Today we are making the most magical Harry Potter Spell Book using Kids Activities Blog free list of Harry Potter Spells printable coloring pages. Kids of all ages will love this simple paper craft and have hours of fun customizing, decorating and coloring the HP Spells Book pages.

Harry poter spell book with coloring pages displayed on a wood background
Let’s make a Harry Potter Spell Book!

Printable Harry Potter Spell Book craft for Kids

There are many spells in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We all have dreamed of practicing them at the Hogwarts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Kids can make their own Harry Potter Spells Book for reference and fun.

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Supplies Needed To Make a Harry Potter Spell Book

supplies to make spell books displayed on wood background
Gather these supplies to make your own Spell book!

Directions to Print the Spell book

  1. Download the Harry Potter spells coloring pages pdf from the link above.
  2. In the Acrobat Reader, select File -> Print . A dialog box will open and you will then select your printer, then under pages to print type 4-14 in the page box.
  3. Under page sizing & handling select “Booklet”, and then in the booklet subset, select “front side only”. Then under binding you will select “Right”. Once all that is done you will click “Print” and you should get 3 pages.
  4. Now change the option under booklet subset to back side only and print the other pages on the back side of the previous pages. Make sure you have loaded the pages correctly in your printer.
  5. All you need now is the front cover and the first page and then you’ll be ready to start putting together your spellbook.
screenshot of printer settings to properly print the Harry Potter spells booklet pdf pages

Print Your Spell Book Cover

  1. To print the front cover, you will select the booklet option and print the cover with binding selected “Right”. (Pre-colored page – page 1 or the uncolored page – page 2)
  2. For the first page of the spell list, print page 3 from the printable in landscape mode as you would print any other document.

Now that you have everything you need, let’s put it together…

How to Assemble Your Harry Potter Spell Book

step by step image on how to bind a book using saddle stitch
This is one of the easy method to bind your own spell book
  1. Fold each page in half. Then lay them on top of one another except for the list of Harry Potter spells page. (Page 3 from the printable) .
  2. From the pages printed, you will have one blank side on one of the pages, make sure the blank page is the first one after you open the cover. You will then arrange the pages accordingly.
  3. Use binder clips to secure the whole set of pages using the center crease as a guideline.
  4. You’ll be trimming the excess paper from the top and bottom of the booklet, so leave around 0.4″ on the top and bottom. Then, divide the rest of the 6″ crease into five equally spaced points. Once you mark the points you will use an awl to poke holes through them.

Spell Book Binding Instructions

list of harry potter spells printed and stacked one above the other and poked holes to bind using saddle stitch
Poke the holes and stitch together to make own Harry potter spell book
  1. Take a needle and thread, measure the thread approximately thrice the length of the book, and thread it through the needle. You don’t have to tie a knot at the end.
  2. Start from the middle point (from inside to outside) leaving about 3″ of thread to tie later.
  3. Thread it through the second hole from the top, outside to inside, then through the first hole from inside to outside.
  4. Repeat the same process to come back to the middle point of the book.
  5. Follow the same steps to complete the remaining holes at the bottom, and end at the middle point on the outside.
  6. Then tie a knot with the already existing stitch and thread it again into the middle hole. Pull it tightly so that the knot will be hidden in the hole.
  7. Now tie a knot with already existing thread you left in the beginning and trim the excess to complete the saddle stitch book binding.

Final Steps to Complete Your DIY Harry Potter Spell Book

spellbook is made and the extras are trimmed using a ruler and craft knife
Trim the extras to make the compact spellbook with coloring pages
  1. Use a ruler and craft knife to trim the excess paper from the Harry Potter spell book on the top, bottom, and sides.
  2. Using the same measurement, take the list of Harry Potter spells page and trim it to size. Then use your glue stick to glue it to the first blank page of the book.
  3. Allow the spellbook to rest under a heavy object until it dries.

Distress the Pages of Your Harry Potter SpellBook

list of harry potter spells page is open with a stamp pad and paper towel on the side to teach on how to give distress look
Easy hack to give distress look using stamp pad and paper towel.

Additionally, if you want to add a distressed look to your spellbook, then take a paper towel and press it on the brown stamp pad, then smudge some ink on the edges of each page.

a picture of side angle of the spell book pages with distress or old look
Distress or vintage look of the spellbooks with stamp pad.

You can also cover the edges of the book in the same way to complete The unofficial Harry Potter spell book with coloring pages.

This is the perfect coloring book to make for yourself if you are a Harry Potter fan or is one of many great Harry Potter gift ideas for kids. You could also add the spell list (handwritten for special touch if you giving it as a gift) with a spell description at the end of the book.

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Harry poter spellbook with coloring pages is open with color pencils on the side for coloring on a wood background
Take your color pencils and color away!

Let us know what you think about this DIY Harry Potter spell book.

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