The Harry Potter Collection from Vera Bradley was just released and wizards everywhere are so excited! The gorgeous Harry Potter backpacks even feature a wand pocket so you never have to leave home without some magic.

Vera Bradley Harry Potter Bags

Vera Bradley is known for its quilted handbags, luggage, and backpacks which come in colorful unique patterns. Now, they’ve taken their beautiful designs and incorporated our favorite parts of the Wizarding World!

Harry Potter Backpack from Vera Bradley with a unique pattern of golden snitches, wizard glasses, time turner, owls, and more
Grab some a Harry Potter backpack and lunch box from Vera Bradley just in time for for Back to School season!

Photo via Vera Bradley

Is the Harry Potter Collection From Vera Bradley Expensive?

Items in the collection range in price from $20 for a quilted fabric lanyard to $165 for their elegant Hogwarts House themed quilted corduroy backpacks.

You’ll also find fun accessories, including a super cute glasses case and a cool umbrella that would make great Harry Potter gift ideas..

The most expensive item in the collection is the corduroy quilted Vera Tote at $175.

Intricate Harry Potter pattern from Vera Bradley featured on backpacks, handbags, accessories and more.
The Home from Hogwarts pattern has tons of cute hidden items inspired by Harry Potter!

Photo via Vera Bradley

Home From Hogwarts Vera Bradley Pattern

The Harry Potter signature Vera Bradley print, Home From Hogwarts, is gorgeous. There are tons of cute wizarding world icons throughout the pattern, including the Sorting Hat, Harry’s glasses, a Time Turner, and even Hedwig!

I can’t wait to get my bag to see how many other fun HP things I can spot.

The Harry Potter Vera Bradley collection even features a super fuzzy blanket in the signature pattern, so you can snuggle up at listen to the Harry Potter at home readings.

Harry Potter lanyards and ID badges in house colors
The Harry Potter Collection from Vera Bradley features items for each Hogwarts House — Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

Photo via Vera Bradley

Harry Potter™ + Vera Bradley

The company says they were inspired by the magic of the Wizarding Word when creating these products.

Magic awaits. Are you ready to seek it? Experience the awe and excitement of the Harry Potter + Vera Bradley collection, where we found infinite inspiration in all our most-loved scenes from Harry Potter … and then added a dash of our own Muggle™ Magic. (from Vera Bradley)

Vera Bradley Harry Potter house crest featuring ravenclaw, gryffindor, slytherin, and hufflepuff.
The Hogwarts House Crest gets a new look in the Harry Potter Collection by Vera Bradley.

Photo via Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley offers bags inspired by each Hogwarts house, too. The gorgeous bags are made from quilted corduroy and feature velvet piping details inspired by the student uniforms from each House!

The Hogwarts house crests received a bright and colorful makeover for the Harry Potter collection.

Photo via Vera Bradley

For the collection, designers created house crests for Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin that are bright and colorful.

Harry Potter Backpack featuring a wand pocket for wizards and muggles that are Hogwarts fans
Vera Bradley designers even included a wand pocket on their Harry Potter backpacks because you can’t leave home without some magic!

I think my favorite detail, though, just might be the wand pocket on the Harry Potter backpacks. I don’t know how useful that will actually be, but it’s a super cool addition that Harry Potter fans everywhere will appreciate.

Click here to shop the Harry Potter Vera Bradley collection online.

Which Harry Potter backpack is your favorite? Or do you prefer the other styles of Vera Bradley bags? Let us know!

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