With these tips you’ll be able to save for family vacation  and enjoy it without adding to your debt!  


We all long to take our family on an amazing vacation whether it be a relaxing beach get away, a far flung adventure, or a special trip to your favorite amusement park.  

The trouble is, traveling as a family can cost quite a bit.  If you don’t prepare ahead of time, that wonderful trip might not happen, or it may end up putting you in debt.  

Don’t let a fun goal like family vacation sit idly by unattained!  Try these clever tips and start saving for a sunny day!


How to Save For Your Next Family Vacation

Make it automatic.  Set up an auto transfer from your checking to a dedicated savings account.  If you can swing it, have them happen weekly and watch your dream fund grow!  The best part about this is that you don’t even have to think about it!

Get a piggy bank.  Each evening add any spare change (and ideally some cash) to a piggy bank that you can’t easily open.  Once you’ve stuck that five in there you can’t use it on other things.  When the time comes, your kids will love helping break it open and count the loot!

Sell stuff.  Hold a garage sale or list items online and put the money directly into your travel savings account.  You will have the added bonus of clear out things you no longer need!

Use your rewards.  If you have a credit card that offers rewards points try to use it wherever you get the most points.  Then you can use those points for airfare or hotel costs.  Note, this only works if you pay off the amount you spend each month, remember the goal is no debt!

Give up something.  It’s never fun to sacrifice  something you are accustomed to, but when you have a great goal in mind it is totally doable.  Examine your routine and see if there are any luxuries you can forgo in order to travel debt free.  Maybe it’s cable, or dining out, or a daily coffee bar habit; calculate how much you could save (put it in that account) and watch your dream become a reality!

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