There has never been a better time for major players in the tech space to step up and shine bright. Thankfully two major online sites have stepped up to do just that.

With so many schools moving to e-learning, teachers and students need solutions that afford easy access and availability. Zoom was a front runner in giving access to educators for this very purpose, but two other major players have stepped up and are offering their services now as well. 

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Google and Youtube have both offered resources for teachers for many years, but things are changing quickly with the current state of things. Needs and uses for Google and Youtube are evolving by the minute. Both are innovating and adapting to help meet the needs of educators.

Courtesy of Youtube

Google is offering a new page called Teach from Home, which is offering teachers knowledge on how to use Google products to teach remotely. They have an easy step by step slide show that will allow teachers to learn their products for easy use. To access this, Teachers can click over to the Teach from Home Toolkit. With many schools using Chrome books already, this should be an easy transition for students to use as well.

Likewise, Youtube is offering Learn@Home which teachers can filter thru for students to watch for online learning at home.

Youtube has broken this page up in channels that are appropriate for students aged 13 and older, kids 5 and older, and families with preschoolers. Additionally, YouTube is partnering with Khan Academy and these other channels (CrashCourseDiscovery EducationCool SchoolPBS Kids, and Sesame Street) to focus on education.

Courtesy of Google

There are many free resources available now thru Google and Youtube for both teachers and students. These new resources are changing the face of e-learning and offering needed education for students who are adapting to a new way to learn.

Courtesy of Google

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