20 Beautiful Gifts Kids Can Make

These art gifts kids can make are easy, fun, and actually super cute.

If you’re looking for great ideas for handmade gifts for a family member or friend then you’ve come to the right place.

20 beautiful homemade gifts like a decorated bowl, a tote bag with colorful geometric shapes like a hexagon, leaf, star, and heart. A work of art with brown, red, purple, and orange upside down triangles, a scarf, pots with succulents in them, and a bejeweled suncatcher.

Gifts Kids Can Make

This is a wonderful collection of homemade gifts kids can make.

There is nothing more special than a handmade gift, especially one lovingly made by a child.

Kids Activities Blog has gathered 20 beautiful gifts that make great use of your child’s creativity and artistic ability.

They will have fun creating them and enjoy immense pride in seeing them enjoyed.

Beautiful and Easy Homemade Gifts For Kids To Make

Homemade gifts are the best. I love when I receive them, because you can tell a lot of love and work went into them.

Not saying buying a gift is bad, but there is something so heartwarming and special about homemade gifts.

1. Scribble Dish Art

Scribble Art Dishware: Even the youngest artist can create a beautiful bowl, plate, or mug. What a great way to make a beautiful keepsake. Via  small + friendly

2. DIY Tote Bag

Kid Drawn Tote: Perfect for artists of all ages, these totes are pretty and functional. Homemade gifts that are also useful are always a plus. Via Buzzmills

3. Rain Art

Kid’s Rain Art: A framed piece of beautiful kid art makes the perfect gift. This is something younger kids and young artists can make. By Nurture Store

4. T-shirt Painting

T-Shirt Painting: Kids will have so much fun making this and the results are gorgeous!  This is a great craft for older kids and t-shirts always make wonderful gifts for the holiday season or for birthdays. From Kinzies Kreations

5. Pinch Pots

Tiny Pinch Pots: Sculpture meets gardening with these tiny pinch pots, sure to delight the plant lover on your list. This is also great fine motor skills practice. From Classic Play!

6. Homemade Suncatcher

Gem Sun Catchers: These gorgeous sun catchers make wonderful gifts and can be made by kids of all ages. Plus, they’re so much fun to make.

Homemade gifts for kids to make can be so easy from sugar scrubs, rainbow bead bowls, woven colorful bracelets in pink, blue, and yellow. And DIY white flowers and yellow flowers in blue and pink decorated mason jars.
Look how lovely all these homemade gifts are! I love that rainbow bowl, it is perfect for holding rings.

Simple Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make

7. Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrub: What aunt, teacher, or neighbor wouldn’t love a spa like sugar scrub? This is a great gift idea. Who doesn’t love relaxing?

8. Bead Bowls

Perler Bead Bowls: These gorgeous bowls are functional and decorative. What a special gift to hold bath bombs by the tub, jewelry, change, etc. From Meaningful Mama

9. Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets: These classic gifts for friends are made extra easy with the help of a DIY loom. You could make these for a friend or for the whole family. It is a fun project.

10. Painted Vases

Painted Glass Vases: These bud vases make the perfect gift for any flower lover on your list. Grab your acrylic paints and washable markers for this one! By Teaching Everyday

11. Ping Pong Ball Painting

Ping Pong Ball Painting: Totally easy and frame worthy, your child could create a masterpiece for every member of the family. This DIY gift is such a fun craft and would be great for a Mother’s day gift or Father’s day.

12. Paper Coiled Basket

Paper Bag Coiled Basket: These sweet little baskets make great catch-alls. It’s a simple craft, but sometimes simple is the best.

13. Handmade Birdhouse

Beautiful Birdhouse: Know someone who loves to bird watch? They would adore a kid decorated birdhouse! What a wonderful way to tell someone you care. Via small + friendly

Gifts kids can make like drawings, paper mache bangles with orange, pink, green, blue, red, and white polka dot designs, and colorful strips of paper.
These gifts kids can make are so cute. I’m loving the red bangle with white polka dots.

Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make

14. Photo Magnets

Image Transfer Magnets: Doodles become useable art with these simple image transfer magnets. Turn kids’ artwork into a gift! From This Heart of Mine

15. Paper Mache Bracelets

Paper Mache Bracelets: Beautiful and festive, these are as much fun to make as they are to wear. Don’t worry it’s easy with these step by step instructions. From MollyMoo

16. DIY Playmat

DIY Playmat: This gift is great because it is made by kids, for kids, making it a wonderful gift for a sibling or friend. Via Artful Parent

17. Homemade Bookmarks

Watercolor Bookmarks: Give the bookworm in your life a lovely reminder of your kiddo with these simple watercolor bookmarks. You could also turn this into a craft kit and let them make their own. By small + friendly

18. Chalkboard Frames

DIY Chalkboard Frames: Add a cute picture of your kiddo and you’ve got the ideal grandparent gift! This would make a great homemade Christmas gifts.

19. DIY Christmas Napkins

Christmas Ornament Napkins: Kids can make the perfect hostess gift! What a wonderful way to make someone feel special.

20. Abstract Art T-Shirt

Kid Art T-Shirt: Kid’s abstract art makes a cool t-shirt design anyone would love. This is such a unique art gift. By small + friendly

More Homemade Gifts To Make By Kids Activities Blog:

What gift will your little one be making? Let us know in the comments!

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