These Day of the Dead holiday traditions, crafts, activities and printables are all you need to bring this traditional Mexican holiday to life! Day of the Dead, called Dia de los Muertos in Spanish, is celebrated to remember loved ones who have passed, in a respectful but joyful way. It’s a celebration to think and talk about them so they are always close to our hearts.

printable matching game pdf with a Day of the Dead theme
If you are looking for creative ways to celebrate Day of the Dead, then you definitely need to print this matching game!

Printable Preschool Matching Worksheet

Today we made a fun matching games printable! Your kids will be entertained while they learn about this holiday. We also have beautiful sugar skull coloring pages for kids that you can print for free right now! Click red button to download and print your matching worksheet with a Day of the Dead theme:

What are matching games?

Playing matching games in pre-school will enhance children’s pattern recognition skills. Being able to match images and explain why they go together is important for cognitive skills and ability. Besides, matching games improve concentration, memory, and visual spatial intelligence. In other words, they are the perfect printable for toddlers!

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Memory games for adults and memory games for seniors are also a great choice to keep our brains, healthy! Plus, they are so much fun! Other fun activities that will keep our brains active are puzzles, flashcards, crosswords, worksheets and vocabulary games.

So now that we know why memory games are good for toddlers, let’s print this free memory games!

Free memory games

free memory games
Be creative! Let your kid choose different colors to match these beautiful Day of the Dead pictures.

Day of the Dead is one of those holidays that can be celebrated in many different ways. And one of my favorite ways to celebrate is with printables!

They are free, require very little preparation, and are ready in a couple of minutes. And they are a great study tool to practice pattern recognition. What’s not to like?

This memory matching game is the cutest and so easy to play: just print it, get your crayons and let your kid draw a line to connect the pictures that match!

Download Matching Worksheet here: 

Want more fun activities for kids?

Check out our entire Day of the Dead Activities Pack, available on Etsy!

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