Today we have an updated version of our massive resource of free educational websites and companies offering free learning opportunities for kids.

Over the years, Kids Activities Blog has really worked to be a great resource for all things free, educational and kid-related! While most of our activities and lesson plans emphasize hands-on learning, we truly appreciate the benefit of the best educational websites and free online courses.

Free Educational Websites and companies offering kid lesson plans for home - Kids Activities Blog - child with headset in front of computer learning with free resource
Learning from home is fun with these free resources!

When screen time is intentional, free courses on different subjects from companies all over the world can be a great option for kids of all ages.

This list of Free Learning Websites for Kids went viral on Facebook!

This list of free educational content was originally created in March 2020 and was shared over a million times on Facebook alone within a month. With school closures across the nation, parents and educators were seeking ways to help kids learn at home.

Free Educational Websites for Kids – an evolution

We are updating this list in May 2021 & again in June & July 2022 because while our learning experience can now be more in-person, we have found so much value in the high quality interactive lessons for young minds we have used over the last year! Free online education doesn’t just have to be about the school year or classroom learning, it can be used as education entertainment, enrichment activities, lesson plan extension learning, homeschooling and so much more.

Educational Websites for Kids offering free subscriptions

Each of these websites will allow you to sign-up for FREE and help your child along with their education. As you will see, there is a wide variety of subjects and age ranges for young people of all ages.

two kids watching interactive short video series on an ipad while sitting together on the couch - Kids Activities Blog
Our favorite free educational sites are a ton of fun…

For each of the websites and educational companies, we’ve provided direct links for you below to the free site. All you need to do is click the link and follow the instructions on that website to sign-up.

Obviously, things can change, so check out each of our favorite free educational websites for exact details of membership and free trial details. In the update, some of the original listed companies have been removed due to availability or relevance. We have also added some companies. If you have a suggestion, please add it to the comments below.

These websites are listed in alphabetical order and this article contains affiliate links.

STEM education from home through interactive coding instruction - Kids activities blog - child making a car while coding it online
Online lessons are more than just quizzes and videos to watch!

1. 2 Simple

2Simple – is a free site dedicated to Purple Mash and how it can bring curriculum to life using open ended tools where kids can engage in publishing story creation, game design, concept mapping, collaborative writing and art. There is also spelling and grammar, math and cross curriculum project work.

2. ABC Mouse & Adventure Academy

ABCMouse/Adventure Academy – while the Age of Learning offer has expired for the school closure season, we adore ABCMouse and highly recommend trying it out for a month which is available as a free trial. ABC Mouse is great for younger kids in preschool, Kindergarten, First grade and Second grade. Adventure Academy covers subjects from 3rd grade to 8th grade.

3. Albert

ALBERT – The Albert Pilot Program is a way for high potential schools to get full access to everything Albert has to offer at no-cost for 5 week free trial. Albert is school-based and good for school administrators and curriculum directors to implement Albert in the school to hold both teachers and students accountable to the AP, SAT, ACT, CCSS, TEKS, NGLS and NGSS standards.

4. ACS – American Chemistry Society

American Chemistry Society – has a resource center for students that includes information and educational videos covering a wide variety of chemistry subjects from acids & bases, atomic structure, gases, kinetics and more. Check out all the learning fun.

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5. Backpack Sciences

Backpack Sciences is a place where you can eliminate hours from your lesson plan prep time with ready-to-go lessons with a free video series.

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6. Blendspace

Blendspace allows you to create digital lessons in 5 minutes with interactive lessons, projects, presentations and more. You can join for free.

7. Boardmaker

Boardmaker has activities-to-go and you can download a free unit. It is a customizable ELA curriculum for K-12.

8. Buncee

Buncee has remote learning resources, lesson and activity ideas and free daily live training.

Educational websites that help kids learn - Kids Activities Blog - girl at computer with teddy bear watching video instruction
Follow along with the teacher, ask questions and discuss with other students.

9. Century

Century is a AI-powered online home (and classroom) learning platform that tailors study materials to the needs of every child. They have a 5 day free trial for parents. Check the website for teacher & school trials.

10. Check Math

CheckMath is a free app in beta that allows kids to boost their math skills by getting instant feedback on their work.

11. Circle Time

CircleTime Fun has a month free trial with over 120 live video classes and hundreds on demand. Kids can learn and play on your schedule with no planning required. It is a kid-friendly app.

12. ClassDojo Beyond School

ClassDojo is offering a 7 day free trial of their Beyond School plan with home points and rewards, set routines and goals, unlimited monster parts spark creativity and full ClassDojo access for all your kids.

13. Classroom Secrets

Classroom Secrets has a 14 day free membership trial for parents which includes up to 5 children, full access to Classroom Secrets Kids, you can browse and assign activities, enroll children on programs and get assessment reporting. There is also an option for teachers.

14. Classtime for Teachers

Classtime is a solution for classrooms that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on student’s level of understanding. There is a free trial to allow teachers to try classtime out.

15. Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Curriculum

CMU CS Academy is free for all, designed for you. CMU CS Academy is an online, graphics based computer science curriculum taught in Python provided by Carnegie Mellon University.

We create novel, world-class Computer Science education for your classroom — and it’s entirely free.

Academy website

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16. Common Lit

CommonLit is a reading program that reaches all students. You can choose a lesson, share with students and then track progress. You can create a free account and become a CommonLit digital pro in just 3 minutes.

17. Conjuguemos Language Programs

Conjuguemos teach language through fun activities and games. They have over 32K schools and over 4.2 million students who leave the verbs, vocabulary and grammar to them. Student subscriptions are free with unlimited access to all public activities, games and printables. Students also get unlimited recording of all grades to track progress and you can assign yourself to your teacher with the teacher code. There are also free plans available for teachers as well as paid teacher and institutional accounts.

18. Coursera

Coursera for Campus gives students access to top courses and job-relevant skills with free access to Coursera for Campus. There are options for teachers and students.

19. Curriki

Curriki is shaping the future of learning with free and open technology to create interactive learning experiences dedicated to making interactive learning experiences accessible for everyone by providing free and open tools to design, customize and publish content.

Educational websites that help kids learn - Kids Activities Blog - elementary age child watching tablet video
Even older kids can investigate things that interest the with these free online tools.

20. Deck Toys Learning Paths for Lesson Adventures

Deck. Toys is drag and drop lesson creation allowing students self-exploration at their pace. Teachers have full control over lesson delivery and can track students progress in real time. There is a free subscription that includes full-feature experience for 2 classrooms, up to 3 private decks, 100 public decks with up to 40 students per classroom and 7 day data retention.

21. Delta Math

DeltaMath offers free subscriptions for students and a free teacher option which includes unlimited assignments, unlimited student practice, 1800+ premade problem types, aligned to Common Core, autograding, detailed student data, evidence of learning, cheat prevention and the ability to copy and share assignments.

22. Discovery Education

Discovery Ed offers a wide range of educational videos and lesson plans with a little vagueness as to what is actually free anymore. Check out their free puzzle maker in the meantime

23. Dyslexia Academy

Dyslexia Academy  is the online specialist support for pupils, parents and teachers. There is a free subscription that includes access to their daily news, online Dyslexia-Academy Community Forum and some of the best Dyslexia resources online.

traditional classes from home in non-traditional way with online learning  - Kids Activities Blog - child with open textbook watching online classes
Sometimes the classroom can be inside the home!

24. Ed Connect

EdConnect allows distance learning at your finger tips bringing video-based messaging and face-to-face collaboration to the online learning experience. The free app allows share your screen with the class, preview of videos before posting, access to the groups wherever you are and the ability to set up a classroom group quickly.

25. Edmondo

Edmodo is providing a distance learning toolkit for free helping teachers, parents and students feel connected and learn together.

26. Ed Puzzle

EdPuzzle allows you to make any video your lesson. You choose a video, give it your magic touch and track your students’ comprehension. Over 50% of US schools use this tool. It is free to use for teachers and students. Basic plans are free for teachers and students and plans for the entire school or district are paid.

27. Education Perfect

Education Perfect has free trials for both teachers and parents without obligation. Education Perfect recognizes that each learner’s path is unique and curriculum aligned teaching and learning benefits primary and secondary students.

28. Eduflow

Eduflow helps increase learner engagement and knowledge retention in higher education through its collaborative learning platform. There is a free subscription that allows 3 active courses, 50 students per course and up to 3GB storage with unlimited learning activities.

29. Edulastic

Edulastic has a Teacher Premium of SparkMath free trial for 2 weeks. Check out the website for more information on the interactive learning opportunities.

30. Elementari Interactive Books

Elementari is a K-12 online platform to read, write, code, share and remix interactive stories using professional illustrations and sounds. You can start creating for free and there is a free subscription option.

31. Emile Fun Maths Games

Emile – Play, learn and explore with the Fun Maths Games which is a multi-award-winning app where kids can challenge themselves to real problem-solving games and characters designed by experts to keep children learning.

32. Epic Online Book Library

Epic! boasts over 40K online books where quantity meets quality. There is a free trial for students and parents and Epic is free for teachers.

33. Explain Everything

Explain Everything can make yourself clear with the world’s best digital whiteboard supporting millions of teachers, students, thinkers and everyone who wants to express themselves better. There is a free subscription option with up to 3 projects, 1 slide per project, export of a video up to a minute, use on any device, collaboration with voice chat, web video link sharing and 500MB of cloud storage.

Educational resource for homeschool school and entertainment for free - Kids activities blog - child watching computer video
Interactive learning makes things more fun!

34. Fiveable

Fiveable is learning made social and is reimagining the way students study APs together. You can view upcoming cram sessions, trivia and other community events and you can join for free.

35. FlipGrid

Flipgrid is simple, free and accessible video discussion experience for learners and families. You can start a discussion and engage your community together.

36. Fluency Matters

Fluency Matters is a new partnership in World language education– great for foreign language learning. There are free resources on the site and you can join a 21 day free trial.

37. Freckle

Freckle “provides our teachers with the data they need to know how their students are doing and how to easily track their growth.” Freckle helps reach all your students at their own level differentiating instruction across math, ELA, social studies and science. You can sign up for free.

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38. Free Math App

Free Math allows you to give your students feedback meaningfully and efficiently. Students show step-by-step work just like they would in paper notebooks.

39. Gamilab

Gamilab is a place for playing, hosting and creating great educational material. It is free for schools and individuals.

40. Genially

Genially has some free resources to help you communicate interactively and better adapt yourself to your work and school environment including free templates and micro-learning.

41. GoGuardian School Technology Program

GoGuardian helps schools have safer students and better learning taking digital learning programs to new heights no matter the grade level.. You can test it out for free.

42. Good 2 Learn

Good2Learn is maths and english online learning with interactive online learning to help children 7 years to 16 years old learn, revise and practice maths and English. There is a 7 day free trial available.

43. Google Earth

Google Earth is the world’s most detailed globe and is perfect for learning…oh, and it is free!

44. Google for Education

Google For Edu has a bunch of tips of how classrooms can keep connected even virtually. We also have these other Google resources you don’t want to miss out on…

45. Gynzy

Gynzy gives educators access to an online whiteboard, lesson creation environment and content library to save time and keep students engaged. You can try Gynzy for free.

Interactive learning goes hands on with geography - Kids activities blog - child interacting with a world map on an ipad
Well-designed screen time learning can be very hands-on!

46. Hawkes Learning Resources

Hawkes Learning services are not free, but they have created a learning hub of resources and support for teachers and parents to reference on how to provide quality instruction and education through a distance learning environment.

47. Hippo Campus by NROC

HippoCampus offers free educational resources for middle school, high school students to college. You can explore thousands of free videos in 13 subject areas: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, advanced math, statistics, probability, biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, economics, history, government, sociology, english and religion.

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48. Ideas Roadshow

Ideas Roadshow IBDP Portal offers an extensive collection of authoritative, engaging video resources and helpful supporting materials that is perfect for visual learners.

Our wide array of resources have been carefully edited for different audiences, with separate portals developed for academics, the general public and high schools (general and IB). We have received significant endorsements for both: Harvard University selected Ideas Roadshow’s Academic Portal as their Featured Resource in 2017, while Ideas Roadshow was the recipient of The Educational Learning Resources Award at the 2018 London Book Fair International Excellence Awards for the Academic Portal, High School Portal and Public Library Portal. The judges specifically expressed their enthusiasm for how Ideas Roadshow has made top-level research concepts accessible through innovative digital formats to a wide range of audiences. 

About Ideas Roadshow

49. iDEA – Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award

IDEA is the Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award is an international award winning program that helps you develop digital, enterprise and employability skills for free. Through the series of online challenges, you can win career-enhancing badges, unlock new opportunities and gain industry-recognized Awards that help you stand out from the crowd.

50. InThinking Subject Sites

InThinking is a subscription website for IB teachers and their classes. They have a one month free trial that you can get more information about on the website.

51. i-Ready Curriculum

i-Ready has some free resources designed to help students build new skills in reading and math. While i-Ready was designed for use in schools and to complement the work of extraordinary teachers, many schools are using i-Ready to help students continue learning at home.

52. Izzit offers no-cost, high-quality educational materials to educators: teachers, homeschoolers, parents, grandparents, scout troop leaders — to anyone interested in learning/teaching.

Our entertaining & educational videos come with tons of additional resources – Teachers’ Guides, activities, quizzes, and much more! We also offer Current Events lessons – two each school day with vocabulary words and discussion questions.

About Izzit
Great sites for education of kids for free - Kids Activities Blog - kid on couch watching video on computer
Kids love chatting and competing with others in safe online environments.

53. Kahoot!

Kahoot works on behalf of teachers to help them create in minutes a learning game or trivia quiz on any topic in any language and then host those live interactive games with questions on the big screen or share game with remote players. You can get started for free.

54. Kami

Kami has seamless integrations with everything that teachers already use. It gives teachers a way to interact with any document with seamless workflow online or offline and encourage student-centric collaborative learning. You can get started for free.

55. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is on a mission to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. There are tons of academic resources online.

56. Kids Activities Blog…Yep, that is US!

Kids Activities Blog is a treasure trove of free educational activities and worksheets for kids of all ages. Here are some of our favorites that you might check out right now…

57. Kids Discover Online

Kids Discover Online is a paid subscription for students, teachers and parents that is the premier cross-curriculum online platform for Elementary and Middle School learners with over 2,000 visually stunning science and social studies articles on any internet-enabled device at any time. They offer a free tour before sign up.

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58. Labs Land

LabsLand has real laboratories on the internet. Educational remote labs are real laboratories that can be controlled over the internet through a computer, mobile device or tablet without installing anything. They have a free trial.

59. Learning Apps

Learning Apps is a web 2.0 application to support learning and teaching processes with small interactive modules. Those modules can be used directly in learning materials, but also for self studying.

60. Libby – the Local Public Library App

Libby App allows you to borrow ebooks, audiobooks and more from your local public library for free. It is trusted by millions of library patrons across North America and around the world.

Interactive learning through computers for kids - Kids Activities Blog - child following instructions on a screen for art project
Even art class can be attended from any location around the world!

61. Magna High

Manga High gets students excited, engaged and excelling at maths through adaptive quizzes, innovative games and social competitions for pre-primary, primary, middle and secondary level students. They offer a free trial.

62. Microsoft Education

Microsoft Education has Microsoft Teams for remote learning which has a free account within Office 365 education. Engage students with virtual face-to-face connections and activities or set up a remote lunch to keep classrooms connected and having fun. It is free for students and teachers.

63. Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition allows you to learn basic coding concepts to bring two villages together in this year’s Hour of Code lesson, available as a free demo in Minecraft Education. It is easy to get started in blocks or text-based coding with Python.

64. MobyMax

MobyMax has everything you need for your classroom to close learning gaps with ifferentiated learning, interactive class, quick checker and max engagement. Start using MobyMax now for free for both teachers and families.

65. Mozi Writing Practice

Mozi provides focused, evidence-based writing in every class, every time. It is a research-supported platform that helps instructors create writing prompts across the curriculum with a matching interface for students to construct their essays.

66. Music First

MusicFirst makes planning an engaging curriculum easier than ever. It’s great for creating original lessons and provides terrific shared content. MusicFirst is a comprehensive learning management system for K-12 music education and provides a free trial.

67. Mystery Science

Mystery Science is a hands-on science curriculum for K-5. NGSS-aligned and Common Core provides teachers with less prep and more student learning. They have a limited number of free trials available through June 2021.

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68. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a great site. The NGK website is a massive and free resource that we use all the time here at Kids Activities Blog. It is great for entertainment as well as education.

69. Near Pod

NearPod helps teachers with engaging media and formative assessments to make every lesson interactive and has a free teacher sign up.

70. Newslea

Newsela provides guides, success stories, webinars and blogs from Newslea. Free resources are available.

71. Nimbus

Nimbus Capture allows you to send videos and screen captures instead of typing. There is a free version.

72. Parlay Ideas

Parlay is the future of class discussions. It is a discussion-based learning tool and global community of educators who are reimagining class discussions for the 21st Century. Teachers can sign up for free.

73. PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media brings the world to the classroom…even if the classroom is at home. PBS curates free standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, educational activities and more. PBS kids has been a favorite for a really long time at my house!

74. Pear Deck

Pear Deck makes it easy for teachers to connect with every single student in class–across every subject, every grade and every day. There is a free version available.

75. Pen Pal Schools

PenPal connects students from 150 countries to make friends and discover the world. You can join as a student, teacher, parent and admin. It is standards-aligned lessons to help students develop essential skills in reading, writing, digital citizenship and increase social and emotional foundations.

76. Printables Library

The Kids Activities Blog Printables Library offers a 2 week free trial with unlimited access to over 500 printable projects, worksheets, coloring pages and more.

77. Prodigy

Prodigy makes learning math fun at home or school. It connects in-class learning to at-home math practice. It is the go-to platform for effective blended and virtual learning. It is so fun, kids won’t want to stop. You can create a free account.

Interactive learning through computers for kids - Kids Activities Blog - child following along in a workbook while teacher uses virtual classroom
Younger kids can learn with well developed learning environments.

78. Science Werkz

ScienceWerkz is offering NSTA 5 for free using an online reader account. Also K-12 teachers get a free account.

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79. See Saw

Seesaw is a platform for meaningful student engagement. Students show learning, teachers gain insights and families can connect. You can sign up for a free account.

80. Seneca

Seneca has over 5 million students using Seneca as the funnest way to learn at KS2, KS3, GCSE & A Level and it is free.

81. Seterra Geography

Seterra Geography is the ultimate map quiz site. You can use Seterra from any web browser to explore the world and learn about its countries, capitals, cities, rivers, lakes and more. It is available in over 40 languages.

82. Scholastic

Scholastic has some free online resources as well as some we have liked for Scholastic at home.

83. Sight Reading Practice

Sight Reading Suite is the best way to practice sight reading and sight singing. Sight Reading Factory makes practicing sight reading fun, easy and effective with unlimited sight reading exercises for educators, students and hobbyists. You can sight read for free.

84. Smithsonian Learning Lab

Smithsonian Learning Lab has everything under the sun…well, maybe not EVERYTHING! It puts the treasures of the world’s largest museum, education and research complex within reach. The Lab is a free, interactive platform for discovering millions of authentic digital resources, creating content with online tools and sharing the Smithsonian’s expansive community of knowledge and learning.

85. Story Board That

StoryBoard enables digital storytelling through powerful visual communication in an easy way. There is a free version available.

86. Tailor Ed

Tailor-ED helps teachers differentiate lessons in minutes. Allowing an understanding of students on a whole new level. Tailor-Ed is now free for all teachers with access to limitless lesson plans, exit tickets, and access to over 5K resources.

87. Typing Club

Typing Club allows you to learn touch typing for free. My kids need this right now.

88. Vidcode

Vidcode has a free trial of the subscription for Vidcode. Kids can code amazing projects at home with over 300 hours of interactive coding challenges.

89. Vroom

Vroom App help you do more with your shared moments with your kids. Add learning to mealtime, bathtime, bedtime or anytime with 1K+ fun, free activities.

90. We Video

We Video engages every student through creativity. Multimedia creation that is easy and fun for all grades and all subjects. You can start with a free trial.

91. Zoom

Zoom is a platform that connects teachers and students, families and co-workers. There is a free trial available.

Huge thank you to Amazing Educational Resources for the origins of this list which has now taken on a life of its own {giggle} – check out their cool site for more resources and support and to add your own.

Following along on an art lesson online in the home - Kids Activities Blog - child painting at home while watching online instructor
What color should we use next?

More Learning Activities & Educational Resources

If you are looking for some extra fun educational printables, we have hundreds of educational {and fun} printables you can download, print and use with your kids. Check out Printables Library Here.

Which of the free educational websites are you going to use first? If you have suggestions, please add below!

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