Today we have the cutest sugar skull pumpkin stencil which is part of our free pumpkin carving patterns for kids. Use Kids Activities Blog pumpkin carving templates to easily take your pumpkin carving design for your front porch to the next level this year.

pumpkin carving template
Take a pumpkin (or two, or three or as many as you want!) to carve this pretty sugar skull into it!

Day of the Dead Pumpkin Carving for Kids

Do your kids love pumpkin carving? We are celebrating Day of the Dead, a beautiful celebration that involves sugar skulls and colorful papel picado.

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we loooove holiday activities ideas! Dia de Muertos falls right after Halloween so carving a pumpkin in celebration can be a fun way to learn more about this holiday.

Using a printable pumpkin stencil allows you to create more intricate designs without high skill level.

Printable Sugar Skull Pumpkin Carving Template

printable pumpkin stencils
These stencils are so easy and perfect for beginner or experienced pumpkin carvers. And they are all free!

Cool Skull Pumpkin Carving Stencils to Print

There are two different versions of the skull pumpkin carving printable set. Download and print them both and make several pumpkins!

  • Calavera or skull stencil with stylized decorative details with larger carving areas making this an easier pumpkin carving stencil.
  • Sugar skull stencil with decorative flowers, hearts and beautiful designs that is more intricate and a more difficult pumpkin carving design.

Download& Print Skull Pumpkin Carving Pattern pdf File Here

Using Pumpkin Stencils for Carving with Kids

To make the perfect jack-o-lantern, we have the following recommendations:

  1. Pick the right pumpkin (find one that has smooth skin!), print our sugar skull stencil, get your carving tools and you’re all ready for family-friendly fun! If you choose larger pumpkins, then zoom in the pumpkin template before you print. If you choose a small pumpkin, you may need to zoom out the design before printing the pdf.
  2. Check out our tips for how to carve a pumpkin with kids. Depending on the age of your kids, you may want to let the adults carve the pumpkin pattern and have the kids pull out the pumpkin seeds, that way everyone is involved and safe!
  3. Using the right tools for pumpkin carving can make things safer as well. We love this pumpkin carving kit that has everything you might need.
  4. Instead of using a candle, you can try illuminating your pumpkin with an LED tea light.

These Jack-O-Lanterns are a great decoration to keep outside on the porch or on the window sill.

Check out our entire Day of the Dead Activities Pack, available on Etsy!

More Day of the Dead Decorations and Ideas

More Pumpkin Carving Stencils from Kids Activities Blog

How did your sugar skull pumpkin carving turn out? Which of the Day of the Dead pumpkin templates or stencils did you use?

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