Day of the Dead is one of my favorite holidays. It’s just so colorful and there’s a lot of delicious food, so what’s not to like? We already did sugar skull coloring pages for kids, and for today’s Day of the Dead activity, we are coloring a pretty Sugar Skull zentangle!

Day of the Dead Zentangle Coloring Page Vertical
Zentangle coloring pages are a great way to create your own art by coloring unique doodle patterns.

Dia de los Muertos activities

Day of the Dead, also called All Souls Day or All Saints Day, is celebrated to remember loved ones who have died, in a respectful and joyful way. It’s a celebration to think and talk about them so they are always near our hearts.

There are many ways to enjoy Dia de los Muertos. One of my favorite Dia de los Muertos activities, besides eating pan de muerto, are doing day of the dead worksheets, watercolor cards, color pencil illustrations, and just any kind of artwork to represent how colorful this celebration is.

Sugar Skull Day of the Dead
Sugar Skulls are more than just a delicious treat, they are also used to decorate ‘ofrendas’ during Day of the Dead!

Day of the dead printable

For this day of the dead printable, we are coloring a sugar skull zentangle!

If you are not familiar with zentangles, all you have to know is that they are a fun way to relax by creating beautiful patterns and images, like this zentangle bunny.

Creating your own zentangle art takes time and patience, but until you get enough experience, printable zentangle coloring pages can help you and your little ones get to that place.

That’s why tiger coloring pages are super handy for beginners and kids, as they allow kids to become familiarized with this art by coloring easy coloring pages first.

The possibilities are endless. This trumpet coloring page is one of my favorite ones!

Dia de los Muertos activities

Coloring pages are perfect for every holiday! Especially with Dia de los Muertos since it’s already a super colorful day.

There are so many benefits to coloring pictures. Coloring sheets, as well as zen coloring pages for kids, are great for:

  • improving motor skills
  • stimulating creativity
  • contributing to better handwriting
  • teaching color awareness
  • improving focus and hand to eye coordination
  • most importantly, improve confidence and self-esteem!
Day of the Dead Zentangle Coloring Page
This zentangle coloring page is completely free! Download it now for hours of coloring fun!

Download here: 

Check out our entire Day of the Dead Activities Pack, available on Etsy!

How to Color Zentangles

Coloring zentangles is easy, relaxing and fun. Making beautiful art through colorful doodle designs can be extended by using those finished patterns for cards, wall art, photo backgrounds or part of your daily journal.

While some people may choose to color zentangles in black and white, we here at Kids Activities Blog are all about color!


Put together your favorite color scheme and sigh the cares of the world away while coloring. Print and color Zentangle coloring pages for a calming creative experience.

Want more free coloring pages?

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