This Digital Harry Potter Escape Room Lets You Visit Hogwarts From Your Couch

I am so excited about this Harry Potter Escape Room.  What is even cooler is that no matter where you are in the world, you can visit the Hogwarts Escape Room because it is virtual.


Yep, it is super awesome entertainment – Harry Potter Themed Digital Escape Room and it’s completely free!

Here's How You Can Complete a Free Harry Potter Themed Digital Escape Room
Let’s go to the Harry Potter Escape Room!

This escape room was created by staff at the Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, PA. and you can complete it by yourself or with your family!

Harry Potter Themed Digital Escape Room

So, how does an online virtual escape room work? Starting out, you’re told that this is your first year at Hogwarts. With your house already chosen, you’re told that this is going to be a team building activity. 

During this activity, you will be watching clips from Harry Potter movies, answering questions from the clips, heading into Gringotts where you’ll have to figure out the exchange rate between sickles and galleons, figure out how to do different spells and much, much more!

Hogwarts Escape Room - digital escape room you can complete from home - Hogwarts Express Sign
Visit Hogwarts from home!

At first, I completed the escape room on my own so I could get a sense of what it was like.

It was pretty funny looking at things like a cell phone and keypad as a wizard seeing these strange devices for the first time.

hogwarts letters - Hogwarts Escape Room
Grab a kid and enter the escape room!

Then, I asked my youngest son if he’d like to come and do it with me.

Of course he said yes!

I mean, what kid wouldn’t be excited for a Harry Potter escape room! 

hogwarts dragon - Harry Potter online escape room

Doing the virtual escape room with someone else was much more fun because we were able to talk about what it might look like if we were actually there and help each other out when converting the sickles and galleons. 

I love how it sparked his imagination and made him really think about what it would be like to visit the wizarding world. 

Harry Potter Escape Room online - Harry Potter glasses with  an addressed letter
You may need your glasses…

It was really fun to see some of the trailers for the films, which were released so long ago! I mean, Daniel Radcliffe looks like a baby in the trailer for the Philosopher’s Stone!

How to Get Into the Online Harry Potter Escape Room

To access the Harry Potter digital escape room, click here.

All you need is an internet connection and a browser. You can open it on your mobile phone or computer — any device that can access the web!

Here's How You Can Complete a Free Harry Potter Themed Digital Escape Room

Now I think I need to go have a Harry Potter movie marathon.

Printable Escape Room

If you are looking for a full escape room experience that has everything included, check out this printable escape room option which we absolutely love! 

It will keep you and your kids busy for an hour of laughing, chatting and teamwork while solving puzzles and looking for “keys”.


Did you complete the Harry Potter Escape Room?


  1. Chris Paluzzi says:

    Very interesting

  2. Did they change the escape room? There was nothing really Hogwarts related? No video clips or Gringotts?

  3. Was there a link to the virtual escape room? I didn’t see one

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