Magical Harry Potter Party Ideas

As always, the magic that is Harry Potter makes everyone feel like a kid again and lets their imagination soar. These Harry Potter party ideas are perfect for all ages, making your party enchanting for every guest that walks through the door.

1. Kid-Friendly Butterbeer

Harry Potter butterbeer in glasses on a wooden table with a Gryffindor scarf, wand, and Harry Potter books next to it.

Okay, we have to start off with the most famous Harry Potter recipe, and for good reason because it’s so yummy! This butterbeer recipe will be the highlight of any Harry Potter themed party.

2. Sorting Hat Cupcakes

Harry Potter Sorting Hat cupcakes in dark purple metallic cupcake liners on a glass table.

That delicious drink will go perfect with these super cute sorting hat Harry Potter cupcakes. With this mystery packed, candy-filled dessert, kids and guests alike can find out which Hogwarts house they get as soon as they bite into them!

3. Healthy Pumpkin Juice

Harry Potter pumpkin juice in a glass that of Witches Brew with a straw.

Another popular drink in the Wizarding World is Harry Potter pumpkin juice, and not only is it a great addition to party refreshments, but it’s also healthy!

4. More Harry Potter Themed Part Foods

Harry Potter collage of treats with a treacle tart, butterbeer fudge, Olivander's chocolate wands, and lighting bolt pumpkin pasties.

There are so many other cool Harry Potter party foods like: butterbeer fudge, chocolate wands, cauldron cakes, and pumpkin pastries. I mean the list could go on, but we have to get to the crafts!

5. DIY Harry Potter Wand

Harry Potter wands on a marble counter. From left to right, a black wand with silver swirls, the grey Elder Wand with a gold strip, a brown wand with a red handle, and a brown wand with gold balls at the end.

You have to provide some fun activities for your magical party, and a DIY Harry Potter wand is just the place to start! This super easy craft is so fun and gets the creative juices flowing!

6. Harry Potter Spells List

With your new wand, you need to practice some spells! Luckily we have a Harry Potter spells printable that’s perfect for just that.

7. Spell Book Journal

Harry Potter gray spellbook journal on top of a purple journal on a white background

So, now you need a place to put those spells. Well this spell book for kids craft is a great tag along with your new wand!

8. Mandrake Root Pencil Holder

Harry Potter mandrake root pencil holder that is holding pencils on a white table next to Harry Potter stacked books, round glasses

If you’re looking for more cute Harry Potter craft ideas, this little Mandrake Root pencil holder is perfect for that!

9. Harry Potter Digital Escape Room

For a group activity, this digital Harry Potter escape room will keep the fun going!

10. Harry Potter Gifts

If you haven’t found the perfect present yet, these Harry Potter birthday gift ideas will lead you in the right direction.

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Harry Potter Birthday Decorations for Your Party

Don’t worry about having to make everything for the party. Let me share with you some of the cutest Harry Potter decorations, gifts, and games that you don’t have to make yourself. Etsy is the place to go for these great Harry Potter party items!

11. Birthday Cake Topper

Harry Potter birthday cake topper on top of white and pink flowers, with the words Happy 9th Birthday Aurora, with a sorting hat and round glasses on top.

This adorable Harry Potter Birthday Cake Topper is the perfect way to make any cake one step closer to Harry Potter themed!

12. Hogwarts Houses Banner

Harry Potter House crest banner hanging on a white wall with the houses Slytherin, Hufflepuff, a Hogwarts crest, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor.

If you need a way to decorate your walls for your fantastic party, this Harry Potter Crest Banner represents all of the Hogwarts Houses!

13. Harry Potter Food Labels

Harry Potter food label card that say Professor Sprout's Vegetable Garden, Deviled Dragon Eggs, Cockroach Clusters, and Pumpkin Pasties. Set on a wooden table with a wand and round glasses set in front of them and Harry Potter jelly beans behind them.

Make your new Harry Potter recipes even better with these Harry Potter Food Labels!

14. Harry Potter Balloons

Harry Potter set of balloons. White ones with the Deathly Hallows symbol, the nine and three quarters sign, a silhouette of Harry Potter's head, and the Sorting Hat. Red ones with a scarf, a white owl silhouette, and a rolled piece of parchment. Black ones with a snitch, a house cup, and a lightning bolt.

Every birthday party needs balloons, and this Harry Potter Balloon Set is the best!

15. Harry Potter Guess Who Board Game

Harry Potter Guess Who card replacements in a Guess Who board game

Do you need some on-theme game ideas? If you have a Guess Who board game on hand, you can use these Harry Potter Guess Who printables to make it so much better!

16. Harry Potter Confetti

Harry Potter confetti of sorting hats, HP letters, round glasses, red ties, and lightning bolts on a white table.

Decorate your tables with some of this Harry Potter Confetti to add that final touch!

17. Harry Potter Gift Box of Treats

Harry Potter sweets gift box. An open cardboard box with Harry Potter treats inside like chocolate frogs, jelly beans, and gummies. A paper that says Happy Birthday, To Harry, Love From The Weasleys on the inside top of the box.

Another great gift idea is this personalized Harry Potter Sweets Gift Box that will make the birthday kiddo’s day!

18. Make a Harry Potter Wizard Wand Bag

Harry Potter birthday party ideas - HP wizard wand bag finished and shown on back of a child dressed as Harry Potter

These super cute Harry Potter Wizard wand bags will keep your most important HP accessory close at hand!

With these fun Harry Potter activities and yummy, magical recipes, your kids will have one of the most memorable birthdays! Don’t forget to comment which Hogwarts House you’re in!

Keep in mind that these ideas don’t just have to be for birthdays! I’ve used some of the recipes and crafts for Harry Potter movie marathons, and they make the watch so much more fun!

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Did we miss any favorite Harry Potter birthday party ideas? Please tell us about your HP inspiration below!

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