My new son, while totally wonderful, would not sleep!  Desperate to help baby sleep through the night,  I knew that I needed to try something new. I asked my fellow moms for tips.  Below is a list of twenty awesome ways to get baby to sleep through the night tips from real moms.  

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Sleep Baby Sleep…please?

How to Get Baby to Sleep through the Night

As with all advice, only  take  what sounds like the right fit for your family. I have organized these baby sleeping tips into groups that seemed to keep popping up in the advice.

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What I like about that is that you might find several things that could help. Try them one by one!

Establish a Bedtime Routine

1. Try Dream Feeding

So, I read about dream feeding.   I had never heard of it, but it worked.  Our baby actually slept through tonight.  For the first time in months.  I was shocked, but it works wonders! ~ Becky from Your Modern Family

2. Choose a Bedtime Routine and Stick to It

I’ve found the best thing to help babies and kids sleep is to create a simple bedtime routine and stick with it. From the beginning we nurse, sing 2 songs, then lay baby down drowsy but awake.   –   Becca of  Bare Feet on the Dashboard

3. Try this Bedtime Routine

I followed this routine from Moms On Call and it made all the difference in the world! – Liz from Love and Marriage

4. Start a Bedtime Routine Today

Put them on a routine. Better if you can start at birth but if you haven’t, start now because I swear, you will see the difference. Have a consistent but simple bedtime routine. Don’t have more than three things. – Aysh of Words and Needles

Make Baby Comfortable

5. Swaddle & White Noise

Fans (or other constant sound) work wonders for babies that startle at small sounds. Swaddle blankets are an amazing investment for newborn till around 3/4 months to help baby fall asleep and stay asleep! – Alida of  The Realistic Mama

6. Try a Lovey

Try introducing a lovey. -Laura of Lalymom

7. Lavender to the Sleep Rescue

Rub (dilluted) lavender essential oil on the bottom of baby’s feet before bed. – Jenny of The Southern Institute

8. Rock a bye Baby!

Is baby fussy in the evening? Try rocking them  to sleep on an exercise ball.  – Jodi of Meaningful Mama

Help Baby Sleep Through the Night

Get Help

9. Night Shift

One night a week we turned off the baby monitor and my husbeast slept in with the baby. That way I got a full nights sleep and didn’t wake at the slightest noise. We found that the babies self settled when left for longer (I would hear them and be straight to them)! – Jen of The Mad House

10. Pediatrician Expert

Ask a pediatrician for  advice. – Dr. Orlena Kerek of Snotty Noses

11. Sleep Rhythms

Learn all you can about sleep rhythms. She used the book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child as a sleep bible. – Holly of Kids Activities Blog

12. Comfort from Others

My husband would be the one to go in and comfort them during the night. After a few nights they realized mama wasn’t coming in to nurse them, and all they got was daddy, so they would start sleeping longer stretches. – Deborah of My Life At Playtime

13. Night Time Drink (Depending on Age of Child)

Daytime  Matters When it Comes to Bed Time

14. Outside Play & Fresh Air

Try to get as much outside time during the day as possible.   All that fresh air is great for baby and mama.   Plus, it can really help with day-night confusion. – Carla of small + friendly

15. Get Enough Day Time Nap time

My top tip is for newborns is to make sure they get enough sleep during the day.   At that age, sleep begets sleep!   – MaryAnn of Mama Smiles

16. Keep them Busy

One tip, of many in this great post, is to try to fill your little ones attention basket during the day from Kristina of Toddler Approved

Change It Up

17. Night Weaning Can Help

If your baby is old enough, consider night-weaning. – Kelly of The (Reformed) Idealist Mom17.

18. Decrease Distractions

Try putting baby down in his/her own room instead of in your room.   We moved our baby to his own room and straight away he started sleeping through. We were obviously waking him up. – Abby of Things for Boys

19. Co-Sleeping

Safe co-sleeping can be the answer for both baby and mama. – Lacy of Living on Love

If All Else Fails at Bed Time

20. How to Deal with Sleep Deprivation

Do your best to practice self-care.   Try these tips for coping with  sleep deprivation from Mama Smiles.

21. Help is Essential

They will do it when they are ready, be there to cuddle, nurse, and change them. My kids were terrible sleepers as babies and it was much less stressful to accept it than to keep wondering what we were doing wrong. Some kids need more help at night, so help them. – Alison of No Time For Flash Cards

22. Did I Mention Help is Essential

Get help from your husband on the weekend so that you can at least sleep in. – Cerys of  Rainy Day Mum

23. Crying May be Inevitable

We did cry it out when she was 9-10 months (wasn’t so bad as everybody says: 1 night awful, 2nd woke up once, 3rd slept through) and I would recommend it to any parent of a child between 6 and 10 months old baby that wakes up more than 4 times per night. – Olga of Milk Crafts and Honesty


Wishing you a great nights sleep!  

Do you have any baby sleep advice to add?

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