This Harry Potter Nursery Painting Timelapse Is Magical! [Video]

Being a baby is magical.

Think about it: from the moment of conception, there is no concept of time.

Harry Potter Nursery Video baby dressed as Harry Potter - Kids Activities Blog

No idea that anything exists outside of self and floating and weird spicy food.

And then: a bright light.

Or not so bright, depending on the type of birth mom opts for.

But suddenly, everything changes.


woman painting Harry Potter inspired nursery

And as a parent, we want to give our babies as magical a childhood as we can.

This woman maybe took things a step further by creating a hand painted Harry Potter nursery.

And watching it develop?

Also magic.

Painting of the Harry Potter nursery is getting more colors

I’m not sure if this is for her baby or someone else’s, but as she adds layer upon layer to the walls we see the entire Harry Potter world open up.

And yet, the colors she used also makes it look far away.


That final image?

Truly amazing.

Take a look!

Harry Potter Nursery Takes Shape Over Time – Timelapse Video

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We might be a little obsessed with Harry Potter which is one of the reasons why we love this nursery idea so much!  Here are some other Harry Potter favorites along with a nursery idea or two…we couldn’t help but sneak that in:

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