We love finding new ways to learn.   It’s fun to dig through your drawers and cabinets and find things you can turn into an activity with your kids. We’ve got several fun ways to learn with your kids using everyday objects you may never have considered!   These great ideas were inspired by The Educators Spin On It. 13 Ways to Learn with Everyday Objects

13 Ways to Learn with Everyday Objects

1.   Grab a beach ball and learn sight words!   Each time you catch the ball you read a word or find one for a parent to help you identify. 2.   Make these fun letter bugs with pipe cleaners and the caps from fruit pouches!   After you make them, pair them up with the free alphabet cards. 3.   This fun letter matching game uses seashells and a little homemade alphabet board. 4.   Work on those fine motor skills with your colander and a few drinking straws. 5.   Match your sight words by listing them on a piece of paper and then writing them again on clear gems.   Have your kids match each word. 6.   Practice math with these free caterpillar number cards and juice pouch lids. 7.   Learn to count to 100 with water beads!   Set out ten cups for them and have them count by tens to fill each one. 8.   Make your own times table with an egg tray.   Perfect for learning multiplication. 9.   Practice math by making an abacus with beads, craft sticks, skewers and a little glue! 10.   Here are eight more fun and simple activities with fruit pouch lids! 11.   If you notice a swarm of ladybugs around your house this spring, use it as way to use science to investigate and observe. 12.   Grab a few rocks and paint letters on them.   Before you go on a walk with your kids, hide these rocks along the way and have them search while they walk! 13.   Help your toddler or preschooler learn about the rooms in their home with a magazine and a piece of construction paper!

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