Make a Sensory Mini Water Blob for Baby Play

Give baby a wonderful sensory experience with this  mini water blob.  You most likely have all you need to make this fun DIY  baby toy already and it couldn’t be easier to assemble.  I’m always looking for mess free sensory experiences for my baby because, let’s be honest you’ve got enough to clean!  Inspired by the giant water blobs that took the internet by storm, this mini version is just right for babies, and way easier to pull off.

mini water blob

Make a Baby Sensory Toy

The best part? Your baby will love it!  The can squish and “splash” to their hearts content without making one bit of mess.  

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This water play idea is extra nice in the winter when splashing in the baby pool is a no go but of course it would also be super fun to play outside in the summer.  

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This might become your go-to baby activity, I know it’s mine!

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Make a Mini Water Blob for Baby

Supplies Needed

DIY mini water blob

How to Make a Mini Water Blob

Watch Our Short Mini Water Blob Tutorial Video

Step 1

Place bath toys in one of the freezer bags and fill with water.  Try to squeeze out most of the air and seal tightly.

Step 2

Use duct tape to make the seal extra strong.  I used two overlapping strips folded over the edge.

Step 3

Place your filled bag,  with the taped side down, inside another freezer bag.  Again, squeeze out as much air as possible and seal tightly.

Step 4

Duct tape that second edge for extra security.

Keeping a Water Blob from Leaking

We had no issues with leaks but it never hurts to be extra cautious and place a towel down before placing the blob down for playtime.

Let baby squish, explore, and play!

baby play-mini water blob

Next time you’re looking for something fun for baby to play, grab a few freezer bags and whip up this awesome mini water blob!

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Did your child enjoy the mini water blog for sensory play?

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