We love super heroes in my house may it be the Avengers or DC Universe, we love them all, so I thought why not make a hero lunch for my kids! Have a super lunch and watch a super hero movie! Our current favorite is Avengers: Endgame. I get to spend time with my family and we get to do something a little special which is great since we are all spending lots of time indoors at the moment. How to Pack a Super Hero Lunch to Celebrate Avengers: End Game!

Super Lunch

While I will be doing this while my kids are at home, you could also do this to make your child’s day at school a little more super. I’m sure they’ll be excited with their special lunch, because packing the same old lunch for school everyday is boring for you to make and for your kids to eat. It’s hard to make them finish their lunch if they are bored with it, and it’s even harder of they are really excited about something that is happening after school. This Super Hero Lunch, is the perfect way to keep them interested in healthy food that will keep them full, and help them to grow into a strong super hero, too! Then, when they get home, surprise them with their favorite super hero movie! Grab some snacks and watch it together as a family!

Supplies Needed To Pack a Super Hero Lunch:

This post contains affiliate links.  Make a superhero sandwich and put them in an avengers sandwich bag.

How To Make a Super Hero Lunch

  1. Use markers to decorate the outside of sandwich bags that will hold your child’s sandwich and snacks to make hero sandwich bags if you don’t have any Avengers sandwich bags. To stick with the super hero theme, write things like “bam” and “pow”, or draw the logo of your child’s favorite super hero. Don’t forget to decorate the top of the fruit cup, as well!
  2. For extra super hero flare, dress the spoon in a napkin cape! Fold the top two corners of the napkin down, punch two holes, thread a string though, and tie the cape around the “neck” of the spoon.
  3. Cut a super design, such as a star, or lightning bolt, into the wax of your cheese wheel. Use a cookie cutter to create a cool design in the sandwich.
  4. Pack it all up, and know you’ve sent your kid to school with an extra cool lunch that they can look forward to! And you can look forward to knowing you have given them a nutritious meal in the middle of their busy day. Go, Super Mom!
You can decorate your own hero sandwich bag, turning your spoon into a superhero with a cape and a fruit cup with the Captain America logo. If you want to add a super sweet and fun treat to your child’s super lunch, then try out these Spiderman popcorn balls.

Remind Them of How SUPER They Are!

Don’t forget to add a note on a napkin, or on one of these free Superhero (Inspired) Printables, in their lunchbox, telling them how amazing they are, and sharing what you admire most about them. We can all use a positive pick-me-up throughout a busy day, reminding us that we are loved and appreciated, kids included! This happy child superhero hero in red cloak at sunset in nature after having their super lunch This idea also works for a picnic dinner! Sometimes we like to breakout the projector and will watch movies outside with some of the neighbors. It could be a fun hero-themed night!

Super Snacks To Watch With Your Super Hero Movie

I don’t know about you, but a movie isn’t the same without some kind of snack! These snacks would also be a great and tasty addition to your child’s super lunch as well! This homemade trail mix is one of my favorite movie night snacks, but my kids love this honey butter popcorn!

Superhero-Worthy Crafts and Recipes

Avenger party ideas including an ironman shirt, thor hammer snacks, avenger bingo, captain america costume, hulk cupcakes I know that Avengers is going to be all that my family talks about all weekend! We will probably re-watch the older Marvel movies, and try out these crafts and recipes:

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