Meet Carla.  She lives in a small house on a friendly street with her husband, son, cat, and assorted chickens.  When she isn't busy being a Mom, you can find her writing on her blog at small & friendly about creating a handmade life, one adventure at a time.  Stay connected with her on Pinterest, Facebook, or Bloglovin'.

5 Clever Ways to Save for Family Vacation

The love of a family is life's greatest blessing

With these tips you’ll be able to save for family vacation and enjoy it without adding to your debt!  We all long to take a our family on an amazing vacation’ whether it be a relaxing beach get away, a far flung adventure, or a special trip to your favorite amusement park.  The trouble is, traveling […]

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{Baby Play!} Mini Water Blob

baby play-mini water blob

Give baby a wonderful sensory experience with this mini water blob.  You most likely have all you need to make this fun DIY baby toy already and it couldn’t be easier to assemble.  The best part? Your baby will love it!  The can squish and “splash” to their hearts content without making one bit of mess.  I’m […]

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10+ Awesome Art Apps for Kids

art apps feature

With the help of our sponsor, Verizon FiOS, Kids Activities Blog found the very best art apps for kids.  Your kids will love stretching their creative muscles with these totally awesome tablet and smart phone apps for kids.  From drawing to cartoon production to music, these apps make being creative extra fun, and mess free! […]

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Easter Chick and Bunny Handprint Craft

handprint feature

This spring time handprint craft is perfect for celebrating Easter with kids.  And the best part is that the paint is made of edible ingredients so it’s taste-safe, making this a great craft for kids of all ages.  This craft idea came from our sponsor, Imperial Sugar.  We followed the instructions for the Easter Chick Handprints […]

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Sports Bag First Aid Kit

first aid feature

Sports season is fast approaching and the last thing you’ll want is to be unprepared for the inevitable bumps and scrapes.  Not to worry, we at Kids Activities Blog, with the help of our sponsor Puracyn® Plus, have got you covered.  Learn how to assemble a simple sports bag first aid kit and be ready to care for […]

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{Easy Kid Snacks} Frozen Yogurt Treats

easy kid snack

As a busy mom with a healthy lifestyle I am always looking for easy kid snacks ideas, especially ones that my kids love!  My biggest challenge is finding things my kids and I can agree on for an after dinner treat.  These frozen yogurt treats couldn’t be easier, in fact they are perfect for making with your […]

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{Simple Sewing for Baby} 25 FREE Patterns and Tutorials

sewing feature

Sewing for baby is so rewarding, once you start you’ll want to sew baby things all day!  It takes very little fabric, time, or skill to create something very special for the littlest ones in your life.  Kids Activities Blog has gathered 25 of the best free patterns and tutorials for baby sewing.  Whether you’ve […]

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The Best In Educational Streaming TV for Kids

streaming tv feature

We love streaming TV in our house, especially for the little ones because it means they can watch on a tablet – with headphones.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve collected the very best educational shows that you can stream from services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime.  And our sponsor Verison FiOS makes […]

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Sick Baby Survival Kit with Free Printable

sick baby feature

This sick baby survival kit is great to have on hand.  Having a sick baby, especially one with a fever, is never fun.  However, it is much more manageable if you are prepared.  If you gather these supplies before your little one has so much as a sniffle you won’t have to worry about rushing […]

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10 Fantastic Free (or Almost) Mom And Son Dates

mom son dates feature

Mom and son dates are an awesome way to spend quality one on one time and you don’t have to blow the budget to make memories.  From taking a hike to watching a game, these ten free (or very affordable) ideas will help you connect with your child.  Give your son the gift of your time, these mother-son date […]

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10 Awesome & Free Workouts For Busy Moms

free workouts feature

As a busy mom I struggle to find the time and motivation to workout.  This year I am planning to change that by taking advantage of these awesome free fitness YouTube channels and Podcasts that make working out fun.  And since following these workouts costs nothing and doesn’t require a trip to the gym, I’m pretty […]

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Free Printable Screen Time Reward Charts

free printable screen time chart feature

This free printable screen time reward chart is a great way to limit screen time and encourage positive behavior at the same time!  Screen time is a favorite pastime in our home.  My preschooler adores educational TV shows and iPad apps.  Even though it’s educational, we still try to limit screen time.  Instead of setting a […]

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Make Saving Money Stress-free

Saving a Penny for the Rainy Day

When I think about saving money I instantly get stressed out.  It makes me think of all those things I shouldn’t have spent money on.  Especially right after the holidays.  For example, from where I sit typing this I can see four toys I thought my kids “needed” that have barely been touched.  That money […]

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The Busy Mom’s Guide to Getting Fit

active mother jogging

These five tips are sure to help moms get fit.  For busy moms, not having time to exercise is more than an excuse, it’s a reality.  It takes some serioius dedication, flexibility, and multi-tasking to get fit and raise a family.  But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.  A healthly mom is one of the best […]

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Kid Art Mug

mug feature

The only thing I love more than my morning coffee is the kid art mug I pour it in.  This adorable DIY gift was made for me by my son and it is such a sweet reminder of why I am up so darn early.  Having little kids adds so many wonderful things to your life, but sleep […]

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High Chair Fun! 5 Baby Games

highchair play feature

These fun and simple baby games happen in the highchair! These baby games can help you while you start dinner or do a few dishes because your little one can play safely next to you!  But, I have to warn you, a few of these ideas are a bit messy.  It seems the messier they are the more fun […]

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Soft and Smiley DIY Baby Toy

baby toy feature

This easy to make DIY baby toy is sure to your little one’s favorite.  It is simply perfect for baby play.  Babies love faces!  They are drawn to wide eyes and broad grins.  They also love high contrast images.  All of these loves collide in one soft and snuggly, friendly face toy.  All you need […]

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20 Beautiful Gifts Kids Can Make

gifts kids can make feature

This is a wonderful collection of gifts kids can make.  There is nothing more special than a handmade gift, especially one lovingly made by a child.  Kids Activities Blog has gathered 20 beautiful gifts that make great use of your child’s creavtity and artistic ability.  They will have fun creating them and enjoy immense pride […]

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Crockpot Christmas: 30 Holiday Slow Cooker Recipes

slow cooker holiday feature

Fire up the crockpot!  These awesome holiday slow cooker recipes are going to make your Christmas easier and tastier!  Kids Activities Blog found the very best in holiday crockpot recipes.  From food gifts to appetizers, Christmas morning to feeding house guests, you’ll find every recipe you need to have a very Merry Christmas feast! 30 […]

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The Perfect Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate feature

This slow cooker hot chocolate recipe is oh so good (and oh so easy)!  Your kids will love to help make (and drink) this delicious Black and White Crockpot Hot Cocoa.  Have you ever ordered a Black and White Hot Chocolate from Starbucks (it’s on the secret menu)? This copycat recipe is simple, delicious, and great […]

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10 Room Sharing Tips for Baby and a Big Kid

room sharing feature

Room sharing tips can be so helpful to second-time mothers. When I was pregnant with my second son I worried about how sibling room sharing would go.  I looked all over the internet for reassurance that my baby and my preschooler would be fine sharing a room.  We live in a very small home and while baby would […]

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Fall Activity for Preschoolers: Drawing with Nature

nature drawing feature

Drawing with nature is the perfect fall activity for preschoolers.  I am always looking for new ways to craft with natural materials and fall seems to be brimming with wonderful supplies.  This simple activity is a great way to get outdoors and flex those creative muscles.  And for a mama with no more room on the […]

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Free Printable Thanksgiving Placemats

placemat feature

This Thanksgiving, turn the kid’s table from drab to fab with these cool free printable placemats.  These free thanksgiving printables will not only make the table look extra festive, they will also give the kids something to do while they wait for the turkey to be served.  One design encourages them to list the things they […]

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20+ Awesome DIY Toys to Make for Your Kids

diy toys feature

These amazing DIY toys will inspire you to make the perfect gift for your child.  Nothing is more fun than watching your child play with a toy you’ve made.  Kid’s Activities Blog found twenty wonderful handmade toys you can create for your child.  From simple to elaborate, each one of these ideas is sure to […]

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{Handmade Journal} Gratitude Activity for Kids

gratitude journal

Help children count their blessings with this simple gratitude activity for kids. This is a wonderful gratitude activity because you just need a few basic supplies.  You and your child can create a beautiful journal where they record all the things they are thankful for.  This project is also a wonderful way to repurpose some of that beautiful kiddo artwork you have […]

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20 of the Best Gifts for Preschoolers

gift guide feature

Gifts for preschoolers are so fun to shop for, but there is so much to choose from and no one wants to give something that will end up in the bottom of the toy box.  Kids Activity Blog has gathered twenty of the very best gift ideas that are sure to be favorites for years. 20 of the […]

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Thanksgiving Leftovers – 20 Recipes for all that Turkey

leftover turkey feature

Turkey is the cornerstone of the holiday meal but what to you do with the inevitable Thanksgiving leftovers?  Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve rounded up the very best recipes that make great use of leftover turkey.  These are all simple recipes your kids will love!  So go ahead, order an extra large bird, you’re […]

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Fall Nature Scavenger Hunt with Free Printable

nature hunt feature

Our fall nature scavenger hunt is the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy the season with your kids. This scavenger hunt is extra fun with a free printable that encourages exploration and can even be colored!  This activity works with a large range of ages, making it a great way for the whole family to spend […]

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Container Fun! A Simple Baby Activity

simple baby activitiy feature

This simple baby activity can be put together with things you already have lying around the house!  With a five month at home I know how valuable easy baby activities can be.  You can only sing “Patty Cake” so many times!  This simple trick helps make the same old toys or teethers fun again!  All you need are […]

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25+ Creative Breakfast Recipes Kids Love!

creative breakfasts feature

Move over cold cereal, step aside boring toast, we’re making breakfast fun with the coolest breakfast recipes from around the web.  These awesome breakfasts will have your kiddos hopping happily out of bed each morning.  (Okay, maybe not every morning – results may vary!)  Kids Activities Blog asked fellow bloggers for their kid’s very favorite breakfast recipes.  We’ve gathered a […]

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