We may be stuck at home, but with Zoom virtual backgrounds, kids can pretend to be anywhere they want for their next classroom meetup! Yes, even Hogwarts! zoom virtual background for kids hogwarts That’s because the video conferencing site allows users to change what people see in the video’s background. So whether you want to cover up your messy living room, or your kids want to pretend to visit the set of Sesame Street, it’s possible through Zoom settings. 

How to Change Your Zoom Background

You might be wondering: but how can I change that background setting in the first place? First, before the video chat, access your settings in Zoom. (This is different depending on if you’re on a Mac or PC, but look for the little ‘gear’ icon). Once you’ve clicked “settings,” choose “virtual background.” From there you can choose to upload whatever background you’d like! Hint: this Zoom feature works best if your background is already a flat color. 

Our Favorite Virtual Backgrounds From TVs and Movies

  • Spongebob SquarePants – Kids can pretend to live in a pineapple under the sea with this SpongeBob SquarePants background!
  • Disney and Pixar movie “sets” – If you’ve always wanted to live in a castle or faraway land, these backgrounds are for you. They include backgrounds from classic Disney movies like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Snow White,” as well as Pixar films like “Toy Story” and “Up.” Frozen the Musical also shared some beautiful, icy Frozen backdrops.
  • Marvel movies – If your kids love the Avengers, they’re going to love these Zoom back drops
Avengers Zoom Virtual Background for Kids
Source: Marvel
  • Harry Potter – Mix up some magic during a classroom chat with a Hogwarts background
  • Trolls World Tour – Do your next video chat with Poppy and friends!
  • DC Comics – From the bat cave to Star Labs, your kids can pretend to be a part of the DC Comic universe
  • SpongeBob SquarePants – Take an undersea selfie with SpongeBob.
Simpsons set zoom virtual background for kids
Source: FOX
  • Fox Animation – From the Simpsons’ living room to Bob’s Burger, pick your favorite animated Fox family to visit with. 
  • Sesame Street  – There’s no place quite as welcoming as Sesame Street. Take your next video call on the iconic brownstone steps.

Take an Out of this World Trip These Virtual Backgrounds

Movie and TV sets aren’t the only fun backdrops for your kiddo’s next video call.  
  • Dive underwaterMonterey Bay Aquarium has some gorgeous backdrops that are perfect for Zoom chats, including swimming with turtles or moon jellies, for example. You can choose to either use the wallpaper or even a video background, so it looks like you’re swimming underwater while talking with friends. 
  • Head into outer space – Kids can head out of this world during their next video call with some fun photos from NASA.


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