Harry Potter fans have a new reason to celebrate! The British Library has placed their “Harry Potter: A History Of Magic” exhibit online in a partnership with Google Arts & Culture.
Study of Harry Potter and the basilisk by Jim Kay, for The Chamber of Secrets (From the collection of The British Library)
With many Harry Potter events affected by the current closures, The British Library is giving Potter fans a chance to experience the magic virtually. Originally housed at the British Library in London, the exhibit features a history of magic sharing historical artifacts like the Ripley Scroll which contains a recipe for the Philosopher’s Stone, drawings, manuscripts and synopses created by J.K. Rowling herself; and artwork from Jim Kay who created the illustrations for the color-illustrated books.
Drawing of Buckbeak the hippogriff by Jim Kay, for The Prisoner of Azkaban, Copyright Bloomsbury Publishing (From the collection of The British Library)
The exhibit was, and the digital collection is, divided into subject areas, similar to the ones taught at Hogwarts.  The “How to Study Like a Wizard” area features sections on Potions, Herbology, Charms, Astronomy, Divination, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, and Alchemy.
Astronomy (From the collection of The British Library)
There’s so much to explore that adds to the world of Harry Potter.  We’ve read over Rowling’s notes, character names, early drafts; explored magical creatures and fantastic beasts throughout the ages; checked out all of Kay’s sketches that illustrated the novels; and more.  Next up, we’re planning on delving into the articles that link it all together, including the history of magic!
A Panorama Section of Diagon Alley, From the collection of: The British Library
For your little witches and wizards, it’s another amazing glance into Harry’s world, and a great chance to see the exhibit from the comfort of your living room.
Defense Against the Dark Arts (From the collection of The British Library)


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