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15 Ideas for Adorable First Day of School Pictures

school pictures

First day of school pictures are so special.  I’ll never forget that first day back to school, posing for my mom with my new backpack and special outfit, waiting for the bus.  And I cherish the chance to capture all of that first day excitement with my own kids.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve […]

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Superhero Cuffs {Toilet Paper Roll Crafts}

Superhero Cuff Craft

I’m always looking for new and creative toilet paper roll crafts.  I love making things with recyclables and everyone has toilet paper tubes!  My four year old son is currently superhero crazy so I thought what better than making some superhero cuffs?  We both had a blast with this simple project and the results yielded […]

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Make a Mud Pie Kit from Recyclables

DIY Mud Pie Kit

What would childhood be without mud pies?  You can create this super fun mud pie kit with items destined for the recycle bin.  With just a little prep you can turn trash to treasure and spark hours of imaginative play.  Once you assemble your kit, all you need is a nice patch of dirt!  And when […]

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8 Tips for How to Survive Colic

colic feature

The joy of having a new baby is unrivaled, but it can also be extremely challenging, especially if your little one suffers from colic.  New and experienced mothers alike struggle with this common ailment so today we partnered with our sponsor Colief, to bring you eight ways to survive colic from moms who’ve been there.  Learn […]

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20 Best Organizing Apps that Will Simplify Your Life

org app feature

Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve rounded up the the very best organizing apps that will make your life easier.  With school right around the corner, now is a great to time to be thinking about organizing your household.  If you have a smart phone, that process just got a whole lot easier.  We’ve partnered with […]

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Ping Pong Ball Monster Craft

monster feature

I’m always trying to come up with fun craft projects that are also toys, these ping pong ball monsters are just that!  This monster craft is also a monster toy!  While the process of creating these fun little creatures is a blast, that’s only half the fun!  Once they are dry, they provide hours of […]

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Surprising Way to Save Big on Cell Phone Bills

giv mobile feature

Cell phone bills can take a significant chunk of a family’s budget.  I’m always looking for ways to save money, and I recently discovered a simple way to save big on cell phone bills. Without a landline, I use my mobile phone a lot.  Between long chats with my mom, texts with friends and my husband, […]

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Travel Memory Game {Road Trip Fun!}


This simple handmade travel memory game is a great activity to bring on your next road trip.  The biggest challenge of traveling with kids is keeping them occupied.  The more fun things there are to do and play the less you have to hear the dreaded “Are we there yet?” phrase.   Preschoolers will love […]

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20 Amazing S’mores Recipes

s'mores recipes

S’mores are the ultimate campfire dessert but these amazing s’mores recipes take the addicting treat to a whole new level!  The next time you have a craving for delicious s’mores try one of these outrageously good recipes.  Kid’s Activities Blog did the hard part of scouring Pinterest to create the ultimate s’mores recipe round-up, now all you have to do […]

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10 Awesome Family Road Trip Destinations

road trip feature

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love a good road trip.  Road trips are a great way to travel as a family. We’ve partnered with our sponsor, Radisson, to bring you ten of the very best family road trip destinations.  From stunning national parks to thrilling theme parks, from the west coast to the east, […]

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Simple Origami Paper Boats {Plus Snack Mix!}

boat feature

For my family summer looks a lot like this: play in the water, eat a snack, repeat.  With the help of our sponsor Horizon Organic and this super fun and simple kid craft, I found a way to combine our two favorite summer activities.  Learn how to create these simple origami paper boats, plus a delicious […]

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10 Essential iPhone Photography Tips

sandisk feature

Do you love capturing your family’s memories on your phone?  Are you looking for iPhone photography tips? Having an iPhone in your purse or pocket makes capturing adorable pictures and videos of your kids so convenient.  My phone is constantly full of pictures and videos and I’m always looking for ways to up my iPhone […]

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5 Tips for Trying to Conceive {For Him!}

trying feature

The internet is full of suggestions to help couples make their dreams of a baby come true, but it doesn’t seem as though many sites are focusing on what he can do improve your chances of getting pregnant.  Men are fifty percent of the conception equation so their health matters.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve […]

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Free Printable Screen Time Tracker

screen time feature

Keeping track of your child’s screen time, especially with the loose schedule of summer can be a challenge.  That’s why we’ve partnered with our sponsor, Verizon FiOS, to bring you this handy free printable screen time tracker.  Verizon FiOS helps your kids get the most out of screen time with super fast speeds, parental controls, and […]

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10 Tips To Tackle Summer Laundry

laundry feature

Here at Kids Activities Blog we are always looking for good laundry hacks.  Summer brings with it a lots fun: sports, swimming, camping, barbecues, and more.  But with all that fun comes extra laundry.  We partnered with our sponsor, Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator, to bring you ten awesome tips that will make tackling summer laundry a […]

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Banana Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie {Breakfast on the Go!}

blueberry smoothie recipe

This delicious banana blueberry yogurt smoothie makes the perfect breakfast for busy summer days.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we love a good smoothie recipe, we partnered with our sponsor Yulu, to bring you this extra tasty one. Plus, we’ve got a genius hack that turns a regular mason jar into a spill free smoothie […]

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Learn About The Ocean

ocean feature

Do you have a kiddo who can’t get enough of the ocean?  Learn about the ocean with the help of technology!  Explore the deep blue without even leaving the house!  Here at Kids Activities Blog we have partnered with our sponsor Verizon FiOS to bring you the best TV, YouTube, apps, and websites for learning […]

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15 Awesome Travel Hacks All Parents Need To Know

travel hacks feature

Summer and travel go hand in hand, but sometimes traveling with kids doesn’t feel much like vacation.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve partnered with Downy to bring 15 awesome travel hacks that will make vacationing with kids a breeze! Packing Tips For Travel With Kids Pack individual outfits in ziplock bags like Jen of […]

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Road Trip Survival Kit

Survive a Road Trip with Kids

It’s easy to go bonkers when hitting the road with kids in tow, assemble this road trip survival kit and remain sane!  We’ve partnered with Oscar Mayer to bring the ultimate back seat packing list.  Fill a basket with these essentials, including a super fun “Are we there yet?” free printable and actually enjoy the open road! […]

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{Kid Craft!} DIY Marble Maze

marble maze feature

Your kids will love making this fun and easy marble maze.  The only thing more fun than making it is playing with it!  We’ve partnered with our sponsor Horizon Organic, to bring you this creative kid made toy.  We love giving kids the chance to design their very own toys, this activity fosters independence and nurtures imagination.  Gather […]

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Help The Man You Love & Win Big!

Cherish the simple things in life

As wives, daughters, and friends we care deeply for the men in our lives and their health is just as important as our own.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we are very excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Today’s Mama and Polaris to bring you a $2000 prize for one lucky person and a +1.  Who’s […]

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20 Awesome Picks For Family Movie Night

Family at the cinema

Family movie night is such a fun and special tradition.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we partnered with our sponsor Verizon FiOS to bring you the very best films that the whole family will enjoy. We asked moms to share their family’s favorite flicks; from classic cartoons to modern live action there’s something for everyone. […]

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Decoding The Common Core

common core feature

Common Core doesn’t have to be something you and your kids dread.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve partnered with Be A Learning Hero to help you make sense of the new standards.  We’ll try to help answer some common questions and point you in the right direction to learn more.  Common Core isn’t as […]

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Prepare for Play! How to Pack a Playground Survival Kit

playground feature

Have you ever gotten to the park, only to realize your kids are the only ones without sand toys?  Or had an impromptu playground visit scuttled by wet slides?  Or your kid scrapes their knee and you have to go home early because you don’t have any bandages or first aid ointment? I know I can […]

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DIY Hopscotch Playmat

hopscotch feature

Learn how to create this simple and fun hopscotch play mat and spark hours of active play. With Spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to put down the phone and amp up the play!  This mat is perfect because it can be played indoors or out, rain or shine.  Introduce your kids to this […]

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Spread Smiles, Make a Difference!

smile feature

Over the last year I have been on the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board (included complementary Invisalign treatment) which has been so much fun, but I wanted you to know about something Invisalign is giving beside straight teeth! To celebrate their 3 millionth patient Invisalign is giving back and you can help! Through their 3 Million […]

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Potty Training Survival Kit with Free Printable Potty Chart

potty training feature

Potty training is no easy task, but with these essentials on hand you’ll be prepared!  Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve partnered with our sponsor, Kandoo, to help you assemble what you’ll need to survive potty training.  We’ve also created an adorable and handy free printable potty chart that is sure to help motivate your little one to […]

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5 Fun Ways For Stay at Home Moms to Earn Money

work from home

Stay at home moms are doing the most important job of all, raising children.  There are many upsides to this job title, but the paycheck isn’t one of them.  Luckily, there are ways for stay at home moms to earn extra cash. Here at Kids Activities Blog, with the help of our sponsor Opinion Outpost, […]

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5 Clever Ways to Save for Family Vacation

The love of a family is life's greatest blessing

With these tips you’ll be able to save for family vacation and enjoy it without adding to your debt!  We all long to take a our family on an amazing vacation’ whether it be a relaxing beach get away, a far flung adventure, or a special trip to your favorite amusement park.  The trouble is, traveling […]

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{Baby Play!} Mini Water Blob

baby play-mini water blob

Give baby a wonderful sensory experience with this mini water blob.  You most likely have all you need to make this fun DIY baby toy already and it couldn’t be easier to assemble.  The best part? Your baby will love it!  The can squish and “splash” to their hearts content without making one bit of mess.  I’m […]

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