This DIY wizard wand bag tutorial is a life-saver when it comes to toting Harry Potter wizard wands around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios (and beyond). Using simple sewing supplies and skills, you can create your own wizard wand backpack to secure the magical cargo.

DIY Wizard Wand Bag Tutorial - Kids Activities Blog - child wearing a wizard wand backpack at Universal Studios
An easy way to carry your wizard’s wand!

DIY Harry Potter Wizard Wand Carrier

Nothing is cooler than getting a wizarding wand at Harry Potter land in Universal.  What is NOT so magical is worrying about how you are going to carry the wand around while you walk around the park.

Here is how to make your very own Harry Potter themed Wand Bag!

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DIY Wizard Wand Bag for Harry Potter wands - Kids Activities blog - collage of three photos: one with child wearing Harry Potter wand bag at Universal Studios, another with the wand bag on white background and what it can be put into it spread around, another with the wand bag shown cross body and the other where the child is pulling the wand out of the bag
A Harry Potter wand bag can keep hands free for fun at Harry Potter world and beyond.

Today we are making Harry Potter themed Wand Bags!  The perfect way to carry your wizard wand where ever you go!

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This is one of our favorite ideas to easily carry your Harry Potter Wand around at Universal Studios! This bag is perfectly sized to hold a wand and has a pocket in the back to hold the map as well.

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Supplies Needed to Make Harry Potter Wand Bag


Step 1 – Prep your fabric

Step 1 - DIY Wand Bag Project - sew the cut piece of fabric on the sewing maching
  1. Cut a piece of fabric for the front of the bag 16 ½” X 3”
  2. Cut a piece of felt fabric for the back of the bag 16 ½” X 3”
  3. Cut a piece of felt fabric for the back pocket 15 ½” X 3”
  4. Cut 2 pieces of fabric for the loops 2” X 1”

Step 2 – Create the Loops for Bottom of Bag

Fold the 2” X 1” fabric strips lengthwise with right sides together.  Sew at ¼” seam allowance leaving bottom and tops open.  Turn inside out, and iron so it makes a ribbon.

Step 3 – Sew a Casing for Top of Bag

Step 3 - DIY Wand Bag Project - casing
The casing will be on the top of the wizard wand bag.
  • Cut a ¼” wide notch 1” from top of cotton fabric.  Fold fabric down 1” inch and stitch to make a casing.
  • Cut a ¼’ wide notch 1” from top of felt fabric.  Fold fabric down 1” and stitch to make a casing.

Step 4 – Sew Bag & Ribbon Tabs

Step 4 - DIY Wizard Wand Bag - Create the Ribbon Tabs

Take the ribbon pieces you made and fold in half. Position them at the bottom of the bag, on top of the cotton fabric, matching the raw edges.

Step 4 - DIY Wizard Wand Bag - Create Tabs at bottom of bag

Sew with right sides together, stopping at top notch you cut, where the casing is.

Turn right side out, pulling the ribbon ties to the outside.

Press to lay flat.

Step 5 – Add the Back Pocket to the Bag

Step 5 - DIY wizard wand bag - add back pocket
Next we are adding the pocket to the back of the bag.
  1. Fold top of pocket piece down 1” and stitch
  2. With right sides together, use overlock machine to stitch back pocket to the bag
  3. Turn right side out and press flat

Step 6 – Attach the Paracord

Step 6 - DIY wizard wand bag - Attach the paracord
Now it is time to attach the paracord to the bag!

String paracord through front of bag, then through back of bag. Adjust string so that it is even on both sides.

Step 7 – Attach the Paracord Stopper

Step 7 - DIY wizard wand bag - Attach the paracord stopper
The paracord stopper will help adjust the size of the bag.
  1. String paracord through the cord stopper.
  2. Loop paracord through bottom ribbon loops, then back up through the cord stopper.

Step 8 – Tie & Finish Edge

Step 8 - DIY wizard wand bag - tie and burn the edge of paracord
This will finish the edge of the knot and stop fraying.

Tie end of the cord into a knot to secure, and burn edge with a lighter to keep the cord from fraying.


Harry Potter Wizard Wand bag you can buy - Kids Activities Blog - shown is a finished wizard wand bag with all the things it holds including a wizard wand, map, keys and annual pass.
Carrying your wand at the park has never been easier!

Don’t have time to DIY wand bags?  

Shop the selection at!  Whether you need a bag for 1 wand, or need a bag that hold multiple wands, they have the perfect size for you.

These bags are perfectly sized for your wand, and even hold the map, your ID, and keys.  The larger bags even have space for your cell phone and sunglasses so you can be hands-free while you navigate the park. 

Now THAT is magical! 


Are you as excited about Harry Potter wizard wand bags as we are?

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